Nuggles! Bittees Newborn AIO Review

Nuggles Bittee Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

I received this item free for review. All opinions remain my own.  

Sara at Itsy Bitsy Necessities sent me my Nuggles! Bittee many months before I had my own bittee baby to ‘nuggle. (See what I just did there?!) I recall my excitement at how tiny and adorable it was, and at a glance, the design seemed spot on: double gussets at the legs, umbilical snap down, included booster…everything  looked good on paper!

Apparently some bloggers review diapers on teddy bears, so if that’s what I had been doing, I’d have given the Bittee a big thumbs up. Luckily for you, I was patient, and awaited the arrival of a real human baby that poops and pees and isn’t stuffed with fluff to assess the performance of the Bittee.

And once she arrived, I didn’t wait long: here’s Little Miss Cub in her Nuggles! on her very first day out of my belly, all 6 lbs 14 oz. of her:

Nuggles Bittee Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

Absolutely no complaints in the fit and easy of use department.

So let’s get you familiar with the anatomy of a Nuggles! Bittee:

It’s a true all-in-one, there are no pockets, inner snaps or flaps, it works just like a disposable diaper (except for the whole “reusable” part):

Nuggles Bittee Review ~ Maman Loup's Den ~ Inner

And the specs:

Nuggles Bittee Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

The Bittee continued to fit well once we got home, and had sufficient absorbency without the booster for about two hours. I love the fit and the way the double gusset hugs her little chicken legs to contain blowouts.

Nuggles Bittee Review ~ Maman Loup's Den 4Once her umbilical stump dropped we moved up to the top row of snaps.

Nuggles Bittee Review ~ Maman Loup's Den 2

As we got closer to 8-9 lbs, I added the booster and found we could go about three hours before a change, and that the diaper was containing even the most frightening-sounding poops (the kind where you are sure it’s up the back and down the legs) and was heavy with all the urine absorbed. I was anticipating compression leaks due to the microfiber core, but we didn’t experience any, thanks in large part to the bamboo booster.

Nuggles Bittee Review ~ Maman Loup's Den 3

What I love most about the Nuggles! Bittee

  • Umbilical snap down;

Nuggles Bittee Review ~ Maman Loup's Den 6

  • Double leg gusset;

Nuggles Bittee Review ~ Maman Loup's Den 5

  • Elastic at the back waist: our onesies are all white and they’re still all white;
  • Included booster that is stay-dry on top and bamboo underneath: helps prevent compression leaks thanks to the bamboo and fits perfectly in the diaper (it can be hard to find boosters to fit in newborn diapers unless they’re specially designed for a given model); 
  • Single closure snap on the wings means there’s no hip snap to rub baby’s skin when snapping on the loosest setting, and overall it’s just easier when fumbling around in a postpartum haze;
  • Excellent price point for a very well-performing and well-made diaper;
  • Dried faster than the other AIOs we tested with the same design.

Things I would change about the Nuggles! Bittee

  • I’d put in a pocket at the back rather than have the insert sewn completely in. This speeds up dry time, ensures the wash water really penetrates the fibers and makes boosting even easier.*
  • Not suitable for overnight use.

Of the newborn AIOs we tested with the insert completely sewn in (we also tried Lil’ Joey and Easy Peasies), the Nuggles! Bittee was my favourite. 

* Update 9/24/15 Nuggles has redesigned the Bittee and it now comes with a pocket!  

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Do you have Bittee Baby on the way?


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32 responses to “Nuggles! Bittees Newborn AIO Review”

  1. Easy Peasies cloth diapers

    Easy Peasies Has a newborn booster that fits any newborn model 🙂

    1. Lindsay Gallimore

      And I promise I mention it in my forthcoming review! I appreciate that the Nuggles AIO has the booster included, too (not a separate purchase).

  2. […] Not suitable for overnight use: about two hours is their max absorbency for us without a booster. (If you need to boost, my favourite newborn booster is by Nuggles.) […]

  3. Marie-Michele Dupuis

    Have you written about washing meconium off of cloth diapers? I know many people, me included that would not think of using cloth from the get go for fear of ruining the diapers.

    It’s too bad about the diaper not having an opening. They always make me wonder if they’re dry after I wash them. Those types of aio are always left to dry an extra day here. A little inconvenient.

    1. Lindsay Gallimore

      This one dries fastest of all the ones we tested in this style. And actually I used all my newborn diapers right away and got lots of meconium on them, and had ZERO staining or issues at all!

  4. Janie Vezina

    love that this model of nb is not that yucky microfiber stuff..

  5. Amber Ludwig

    So cute!! Love the double gussets but a little sad at the length of use time! Positive is that means you can just buy more 😉

  6. Claudia Joyal

    I gave bittie baby in the way and I would love to try a newborn diaper. I’ve only done cloth when my daughter could fit her OS last time but I’m convinced to start from the start this time.

    1. Lindsay Gallimore

      It was easier than I thought, starting right from birth!

      1. Claudia Joyal

        Great to hear. I’ll most likely rent a newborn set for the first month as it seems I might be having a really tiny baby and I don’t think my OS will fit right away.

  7. Brandi Stevenson

    This sounds great, especially the double-leg gussets.

  8. Kristen G-p

    These look great! I love the colour. This yellow is the accent colour for my nursery. I also like the cord snap and the double gusset. Thank for writing about this product.

  9. Coleen M

    Thank you for the review! I found it very informative and helpful!

  10. Jennifer Muir

    Wish I had seen this review before I finished my NB stash. I went with Sweet peas AIOs, but these are only a little but more $ and I like that they have the umbilical snap down!

    1. Lindsay Gallimore

      Pros and cons to every model: your Sweet Peas will last you longer. We are still using ours and it’s not even unsnapped fully, while our Nuggles is getting preeeetty tight!

      1. Jennifer Muir

        Ya I hear ya! I just wish I would have diversified my stash a bit more 🙂

  11. Coco Hessig

    Love the button down for umbilical cord! These look awesome!

  12. Soozle

    Nice looking diapers! I like the idea of the umbilical button down!

  13. Alexandria

    I love the double row of snaps! And the leg gussets! I am totally getting these for my next baby. 🙂

  14. Candy

    I wish I had had a newborn one of these when my son was born. The newborn style of these is by far my fave out of all I’ve seen.

  15. Christine Cee

    This looks so well-made !! I love the snap down for the umbilical cord. And I LOVE that they are made from bamboo. Huge bonus: Canadian-made and CUTE.

  16. Monica Miller

    I love that there’s fleece all the way from back to front – not PUL around the snaps, etc. Seems a lot nicer for the ones wearing them 🙂

  17. Rachel

    Wow, this diaper looks awesome! I love true AIOs for newborns, they are so much trimmer. This one looks awesome and super soft! I love that the umbilical snap is a different color, snaps can get so confusing!

    1. Lindsay Gallimore

      Oh yes, so confusing, especially postpartum and exhausted!

  18. LillySong7

    I really like the double gussets. Do the OS have those too? Does the OS have a pocket or is it an AIO like the NB size?

    1. Lindsay Gallimore

      I haven’t actually tried the OS model yet, but it is definitely a different design. You can see it here:!product/prd1/3098979301/simplee-bamboo-ai2

  19. Mylène Bélanger

    I just love love love the colors of that cute little diaper, I think I want a 3 kids right now just for that

  20. elizamatt

    I do like the Umbilical snap down and the double leg gusset, those are my two favourite things.

  21. ScottishMrs

    The two rows of snaps is a fascinating idea. I love when NB sizes come with snap closure. Double gussets rock too!

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