Green your [TEETH] Clean with New Products from RADIUS!

New Products from RADIUS ~ Maman Loup's Den

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My love for RADIUS dental care products goes back about 5 or 6 years to when I bought our Radius Source Toothbrush handles. We still have those same handles, and I don’t see why we won’t have them decades from now. The SOURCE Toothbrush features replaceable brush heads, meaning a huge reduction in waste compared to throwing away an entire toothbrush four times a year. 

Travel with the Tour Travel Toothbrush

I’ve thrown out a lot of travel toothbrushes in my life. They get gross, especially when they’re used infrequently or get tossed around in your luggage. When I saw that RADIUS had designed a self-contained travel brush that fits their refillable brush heads, I was a very happy camper. I assigned one to my husband, who travels often for business, and one to myself for my labour bag!

RADIUS new TOUR Travel Toothbrush ~ Maman Loup's DenThe fact that the brush handle will never have to be tossed isn’t the only eco-friendly aspect of this compact travel brush: the handle contains NO petroleum and is free of BPA, phtalates and latex. In fact, the handle is a wood-based bio-plastic. 

RADIUS new refillable TOUR travel toothbrush ~ Maman Loup's Den

The New TOTZ PlusToothbrush 

Cub and I reviewed the original TOTZ toddler toothbrush design last year, and the new design is even better. The brush is 100% BPA free and USA made on RADIUS’ own electric and solar powered machinery. (I want to see it in action!) The bristles are 100% petroleum free!

RADIUS new TOTZ toothbrush ~ Maman Loup's Den

The major improvement over the original model and over other typical drugstore models is the extra width and textured grip of the handle.

RADIUS new TOTZ toothbrush compared to regular one ~ Maman Loup's Den

Since I still do the major brushing for Cub (except on days when I just cannot fight the “I do it myself!” battle), I can attest to the fact that the brush is super easy to use and the nice, wide brush head makes sure I get the most brush for my buck. When Cub practices with it, he does a decent job thanks to the easy grip handle and the wider brush head:

RADIUS new TOTZ toothbrush in action ~ Maman Loup's Den

I’d really love to see RADIUS come up with a children’s brush handle that is refillable like the SOURCE and the TOUR. Why not, right?

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Have you greened your teeth clean yet?

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