Stokke Flexi Bath Review

 Stokke Flexi Bath Review ~ Maman Loup's DenYou can find some of my updated thoughts on this bath in this post.

Compared to when Cub was born, we’ve got a whole lot more floor space for all the baby gear. That said, I want to keep our new townhouse feeling spacious, so I’ve privileged the most easy to store and multipurpose baby items possible this time around. One of the reasons we had to start over in terms of baby gear was that we had nowhere to store Cub’s bouncy chair, baby bath and Exersaucer between kids! Any bulky pieces that we’d managed to stash in the in-laws’ attic were deemed not worthy of making the cross country voyage with us from Montreal to Calgary. 

Though I know lots of parents just use the kitchen sink, our sink is never empty when I want to give the baby a bath. Cub had a standard baby bath with the built-in incline to support his body when he was tiny. It had to live in our bathtub when not it use. Once he was sitting on his own, there wasn’t much room to splash around in that tub because of the incline, any way.

I discovered a much better option when I went to a local baby store to see The Baby Guy NYC. Stokke makes baby bathtub that folds up! 

Meet the Flexi Bath:

Stokke Flexi Bath Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

The box says it’s suitable from birth to four years. Little Miss Cub hopped in at two weeks old (she had her first bath in the big tub with me):Stokke Flexi Bath Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

Until baby is sitting independently, you combine it with the Flexi Bath Newborn Support:

Stokke Flexi Bath Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

The infant support works perfectly. Little Miss Cub lounges comfortably in her tub, and while I obviously don’t leave her unattended, she doesn’t flop into the water if I take my hands off of her. The support clips to the rim of the bath tub and stays in place perfectly. It has a small hole in the seat so that water passes through. Once the water fills the seat of the infant support, you’ve got the perfect amount  for a newborn’s bath. (The water rises up to mid torso as it displaces with their body weight.)

Stokke Flexi Bath Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

I didn’t expect to be able to tell you whether or not a four year old could actually use the Flexi Bath, but as it turns out, Cub wanted to get in his sister’s baby tub (it’s pretty impossible to get him to do things not of his own volition…) and he fit just fine! He even used the infant support as a slide for his hot wheels. At 35 lbs, he is the size of many four year olds!

It’s a small detail, but something I noticed: the plug for the drain lies flat and is nice and soft, so it won’t irritate little (and not so little) bums:

Stokke Flexi Bath Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

Multi-Stage, Multi-Purpose, Storable

As you know, I want baby items that last through multiple stages, and the Stokke Flexi Bath fits a 7-lb newborn and a 35-lb preschooler, so that’s impressive. I want things that can be easily stored: the Flexi Bath tucks beside the bathtub and toilet no problem, and I just hang the newborn support off of our towel rack. I want gear that’s multipurpose: so far the Flexi Bath has also been a laundry tub (for the time my washer broke and I did diapers by hand) and a laundry basket, as well as a bin to transport the contents of our pantry when we moved. Next year when we go camping, it’ll be a bath for the kids but would also be an awesome basin for doing dishes!

The Only Baby Bath Tub You Need - The Stokke Flexi-Bath

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    What multi-stage, compact baby gear floats your boat?


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  1. Camille W

    This was a runner up when I was hunting for a small-apartment-compatible baby tub. I opted for the Boon Naked tub instead.

  2. […] This tub is one of the holdovers from Miss Cub’s babyhood. Best baby tub ever! I wish I’d had it from the start. This tub folds down so it takes up no room in the bathroom. We used it with the infant support until she could sit on her own, and once she moved into the regular bathtub we used it outside in the summer for splashing. It also makes a great laundry tub! You can read my full review here. […]

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