Dry air, don’t care! ~ Crane Cool Mist Humidifiers Review

Crane Dry Mist Humidifiers Review

I received these items free for review. All opinions remain my own.

Before moving to Calgary, a humidifier was not an appliance I had ever really considered. I grew up in Vancouver, where moisture is not an issue. And in Montreal, I enjoyed weather forecasts describing a daytime high of 30° C that “feels like” 40° C with the humidity! 

When we arrived in our temporary, furnished apartment in Cow Town, I noted that the master bedroom came equipped with a humidifier. I didn’t think too much of it until a couple days after arriving, Cub and I started getting nosebleeds. The air in Calgary is extremely dry, and our nasal passages were suffering. With a dry, crusty nose, Cub suddenly became a nose picker. I’m not going to lie: so did I. A dry nose is an itchy nose, and the itch to pick is strong. Of course, we all know that picking just makes the bleeding worse. There were a lot of blood spattered sheets to be changed, and horrified moments when I would turn around to see what Cub was up to in his car seat only to be greeted with a face full of blood. 

The provided humidifier, otherwise known as the “magical clouds” made all the difference. After a few nights running the magical clouds, Cub’s nosebleeds lessened and so did mine. The problem was that the magical cloud machine was really noisy, and Papa Wolf (who seems unaffected by the dry weather) couldn’t sleep with it running, so it often could only run part of the night.

Cue my search for humidifiers for our new house: cool mist, nice and quiet, somewhat stylish. Upon the recommendation of some of my readers, I decided we wanted to try Crane Cool Mist Humidifiers. For the master bedroom, I wanted one that wouldn’t stand out too much, one that could just melt into the decor. I chose the black “Drop” humidifier. For the kids’ room, I chose the from the “Adorable” collection. Yes. I chose Hello Kitty. And the truth is, I chose it more for me than for the littles. 

Crane Cool Mist Humidifier Hello Kitty

The first time we ran our humidifiers, the first thing I noticed was nothing. Virtual silence. The magical clouds were even more magical in their quietness! 

Both the Drop Humidifier and the Hello Kitty Humidifier are comprised of three parts: the base, the tank where you add the water and a top piece through which the magical clouds flow. In Hello Kitty’s case, the mist comes through a slit in each of her ears. 

Crane Drop Humidifier

My favourite things about our Crane Cool Mist Humidifiers:

  • They are remarkably quiet. The ever so gentle hum they do emit is relaxing rather than disturbing.
  • The Drop Humidifier is sleek and modern looking: it won’t ruin your decor if you’ve put a lot of effort into having a grown-up bedroom.
  • The Hello Kitty Humidifier and all the other characters in the “Adorable” line up are a welcome addition to any kids’ bedroom.
  • Even on the highest setting, they can run the whole night through.
  • They work. My nosebleeds have stopped completely and Cub’s are few and far between. Plus, because his nose is no longer dry and crusty, I never ever catch him digging for gold!
  • They turn themselves off when they’re empty.
  • No filter required, so no extra parts to buy!

Things I like less about our Crane Cool Mist Humidifiers:

  • The Hello Kitty humidifier has a green “on” light that I find too bright at night. I keep meaning to put a piece of electrical tape over it.
  • Hello Kitty’s ear slits make her look like a piggy bank, which would explain why I’ve found quarters in her when I go to empty the leftover water. Perhaps a circular opening would be better?
  • Our bathroom sinks are very shallow, so we have to fill the tanks in the bath tub.
  • I’ve got pretty much zero experience with different humidifier designs, but I find both the Drop and Hello Kitty somewhat awkward to fill up, and the shape of the Hello Kitty water compartment makes it particularly tricky to fully empty.

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You can purchase your Crane Cool Mist Humidifier at Well.ca using my affiliate link or from one of these retailers. [If you prefer to shop at Amazon, you can use my Canadian affiliate link or my US affiliate link.]

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6 responses to “Dry air, don’t care! ~ Crane Cool Mist Humidifiers Review”

  1. Cassandra Rae

    We have a white Crane cool mist humidifier and really like it! We purchased it during Hannah’s first winter when it was really dry and causing use all to have sniffles and a dry cough. I also find it can be a little odd to fill at times but no other complaints really.

  2. Grace

    this black beautiful design, but I would like this red!

  3. By the way, I wonder, how hard can it be cleaned? Because these humidifiers have very often contaminated due to the fact that I love to add aromatic oils

    1. Lindsay

      The instructions specify not to add anything but water to the model we have!

  4. I really liked this humidifier. We penguin one for my daughter’s room.. Very cute and works great. Cool mist coming out of the penguins beak. If I sit it too close to things they will get a little moist but nothing to be too concerned about. My daughters love how cute he is.

  5. We use white color Crane ultrasonic cool mist humidifier st our home. It looks great and works like a charm! I couldn’t be happier with it, and really great for the winter when we have dry indoor air. Easy to use, and easy to clean. Best humidifier I’ve owned and more than worth the money.

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