Top Ten Signs You Speak Cloth Diaperese, Vol. II

Top Ten Signs You Speak Cloth Diaperese ~ Maman Loup's Den

[Here’s Volume I]

You might speak Cloth Diaperese if…

1 – You know you can use a FF as an AI2 or an AIO.

2 – You figure an EUC BB cover FFS is a sweet deal.

3- You’d say FML if your DD always undid the H&L closure on her BG and got poop everywhere.

4- You love how the AWJ coordinates with the PUL on your OS EBB from the CMG! 

5 – You’re sad the HTF AC LF is NFS.

6- You know if you prefer a SDR or FDR on your fitteds, and want a HOBF inner core for extra absorbency.

7- When you post something OT, you finish by telling us WOTB.

8- You’re keeping a HTF BG print BNIP for your retirement. When you’re ready, it’ll be a DTP.

9- You wish your LO was a NB again to wear all those V4 TFs!

10- You know that stocking and stalking go together on your favourite WAHM’s HC page.

So, how fluent are you?

You understand…

0 – You’re cloth diaper illiterate! Time to hit the stash and study hard.

1-3 You’re still a bit cloth-clueless.

4-6 You’re borderline bottom savvy.

7-9 Watch out, you’re well on your way to seeing colours in terms of Emerald City green and Countess pink.

10 – Time to join your local chapter of Cloth Diaper Addicts Anonymous!

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One response to “Top Ten Signs You Speak Cloth Diaperese, Vol. II”

  1. Vanessa Bee

    Although I got borderline savvy, I felt more diaper illiterate reading most of those. I need to study more!

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