Philips Avent Breastfeeding Support Set: All You Need to Pump & Store! #AventMomsCA

Avent Mom - Pump and Store With Ease #AVENTMomsCAI received product samples and was compensated for this post. All opinions and pumped milk remain my own.  

Simple. Expressing and storing your breast milk, whether you are returning to work or just building a stash so you can leave the house alone can be simple. Philips Avent has put all the supplies you will need in one box that can be easily added to your baby registry to get you pumped about pumping! 

When I opened the kit, I discovered it contained a couple of items I had used when I had Cub, but mainly items I now wish I had had on my first breastfeeding adventure. Pump & Store Your Milk With Ease: Philips AVENT Comfort Kit Review #AVENTMomCAI received the thermo gel pads at my shower from an experienced nurser, and boy did I appreciate pulling them out of the fridge or a bowl of hot water and stuffing my bra with relief. My manual pump was also an Avent, handed down to me by my aunt. The super soft silicone cover, known as the “massage cushion” that goes between the breast and the pump body on my manual pump also comes with the electric pump in this kit, and it makes pumping significantly more comfortable, particularly when it’s your first time at the breastfeeding rodeo.

I also used Avent disposable nursing pads the first time around, before I discovered effective and comfortable reusable ones. Of all the brands I tried, Avent’s were the most discreet and absorbent. I would love to see Avent include washable nursing pads in this kit, too: it would make it even more awesome and complete!

New to me in the kit was the most important item of all: the single electric pump. Additionally, I had never seen the Avent storage system with adaptors to make instant bottles before. Total genius.

The Avent Single Electric Pump

This was my very first time using an electric pump. Let me tell you: it kind of tickles! It was such a bizarre sensation the first time I plugged myself into the pump and turned it on… it made me giggle! Operating the pump was extremely easy, and being so accustomed to pumping manually, I was happy to turn the job over to the machine. Big Brother Cub is a big fan of operating the buttons: on, stimulation (to help get milk flowing), light, medium and deep suction:

With my Avent electric pump, I get 4 oz in 11-12 minutes. The pump makes a bit of noise when in operation, and since it’s my first experience with an electric pump, I can’t yet say whether it’s quieter or louder than average. I can, however, say that it sounds a bit like a quiet cow’s moo. (Appropriate, I suppose!)

Avent Storage Containers & Bottle Adaptors

Spilling breast milk is the worst. Crying over spilled milk is only appropriate if you just bit into a peanut butter sandwich OR if it’s your breast milk. I find most spillage occurs somewhere between pumping/storing/serving. You lose precious drops as you pour from the bottle you pumped into to the storage bags, then back into a bottle when you’re ready to defrost and serve. But what if you pumped into a container than had a lid for storage and then an adaptor to accept a nipple for feeding?! Boo(b) ya! 

I have had bottles before with storage lids that used those sealing discs the size of a toonie which would inevitably get lost. The storage containers in the Avent Kit are like the ones I use to make freezer jam (and I will likely use them for that once we’re done nursing). They are stackable, too! Particularly if lacking freezer space, many pumping Moms like to store their milk in breastmilk baggies. A great addition to this kit would be a package of bags, just so Moms can experience both storage options and see which suits them best. I personally use a combination of the Avent storage containers and bags. As you might know, I’m donating some of my breastmilk to the Calgary Mothers’ Milk Bank, so I stockpile all that milk in baggies. 

Natural Newborn Nipples

The Avent Natural Newborn Nipples are a hit with Little Miss Cub. You can attach them either to the Avent bottles or, using the adaptor, the Avent storage containers. She took her very first bottle from me and then my Mom without even flinching. Her latch was perfect and she sucked away about 3 oz. If you’re a nursing mother, you know what it means when your baby accepts a bottle of your milk: FREEDOM!  

Shop & Connect with the Philips Advantage

Whether you’re new to nursing or a veteran, Philips can help you reach your breastfeeding and pumping goals with personalized tips, advice and exclusive offers sent straight to your inbox! (Chances are, you’ll be reading those messages while your pumping or nursing, too!) Sign up for the Avent newsletter.

Philips Avent products are available at baby specialty stores, Babies R Us, Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, Jean Coutu, London Drugs, Overwaitea and Amazon.ca or Amazon.com (affiliate links).

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Do you pump and store your breastmilk?

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  1. Jeanette

    Wow, I love that you pump into cups!! I haven’t tried an Avent pump, but my current pump only came with small bottles. They max out at 4 oz, and if I’m at work, that’s not big enough! This system looks great. I also love the single pump because you can nurse on one side and pump on the other to save up a freezer stash, while not pumping in-between nursing sessions. Allows the breasts to have some rest and refill while still boosting supply. Thanks for the review and great photos!

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