Lil’ Joey Newborn AIO Review

Lil' Joey Newborn AIO Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

I received this item free for review. All opinions remain my own.

Lil’ Joeys are an extremely popular newborn diapering option, and it’s not hard to understand why: sold in a convenient two-pack, these one-piece diapers feature an umbilical snap down, snug back elastic, stay-dry inner and, like their Rumparooz one-size equivalent, Kangacare’s patented internal gussets:

Lil' Joey Newborn AIO Review ~ Maman Loup's Den ~ inner

Here’s what you get with a Lil’ Joey:Lil' Joey Newborn AIO Review ~ Maman Loup's Den ~ SpecsIt was clear just from looking at them that Lil’ Joeys are perfectly designed for the physiognomy of a newborn. It was Little Miss Cub’s “Meet Big Brother” diaper:

Lil Joey Newborn Diaper Review

As you can see, the umbilical snap down is perfect, even with the “chip clip” still in place:

Lil Joey Newborn Diaper Review

I can’t believe how scrawny her legs were! Even without a hip snap, the fit around those chicken thighs was perfect. I can assure you we have not had a blow-out in our Lil’ Joeys!

We were looking good, too, once the umbilical stump fell off at about day four:

Lil Joey Newborn Diaper Review ~ Umbilical stump off

Now somewhere between 10-11 lbs, our Lil’ Joeys still fit but would ideally need to be boosted to handle how much she pees.

Lil Joey Newborn Diaper Review

What I like best about Lil’ Joey Newborn AIOs:

  • Umbilical snap down;
  • Single closure snaps make them easy to put on (I found myself somewhat challenged by dual-snap closures in my first, exhausted days post partum);
  • Inner double gusset and tight back elastic prevent blow outs.

What I like less about Lil’ Joey Newborn AIOs:

  • With the soaker entirely sewn in (no pocket opening), it’s harder to add extra absorbency and the dry time is longer;
  • On the inside of the diaper, the seam that runs through the centre (designed to channel liquid into the core) traps little bits of EBF poop that don’t get washed out even after a full rinse and wash in our very effective traditional top loading machine. This is the only diaper for which I’ve experienced this issue;
  • There are fewer waist snaps, and they are placed further apart, than on other designs we’ve been reviewing, and this limits how much you can customize the fit.

Bottom Line:

While undeniably adorable, Lil’ Joeys are less versatile than some of the other designs I’ve reviewed. For first-time-cloth-diapering parents, the simple, one-piece design may be a critical feature, and Lil’ Joeys would be an excellent option in a newborn cloth rental kit, for example. They are perfect for an almost guaranteed fit while at the hospital. As with the other diapers of a similar style that we’ve tested (Easy Peasies, Nuggles, Little Bee Co.), they are well suited to babies born smaller than average. At 6 weeks and 10 lbs, I found I stopped reaching for our Lil’ Joeys.  

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We received our Lil’ Joeys from Ontario-based retailer, Bambumbles!

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  1. Marie Cole

    I think I like you prefer it when the soaker in not completely sewn into the diaper but these are just so cut I’m not sure I’ll be able to pass them up.

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