TotsBots V4 TeenyFit Review

TotsBotsTeenyFit V4 Review ~

I received this item free for review. All opinions remain my own. 

My love of the TotsBots V4 diapers is no secret. If only the one-size model were a half an inch taller in the rise, they’d still be one of my favourites on Cub. (FYI: potty training is really hard when you also have a newborn.) I had a feeling that I’d love Teeny Fits just as much as Easy Fits, and I can assure you I was not disappointed. 

TotsBots TeenyFits are my favourite newborn all-in-ones. 

We have two in our stash, and they are strictly reserved for outings because they last so long and have never once leaked. Just as they are, we can get four hours out of them, more than any AIO we’re testing. (Which is lucky because otherwise I would’ve had to change her on the floor of an ill-equipped restaurant bathroom.) Even in the compression-leak-prone car seat or baby carrier for long stretches, we’ve been leak free. Although I’m happy with fitted diapers overnight, I did try boosting our Teeny Fits for nighttime, and we made it at least six hours. (Keeping track of time has become astonishingly hard…)

TotsBotsTeenyFit V4 Review ~

Here’s what you get with a TeenyFit:

TotsBotsTeenyFit V4 Review ~

And here’s a peek inside:

TotsBotsTeenyFit V4 Review ~

Why so much love for our TotsBots TeenyFits?

  • The hook & loop closure. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Best. In. Business. I most definitely prefer hook & loop on newborn diapers for ease of adjustment, but not all hook & loop (aka Velcro) is created equal. 

TotsBotsTeenyFit V4 Review ~

  • The crazy absorbency of “binky.” Like I said, it’s the only AIO in our stash that doesn’t need boosting to survive the seemingly disproportionate amount of pee my baby produces. 
  • The super easy fit. There’s a reason TotsBots one-size version is called the EasyFit. You really can’t go wrong. 
  • The AIO design is my favourite of all the AIO variations. The insert is attached but can be unstuffed from the pocket for faster drying and more thorough laundering. The presence of the pocket allows for boosting. 

TotsBotsTeenyFit V4 Review ~

  • The prints. My goodness, the prints. I know it’s fickle, but I just adore TotsBots prints.


Teeny constructive criticism:

  • There’s no snap down or dip for the umbilical cord, so we had to wait til it fell off to start using them. 
  • The pocket is a bit tricky to stuff since its narrow, but to fair, the diaper is meant to be teeny!
  • The weight range is quite small, though I feel like we will be able to use them past 9 lbs. (And it’s important to note that, aside from Funky Fluff, the one-size TotsBots are the only one-size diaper that actually already fits her and works at 8 lbs.)

One Size Tots vs. Newborn Tots

TotsBotsTeenyFit V4 Review ~ ~ Two Babies in TotsBots

Now, considering that TotsBots’ one-size version gives a decent fit even at 8 lbs, would I still recommend a stash of Teeny Fits? Here’s Little Miss Cub in an EasyFit:

One-Size Tots on a Newborn

If you expect a 10 lb baby, no. If you are expecting a small or average baby, and you can envision your purchase as more of a rental with a deposit, then, yes. What do I mean? Well, it’s true that Tots aren’t cheap, but it’s also true that they resell very well. So, assuming you want to sell them once they’ve been outgrown, you can expect to recoup 60-75% of your initial cost. The main reason I’d want to start with TeenyFits rather than EasyFits is a question of bulk. There’s no such thing as a one-size diaper that’s not bulky on a newborn, just like a one-size fits all t-shirt fits me, but as a muumuu. Since TotsBots don’t have a dip for the umbilical cord, it’s important to consider if you want to cloth diaper right from birth. If you want to use Tots as your main newborn diaper, perhaps consider prefolds and newborn covers for the first few days. 

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Have you tried any TotsBots products?

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  3. Felicia

    I think this is a very accurate review. The Tots TeenyFit were my favourite as well but my kiddos don’t weigh a lot at birth either. I do have to say that we did go the prefold/cover (Bummis) route in the hospital and until the cord fell off but I also used Rearz nb fitteds which held a LOT more than the prefolds and also have a snap down for the cord. I used the same Bummis nb covers as I used over the prefolds.

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