Labour Bag Essentials for Mom

Labour Bag Essentials for Mom ~ Maman Loup's Den

I’ve had a few readers ask me what I’m putting in my labour bag, and I finally got around to making a list! I re-packed my bags yesterday, because that’s what nesting mothers do, no?

I am once again delivering in hospital, but the things I’ve packed for myself are a lot different than with Cub. Since his birth, I’ve discovered so many more eco-friendly and body-friendly toiletry options, for example!

I am packing for a potential 48-hour stay, as recommended by the ObGyn I consulted who would like to monitor the baby for any withdrawal symptoms from my dose of antidepressants. I may not have to stay that long, but better safe than sorry!

I’ve included my affiliate links to Well.ca when applicable, in case you want to shop and support my blogging.


Labour Bag Toiletries ~ Maman Loup's Den

All stored inside my Maxwell Designs Stow-it-All Clutch, I have:

  • Earth Mama Bottom Spray from Gentle Nest, as strongly recommended by someone who must know a lot about a Mama’s postpartum bottom: The Baby Guy NYC!
  • Earth Mama Nipple Balm from Gentle Nest, which I’ve already started applying to prepare my nips for nursing.
  • Earth Mama Bottom Balm from Gentle Nest to soothe the inevitable perineal discomfort… I have applied it once already out of curiosity and, oh my goodness, what a delightful tingle!
  • Radius floss sachets for compact and biodegradable flossing.
  • Bébé Hibou liniment: this is for Little Miss Cub and me, yes, for cleansing both of our bottoms!
  • Les CocoNuts lip balm and deodorant;
  • Matter Company baby bum balm (ok this is for the baby but she doesn’t need her own toiletry bag) and skin soothing ointment for me;
  • Les CocoNuts sample-sized soap;
  • Green Beaver face wash and face cream (my FAVOURITE brand for skincare).
  • A little bit of my Honey Pot Herbals shampoo;
  • My prescription meds;
  • Hair elastics & clips;
  • My Radius travel toothbrush and my number one favourite toothpaste, Green Beaver again!


Labour Bag Undergarments ~ Maman Loup's Den

There’s a big difference between what you see here and what I packed for my bag with Cub. I only had disposable nursing pads and postpartum pads back then! 

  • Four pairs of comfy underwear;
  • Two comfy nursing bras (Carriwell and Bamboobies);
  • All the waterproof nursing pads I own (I’ll update with how many pairs I actually use once I’m home). My favourites from last pregnancy are those by Öko Creations, which I will also be officially reviewing this time around.
  • All of the heavy-flow and postpartum cloth pads I own (I have no idea how many I’ll need, so I will update that also when I get home!). I have a bunch that Adrienne reviewed during the PostPartumPadParty.
  • A package of heavy-flow Naty disposable pads to hopefully make up for what I’m lacking in reusable pads!
  • Not pictured is a Funky Fluff dual-pocket wet bag, which I’ll use to bring the soiled pads home.

Clothing & Other Essentials

Labour Bag Clothes and Essentials ~ Maman Loup's Den

The main difference here compared to my last delivery is my Coussins Etc. Maternity Pillow. I had my husband bring me my nursing pillow from home after I delivered, both for nursing and for a more comfortable sleep. I plan to use my Coussins Etc. pillow for positioning myself during labour, which is why I have the waterproof cover for it! Postpartum, it will serve for comfy sleep and nursing.

  • Coussins Etc. Maternity Pillow with waterproof cover.
  • A pillow from my bed: I found I appreciated my own pillow both during delivery and while in the maternity ward.
  • Rice bag: this was a must last time, my husband was constantly microwaving it to place on my lower back.
  • Flip flops: for the shower and around the room.
  • Padraigs for padding around the room.
  • House coat.
  • Two pairs of capri-style, drawstring pajama pants.
  • My favourite pajama top (No Doubt, 1996 Tragic Kingdom Tour!);
  • A maternity tank top for during the day at the hospital.
  • Belly Bédaine maternity/babywearing sweater in case it’s chilly.
  • A soft-waisted skirt and my Au Fait Mama tank top for coming home, plus a pair of tight exercise shorts to wear under said skirt to contain the massive postpartum pads!


  • Lemon-lime Gatorade.
  • Fruit sauce cups.
  • My stainless steel water bottle WITH A STRAW (super important so hubby can give me water easily).
  • Popsicles.

If I weren’t so lazy, I’d pack more snacks, but there is a Good Earth Cafe at the hospital and other options nearby, so my birthing partner/errand boy shall have to cater to any cravings I may experience.


So tell me, what have I forgotten?!

2 responses to “Labour Bag Essentials for Mom”

  1. Keri s

    What about shampoo and conditioner? I sent a friend to the store for that when I had my Genevieve. I also forgot clothes for my hubby. Things might be different because you’ll have Cub at home but if your hubby is planning on staying with you he’ll need clothes too (and a bathing suit for the shower). Also, what about one of those “sporty” headbands? You are SO much more organized than I was. I woke up with contractions and realized I should probably pack ?. Good luck!

  2. Mylène Bélanger

    For both my kids, I packed while in contraction so you’re good to go

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