Urban Bums Boutique Newborn Fitted Review

Urban Bums Boutique Newborn Fitted Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

I received this item free for review. All opinions remain my own. 

Our Urban Bums Boutique (UBB) newborn hybrid fitted was the first newborn diaper we received, long before my third trimester, at a time when having a bum tiny enough to wear the creation seemed too good to be true. 

Urban Bums Boutique Newborn Fitted Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

Of all of our WAHM-made fitteds, our UBB stands out as our most exquisite. In fact, UBB diapers are almost immediately recognizable for their beauty: stunning fabric choices and exceptional crafts(wo)manship. 

Here’s a look at the specs for a UBB Newborn Hybrid Fitted:

Urban Bums Boutique Newborn Fitted Review ~ Maman Loup's Den (4)

And a peek inside:

Urban Bums Boutique Newborn Fitted Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

The first time wearing our UBB, Little Miss Cub was just two or three days old, so we took advantage of the umbilical cord snap down:

Urban Bums Boutique Newborn Fitted Review ~ Maman Loup's Den (5)

She would have been just shy of 7 lbs here, and I thought the fit was perfect. In terms of performace, I tend to grab our UBB for longer stretches because it is so absorbent. For the first few weeks, she would wear it at night time for up to six hours. She is no longer waking fully at night: I’m able to nurse her as soon as she stirs and she stays asleep. As such, I try to avoid disturbing her with a diaper change. With a booster (my favourite being the booster that comes with our TotsBots V4 diapers), this diaper can last all night under a snug cover. As this diaper is a bit bulkier than other fitteds in our stash, I find the best cover to go on top is our TotsBots Stretchy Wrap (size 1) or wool. Most recently, she wore it under our Tots cover from 9:30 pm until 6:30 AM without any leaks.

In this picture, somewhere between 8 and 9 lbs (my best guess), she’s obviously snapped much looser at the waist:

Urban Bums Boutique Newborn Fitted Review ~ Maman Loup's Den (6)


Snapping one side a notch tighter got us the right fit at the waist. Now she’s wearing it on the loosest setting that still uses the hip snap. If we are wearing it up til the suggested weight limit of 12 lbs, it will have to be with the hip snap exposed. If that irritates her, I happen to have some snap covers in my stash!

My favourite things about our UBB Newborn Hybrid Fitted:

  • Obviously high-quality finishing (even someone like me, who can barely thread a needle, notices how well this diaper is constructed);
  • Layers of the insert are not sewn together, meaning a faster dry time;
  • Umbilical snap down allowed a perfect fit right from birth;
  • Bamboo velour against the skin gives a slight stay-dry effect;
  • Even without boosting, it provides plenty of absorbency for big newborn pees.

Things I like less about our UBB Newborn Hybrid Fitted:

  • It’s a bit wider at the crotch than other newborn styles in our stash, so bulkier under a cover;
  • To reach the highest suggested weight, we will need to leave the hip snaps exposed. (This isn’t unusual, by the way.)

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50 responses to “Urban Bums Boutique Newborn Fitted Review”

  1. Julie Lake-Berton

    This is such a cute diaper!! Would love to give this to my niece in law to show her how cute cloth can be! So cute!

  2. Geneveigh Sewell

    The first thing I noticed about this diaper beside how cute it is, was how well made it looks. I like that it’s made with super soft materials. Our usual combination for night time has been failing so I think we will need to invest in something else soon, like this hybrid!

  3. Janie Vezina

    love the cute print, been wanting to try hybrid diapers

  4. Jessica Coulombe Kane

    Love the prints! I’ve never tried hybrids but will look into it. They’re probably good for potty training? (We’re just about there!)

  5. Heather Haynes

    never tried a fitted before may try one now thx!

  6. Treen Goodwin

    Would love to win and try them out , my Granddaughter was due on the 27th of August , they want to try these out thanks for the chance to win one , woohoo amazing !

  7. Danielle Lovejoy

    It looks adorable on Lil miss cub! I’d love to try it out on our new DD.

  8. Kate Jacobs

    Being new to cloth diapering, I find your reviews so informative! I don’t know that I would have considered a hybrid before reading this. CD is so overwhelming, thank you for being a reassuring voice in the madness!

  9. jodi armstrong

    This looks like such a great diaper. Love the idea of being able to use for long periods overnight if u have a good sleeper.

  10. Chelsea Brianne Alsop

    Oh the prints are adorable!!! I have been dying to try hybrid fitteds but hubby won’t let me splurge on one right now: ( would love to win so I can try one!!

  11. Silvia

    I agree this diaper does seem really well done. Would love to try it on my seven week old son, so thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Ann

    I love the prints, but with the low high end of weight I don’t think it would work long for us. Our son was born at 9 pounds so he would have lasted a month or two.

    1. Lindsay Gallimore

      True, go for her one-size version!

  13. Niikkii

    I unfortunately have never tried her newborn diapers but I LOVE her hybrid fitteds and her Urban Nights are the only night diaper we use now. Absolutely beautiful, quality diapers that are Canadian made 🙂 She is also one of the sweetest WHAMs I have ordered from with wonderful customer service <3

  14. Krystyne Sobiecki

    Such a cute diaper!

