Mouse & Hatter Newborn Fitted Diaper Review

Mouse & Hatter Newborn Fitted Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

I received one of these diapers free for review and purchased the other (Lord of the Rings) myself. All opinions remain my own!

What better place to start my newborn cloth diaper reviews than with the very first diaper that Little Miss Cub ever wore? Her she is, maybe half an hour after being born. (Note that I didn’t do the best job putting the diaper on for the photo, but that’s only a reflection of having just given birth, not the diaper’s quality!):

Mouse & Hatter newborn fitted

With a Papa named after Tolkien’s most famous wizard, I naturally had to buy a Lord of the Rings diaper to be on the bum first. Stefanie was already making us the Harry Potter fluff for our review, so I tacked on the LOTR print assuming (hoping) I would like Mouse & Hatter Newborn Fitteds as much as I love our one-size fitted

Luckily I was not disappointed: these literary-wizard-themed newborn diapers turned out to be magical!

Mouse & Hatter Newborn Fitted Review ~ Maman Loup's Den - 2

Here’s a look at the specs of Mouse & Hatter Newborn Fitteds:

Mouse & Hatter Newborn Fitted Specs

And a peak inside:

The petal-style insert snaps into the diaper but I don’t ever unsnap it. It stays put in the wash, too, so no fishing around to find missing inserts when doing the laundry. I fold the insert in half to fit it inside, so there are many layers of absorbency. The top fabric of bamboo velour offers a slight stay-dry effect. Despite all that absorbency, the diaper isn’t particularly bulky. Standard with your purchase of a newborn fitted is a booster, which we haven’t needed yet!

Mouse & Hatter Newborn Fitted Review ~ Maman Loup's Den - 1

Because they’re so darn absorbent, we’ve been using our Harry Potter and LOTR diapers exclusively overnight. (If they kick butt overnight I’m not going to waste them on daytime use!) They fit perfectly under our Thirsties covers, both the NB size cover and size XS. (We’ve also worn these fitteds under our newborn woollies, TotsBots size 1 Stretchy Wrap and Rumparooz and Sweet Pea NB covers.)  Normally, Little Miss gets changed when she wakes to feed, so after about three hours. However, sleep deprivation has had me skipping the diaper change in the middle of the night, such that she’s occasionally wearing her Mouse & Hatter diaper up to six hours! No leaks to speak of, no blow outs either (a snug cover on top means maximum protection). 

She’s about 8 lbs now, and we still have a rise to move up and room around the waist (We are currently one snap tighter on one side to get the right fit at the waist, same as with big brother Cub on his big-boy diapers!):mamanloupsden_img_0665.PNG

What I like most about our Mouse & Hatter Newborn Fitteds:

  • Enough absorbency to last us up to six hours at night (surely more with the included booster!);
  • Cut perfectly to fit under all newborn PUL covers I’ve tried (favourite fit is under Thirsties sizes NB and XS);
  • Probably because the insert isn’t sewn in or sewn together, the diaper is dry after one medium dryer cycle;
  • The umbilical snap-down meant we could use it right after birth (at 6 lbs 14 oz) [I’m certain this diaper would fit a smaller newborn, too];
  • Bamboo velour against the skin has a nice stay-dry effect for baby (more so than, say, cotton).

What I like less about our Mouse & Hatter Newborn Fitteds:

  • I legitimately have nothing to say here: I do laundry specifically so I can use our Harry Potter and LOTR diapers as often as possible.

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Custom order your Mouse & Hatter fitted diapers by sending Stefanie a message on her Facebook page!

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