Sweet Pea Cloth Diapers One-Size All-in-One and Diaper Cover Review

Sweet Pea One-Size AIO Diaper and Diaper Cover Review by Maman Loup's Den

I received these products free for review. All opinions remain my own.

Sweet Pea Cloth Diapers has been on my list of “must-try” brands for quite some time. I actually connected with them over their newborn diapers, and we decided I should test drive their one-size line up on Cub before Little Miss Cub’s arrival.

As you know, I have tried a lot of cloth diapers, so it takes a lot for me to call something a game changer. The Sweet Pea AIO Bamboo diaper is a game changer for us.

Sweet Pea Diapers One-Size AIO Interior ~ 2

This “tongue style” AIO has one sewn-in flap of bamboo cotton topped with a layer of bamboo velour for a natural stay-dry effect. The snap-in soaker has one layer of microfiber in between two layers of bamboo cotton. The interior of the diaper itself is also in cotton bamboo. 

Sweet Pea Diapers One-Size AIO Interior ~ 1

So what’s the big deal for me? Well, it’s two things: absorbency and fit. Our one adorable Sweet Pea AIO has become my go-to “outing” diaper. It’s a huge pain to change Cub’s diaper when we’re out and about: he’s way too big to wrangle on public washroom change tables and he’s generally pretty unwilling. Cub’s successfully worn the Sweet Pea on day trips lasting 5-6 hours without a leak, with a hemp booster tucked under the two included inserts. Honestly, we might have been able to make it without a booster, but I always figure better safe than sorry now that he’s almost three years old! In terms of regular daytime use when I’m changing more frequently, we’ve also had no issues.

Sweet Pea Diapers One-Size AIO Full Diaper View

Because Cub is more than a little reluctant to potty train, and he’s a tall guy, the list of one-size brands that are still fitting him at almost 3 years old and 34 lbs is getting shorter, particularly in terms of rise, but also in terms of not having to be on the last waist snap. Both the Sweet Pea AIO and cover fit him amazingly well, and with tons of room at the waist, which means I can easily recommend it to even the chubbiest toddlers! Sweet Pea is the first brand I’ve ever tried that has four closure snaps. A third hip snap is not uncommon, but you’ll notice that Sweet Pea has two hip snaps. No wing droop here!

Sweet Pea Diapers One-Size AIO Front View

The one-size diaper cover features the same closure snaps and generous fit, plus a double gusset.

Sweet Pea Diapers One-Size Diaper Cover Interior

We’ve been using it overnight with the largest size of Bummis prefold and a hemp booster. No leaks and a nice, snug fit at the legs.

Sweet Pea Diapers One-Size Diaper Cover Review ~ Side ViewWhat I love about Sweet Pea’s Bamboo AIO:

  • Bamboo velour top layer for a natural stay-dry layer;
  • One insert snaps out, which means you get a less-bulky fit for babies needing less absorbency (unlike BumGenius Freetime, where both inserts are sewn in);
  • Super generous fit in the rise and at the waist;

Sweet Pea Diapers One-Size AIO Side View

  • Exceptional absorbency: the mix of microfiber and bamboo is awesome;
  • The dry time is quick since the inserts aren’t sewn completely in.

What I love about Sweet Pea’s One-Size Diaper Cover:

  • Same generous fit in terms of rise and waist as the AIO;
  • Double gusset means no gaping at the leg even over bulky overnight inserts;
  • Cross-over snaps for a snug fit on teeny tiny babies. (Can’t wait to try it on Little Miss Cub!)

Sweet Pea Diapers One-Size Diaper Cover Review ~ Front and Back View

What I love less about Sweet Pea’s Bamboo AIO & Diaper Cover:

  • The inserts in the AIO are very long, so I suspect when reducing the rise, they will have to be folded quite a bit to fit, which may be great for absorbency but may be a bit bulky on teeny tiny babes;
  • As always, I love to see Canadian-owned companies manufacturing in Canada, but Sweet Pea diapers are still high quality and the overseas manufacturing contributes to the competitive price.

Shop & Connect

Find a Sweet Pea retailer in Canada or the US by visiting their homepage. You can purchase Sweet Pea products at Lagoon Baby, using my affiliate link.


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Have you tried any Sweet Pea Diapers products yet? Stay tuned for my newborn reviews!

7 responses to “Sweet Pea Cloth Diapers One-Size All-in-One and Diaper Cover Review”

  1. Mindy May Farmer

    I love their covers! Looks like baby needs an AIO.

  2. Jeanette

    We have a sweet pea AIO that came in a monthly cloth subscription box. At first I thought it wasn’t going to be absorbent enough but after trying it…I have to say that I really enjoy having it in our stash. I love the emerald green color! I’d love to have that for our up and coming arrival, time to head to their website!

  3. jmcloutier

    I had been looking for a great AIO to use instead of the pockets for daycare because i found stuffing too much when went back to work. I tried two other you reviewed ( totsbots V4 and omaiki) and did not find them nearly as absorbent as the sweat pea. I love these diapers, so much so i sold ALL my locally made AMP and switch my stash to sweet pea bamboo AIO. My only con – they do not have Navy, orange or brown.

    1. Lindsay Gallimore

      Isn’t it funny that it’s all just pee, but we all have such different opinions! I still think our TBs are our most absorbent without adding any boosters, but Sweet Pea’s a close second!

      1. jmcloutier

        maybe the V4 frugi ones you have are different then he orange V4 I bought? because I even boosted with Amp hemp triple booster and still did not last nearly as long as the SP, plus I still had to stuff it. The omaiki one, was so bad for us my daycare provider even commented on it (it was also boosted with triple hemp too). She was very happy when I switch to all SP

        1. Lindsay Gallimore

          Who knows! I definitely have some non-Frugi prints that seem exactly the same to me! We can get away with them overnight! Your baby’s pee just prefers Sweet Pea lol

  4. […] terms of the one-size diapers in our stash that are still not fitting well, there’s our EBB, Sweet Pea AIO, Blueberry Simplex (whose newborn cousin is still holding up amazingly well) and our SunBaby […]

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