  15. Kristina Davis

    I don’t know if it’s the diapers or your camera … but those diapers look so amazingly soft and comfy! Would love to try them! 🙂

    1. Lindsay Gallimore

      Well, the fancy camera isn’t more than an iPhone! I assure you, they are SOFT AND COMFY!

  16. Laura Cruz

    These look very trim and comfy.

  17. Laurie

    I love the bamboo velour and I think it’s great that the inserts aren’t sewn together so that drying time is shorter. I think I’m going to be needing a good fitted for nighttime soon, so I’ll be checking these out.

  18. Victoria MacIsaac

    It looks so squishy and soft! I love that there is an umbilical cord snap down. I had other newborn fitteds that did not have this and I had to put her in disposables until the cord fell off.

  19. Cheryl W

    I like that it has the umbilical cord snap down and that the inserts can be separated for quicker drying.

  20. Marian F.

    I love fitteds! They are my go to for nighttime diapering. This diaper looks so cute and well made. I wished I would have had newborn diapers when my son was born. I checked out the site and love UBB’s large selection of fabrics.

  21. Erin Beggs Wilson

    It looks so well made! I help admin a sewing group, and most of our members join to sew diapers; I spend a lot of time looking at hybrids! This is beautiful 🙂 Fitness are really great additions to the stash, they’re our go-to nighttime diapers!

  22. Stephanie Marcus

    I love how it snaps down for the umbilical cord. Make it perfect for a newborn.

  23. Amber Alverson Beamon

    How cute! I love an AI2 but have never tried a hybrid fitted! Would love this!

  24. Soozle

    Very cute designs – you can see how soft it is from the photos! I can see what you mean about being bulky though – that was one of the first things I noticed as well in the photos!

  25. Kara Worden

    I have never tried a hybrid fitted, my super soakers need a cover regardless. So an AI2 is usually my go to! Very nice diapers with gorgeous fabrics!

  26. Sarah Elyce

    What a beautiful diaper with great quality. I’d love to try one!

  27. Mary Jane Vanderbles

    I’ve never tried hyrid fiteds or ai2s but I would love to! Have a little man coming in September.

  28. Courtney Janssen-Grieve

    Really happy to read the review about the newborn size specifically. Glad to know you’re happy with the umbilical snap down and fit on a small babe is great. Just wondering how long she could go in the diaper without a cover during the day? They’re so cute, putting a cover on is the hardest part 😛

  29. Danielle Petryshyn

    These looks beautifully made!

  30. jilliann m

    First off the diaper looks super soft from the pictures. And it looks well made. Would love to try one of these out in a larger size for my 18 month old.

  31. Aliya

    These look like a great diaper! I would love to try them out!

  32. Dandi D

    I had never heard of these diapers before, but I am trying to stock my stash of newborn diapers, and these look great!

  33. Helen

    Our UBB newborn fitted was a favourite in our stash as well. I used it until it was too small and was really sad when it didn’t fit anymore.

  34. Kyla Wong

    We only use UBB diapers in this house. 🙂 We love the fit, absorbancy and cute factor!

  35. LillySong7

    beautiful diaper. I never used newborn diapers but even though baby #2 was 9lbs+ at birth, the OS 8 to 36 lbs didn’t fit well enough to guard against leaks. I’ll have to keep these in mind should #3 ever happen.

  36. Mara

    These are some of the cutest diapers I’ve seen! Love thecfabric choices and color combinations!

  37. Monica Miller

    This is one of the cutest snuggliest looking fitteds I’ve ever seen! And I really like the umbilical cord snap down. What covers have you used with it?

  38. KAYLA

    UBB are amazing diapers. I also highly recommend her night time diapers Urban Nights!! Equally as awesome!!!

  39. Jamie Spray

    Gorgeous diapers, great review! Wish I would’ve seen it a few months ago though, because now my LO is well over 12lbs, that’s what she weighed in at a month ago at her 2 month checkup! I love the removable inserts – definitely one of my favorite things about my other newborn fitteds we used ?

  40. Tannis W

    This diaper looks so soft, and I love that it has a snap down for the umbilical cord.

  41. Suzi Moore

    Love her diapers. The most recent hybrid I ordered I put in a very special request for a matching nb to match. Chrissy obliged, what a lovely lady. Her diapers are super quality, super cute and local to me!

  42. Colleen Maurina

    This fitted diaper looks amazingly soft and absorbent. This would be a great night time diaper!

  43. Nancy Arulraj

    Great diaper and review. Sounds like a solid nighttime diaper.

  44. Rachel

    This does look a little bulky but it also looks sooooo soft!

  45. Alexis Nikia Cuffy

    Would love to try this diaper! I looks so soft and comfy for baby! Thanks for the review, it was super helpful!

  46. Dawn Schneider


  47. LMarie Weeks

    We have been looking for a night time solution and from what ive been told a fitted just may work for our peepee queen!! We would love to win this thanks for the chance!!❤

  48. […] the night. Nonetheless, for those longer stretches, she was wearing either her TotsBots Bamboozles, Urban Bums Boutique Fitted or Mouse & Hatter Fitted diapers under a Thirsties, Rumparooz or Sweet Pea cover. (What those […]

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