Bamboobies Nursing Brahhh & Nursing Pads Review {+ coupon code}

Bamboobies Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

I received these items free for review. All opinions remain my own.

When Cub was born, the only washable nursing pads I owned were a few pairs of heart-shaped Bamboobies. I remember unwrapping them at my baby shower: there was some giggling among the guests about the name, and some oohing at the adorable heart shapes. 

Bamboobies Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

 When Cub was born, he latched on within minutes and he was a strong nurser from the start. Before I needed nursing pads for leaking, I needed my Bamboobies to protect my sore nipples from contact with anything less soft than their bamboo rayon velour. Even my cotton nursing bras weren’t soft enough to be against my newly-nursing breasts comfortably. The second time around, I definitely experience a lot less soreness and rawness, however my Bamboobies were still indispensable. I learned the hard way that the fuzzy hemp/cotton blend  of my other nursing pads tended to stick to the raw skin of my nipples: ouch! Bamboo velour was much gentler. 

So, regular Bamboobies are heart shaped and comprised of the bamboo rayon velour layer that goes against the breast, a core of hemp/cotton and a waterproof layer. The distinctive heart shape makes for a smoother look under clothes.

Bamboobies also makes overnight pads which are circular. They are thicker and larger, designed to last longer for nighttime or for heavy leaking.    

Bamboobies Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

I definitely need the extra coverage and absorbency at night!

Ahhh… Meet the Brahhh!

Bamboobies BrahhhBamboobies doesn’t just make nursing pads: I also received their new Nursing Brahhh to test out. The name is perfect. Since I have to wear nursing pads 24/7, that means I have to wear a bra 24/7. When I put on my Bamboobies Nursing Brahhh, ya, I do think “ahhhhhhh!” It’s so much more comfortable than any other bra (nursing or otherwise) in my drawer, and it’s such a relief to put it on as soon as it’s clean. Would I rather go to bed without a bra? Yes. But if I have to sleep with a bra, which I do, it’d better be a Brahhh! The bra is made of bamboo, and before my milk came in, it was soft enough to wear directly against my sore nipples.

If I could replace all of the bras in my nursing stash, especially considering I’ve got at least two years of nursing ahead of me, I’d replace them all with Brahhhs in a heartbeat. 

What I love about my Bamboobies nursing pads and Brahhh

  • The soft bamboo velour of the nursing pads is gentle on sore nipples;
  • The large-size of the overnight nursing pads provides much needed extra coverage;
  • The Brahhh is my absolute favourite: it is as close to wearing no bra as a bra can be;
  • The entire cup of the Brahhh unclips, exposing the entire breast: this means your bra cups are less likely to get leaked on when baby’s nursing, and no fabric gets in baby’s way.

What I love less about my Bamboobies nursing pads and Brahhh

  • Although I think the heart shape of Bamboobies is adorable, I find I get better coverage from circular pads. I’m often unlucky enough to discover that my Bamboobies have shifted and my nips are exposed through the “v” of the heart shape. Bamboobies recommends wearing the hearts upside down to avoid nip slip!
  • When wet, bamboo velour feels more wet against the skin than hemp (but, mind you, bamboo is a huge improvement over cotton, and softer on the nips than hemp).
  • The PUL on the back of the overnight pads is a little bit wrinkly, as if the PUL is cut slightly larger than the bamboo, which is apparently a manufacturing issue and not universal. 
  • As far as the Brahhh is concerned, I just wish it were the only Brahhh in my stash. For women more generously endowed than me (I’m a C when I’m fully engorged, and not nursing, an A) it may not be supportive enough. 

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  1. I’ve been in some kind of bra to hold nursing pads for the last few months of my pregnancy, and I HATE wearing a bra around the house (especially to sleep in). So the fact that you say that this nursing bra is the closest you can find to NOT wearing one at all (in terms of comfort) really got my attention! 😉 When my milk comes in and I’m ready to buy some new ones, I’ll have to keep this in mind!

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