TotsBots Stretch Bamboozle Review {Size 1 on a Newborn}

TotsBots Bamboozle Size 1 for a newborn ~ Maman Loup's Den

I received this item free for review. All opinions remain my own.

My nighttime newborn cloth diapering routine alternates between my Mouse & Hatter fitteds and my TotsBots Bamboozles. We started using our Bamboozles as soon as Little Miss Cub lost her umbilical stump, so at three or four days old and around 7 lbs. 

In case you’re not familiar with the Bamboozle, which comes in sizes 1 and 2, check out the specs:

TotsBots Bamboozle Size 1 for a newborn ~ Maman Loup's Den

The inside has an insert that snaps in at the front:

TotsBots Bamboozle Size 1 for a newborn ~ Maman Loup's Den

We’ve been using our Bamboozles with the rise snapped down under our Thirsties size XS, Rumparooz NB, TotsBots Stretchy Wrap and wool with a perfect fit and no leaks or poopsplosions. Just as it is, we can get about six hours out of a Bamboozle over night. As I’ve gotten less able to rouse myself enough to change a diaper, I’ve started boosting the Bamboozle so I can change her after eight hours. A hemp booster works great, and so does the booster that came with our TotsBots V4 one-size diapers. 

TotsBots Bamboozle Size 1 for a newborn ~ Maman Loup's Den

My favourite things about the TotsBots Size 1 Bamboozle:

  • TotsBots hook & loop closure: the only hook & loop closure I can get behind 100%. It’s the best of the best. So sturdy, so easy to get a perfect fit at the waist.
  • Awesome weight range without being bulky: we have many more months of Bamboozling ahead of us.
  • Snap-in insert, rather that completely sewn in, makes for faster drying and the ability to flip it around to double it at the front for a boy or tummy sleeper.
  • Ethically made in Scotland.
  • Easy and roomy enough to boost.
  • Lots of absorbency for overnight!

Things I like less about the TotsBots Size 1 Bamboozle:

  • No “dip” for the umbilical cord.
  • A bit longer to dry (as is usually the case for bamboo): after a medium dryer cycle I hang them to finish drying.
  • Don’t fit well under very small newborn covers. 

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4 responses to “TotsBots Stretch Bamboozle Review {Size 1 on a Newborn}”

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  2. […] her in the middle of the night. Nonetheless, for those longer stretches, she was wearing either her TotsBots Bamboozles, Urban Bums Boutique Fitted or Mouse & Hatter Fitted diapers under a Thirsties, Rumparooz or […]

  3. Ally

    Okay, I know this is an old post, but perhaps you could help me, since I can find so little on Tots Bots!

    I have a 10lb 2mo. I bought some size 1 Tots Bots PeeNut shells, since, unlike my other four kiddos (who have all been in cloth) he seemed unlikely to be in OS very quickly. But the legs on them are huge, and they’re nowhere near to fitting as snugly as an AI2 needs to; if I fasten a flat diaper underneath, they’re usable, but only because the flat does all the containment, and if it gets soaked it will definitely leak. Baby is not super-chubby, but not especially skinny-legged either – what gives, these are labeled 6-18lbs! Am I missing something? I have the rise snapped all the way down, I’m crossing the tabs over…these size 1s are fitting like I’d expect size 2s to. Is that right?

    1. Lindsay

      Because it’s been a while since I’ve used these, I would recommend contacting TotsBots customer service. My experience with them has always been very positive!

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