Easy Peasies Newborn AIO review

Easy Peasies Newborn AIO Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

I received this product free for review. All opinions remain my own.

Our Easy Peasies is the newborn diaper in our stash with the lowest weight minimum: 2 lbs! I am grateful that my baby was born at a healthy, full-term weight, but it’s great that there are cloth options for preemie babies. I cannot speak to the fit at 2 lbs, but, snapped to is smallest, the leg openings are definitely the tiniest of all the diapers are reviewing. 

Easy Peasies Newborn Diapers Side by Side

As for us, born at 6 lbs 14 oz, the fit was perfect:

Easy Peasies Newborn AIO Review on Little Miss Cub ~ 2

And almost 7 weeks later, between 10-11 lbs:

Easy Peasies Newborn AIO Review on Little Miss Cub ~ 1

After we received our Easy Peasies for review, the company made one significant design change: adding hemp to the core. (The core was previously all microfiber.) Easy Peasies retailer, Le Chaton Vert, was kind enough to send us one of the new models, so I was able to compare!

You’ll notice that the Easy Peasies ruffles are very reminiscent of AppleCheeks and AMP. Nobody owns the rights to using leg ruffles, so it is what it is! (The difference being there is no ruffle at the front waist). Leg and back waist ruffles are both adorable and practical on newborns. Easy Peasies also features an inner double gusset, which I dislike on one-size diapers but am a fan of on newborn diaps!

Easy Peasies Newborn AIO Review ~ Maman Loup's Den ~ 3

Here’s what you get with an Easy Peasies Newborn AIO:

Easy Peasies Newborn AIO Review ~ Maman Loup's Den ~ Specs

Old Style vs. New Style

In terms of fit, there is absolutely no discernible difference between the original design with a 100% synthetic core and the new model which has 2-layers of microfiber and 2-layers of hemp. In terms of performance, I hands-down prefer the new model, as the hemp really increases absorbency. I found that the microfiber model needed a booster to last through one pee (newborns drink a lot, and thus pee a lot), whereas we can use the hemp version on its own for over two hours. Easy Peasies sells a microfiber booster that is a perfect fit inside its newborn diaper, and also works well with other brands.

Easy Peasies NB booster

What I like best about our Easy Peasies Newborn AIOs:

  • The ruffles and internal double gusset provide two extra barriers against explosive newborn poops;
  • Easy Peasies Newborn AIO Review ~ Maman Loup's Den ~ 2The combo of synthetic and natural fibers makes the new model reign supreme: after all, my go-to stuffing for pocket diapers is a microfiber booster and a hemp trifold, so this diaper does that, just on a smaller scale {the Princess Pink is the new model};

Easy Peasies Newborn AIO Review on Little Miss Cub ~ 4

  • Umbilical snap-down for use right out of the gate (womb);
  • Nice, snug fit around newborn chicken legs thanks to the hip snap, with the possibility of fitting as early small as 2 lbs. The fit continues to be good as baby chubs out;

Easy Peasies Newborn AIO Review on Little Miss Cub ~ 3

  • Extra points for being made in Canada and a very low price point!

Things I like less about the Easy Peasies Newborn AIO:

  • As I’ve said and will continue to say for all AIOs where the soaker is completely sewn in, there are two disadvantages: slower dry time and more difficult to add a booster;
  • Not well-suited for overnight use (if it had a pocket, absorbency could more easily be increased for that purpose);
  • I’m not convinced the diaper will still fit at 14 lbs without having to leave the hipsnap undone, and I’m concerned it will rub on her skin.

Bottom Line:

The Easy Peasies Newborn AIO with the hemp/microfiber core is reliable, affordable, adorable and Made in Canada! At 2 lbs, the lower weight range is awesome for even the tiniest of newborns, since most brands start to fit around 6 lbs. 

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I’d like to send a big shout out to Quebec-based retailer, Le Chaton Vert, for sending me the new Easy Peasies model. You can find the entire Easy Peasies line up at their online boutique!


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