Third Trimester: The End is in Sight!

Third Trimester Pregnancy Journal

So naturally, my goal at the start of this pregnancy was to write a journal entry every week. I also planned on doing some knitting for Cub 2.0. Ha! Who was I kidding? My knitting supplies are still in storage somewhere in our new home-city of Calgary, and my journals are getting more and more sparse. I suspect this is but a taste of what is to come in terms of my ambitions as a mom of two under three and what actually gets done.

It’s now been just over one month since we moved to Calgary, and it honestly feels like we’ve been here forever. And I mean that in the most positive way: we really, truly are enjoying this city and don’t have a single regret about deciding to uproot our little family and head west.

We’ve purchased our new home, in a super adorable, community-oriented neighbourhood near downtown called Marda Loop. We don’t move in until July, but we’ve been spending time getting to know the area nonetheless, hitting up the Farmer’s Market yesterday and tending our community garden plot. Thanks to pure good luck, I managed to score a coveted garden bed at the South Calgary Garden, having been on the waiting list in Montreal for five years!

2015-05-30 11.47.17The previous tenant left us chives and mint, and we picked up strawberries and kale at the Farmer’s Market. Today I planted carrots, lettuce, basil and parsley, and I’m soaking my zucchini seeds for planting this week. 

I’ve also signed Cub up for the Marda Loop Community Preschool, starting in September. I’m just hoping he’s potty trained, as required, by then! 

It’s not a total cake walk being 31 weeks pregnant and trying to keep up with Cub and  my social media contracts and blog. It certainly didn’t help that this week I got hit with a bit of a cold, followed by two consecutive nights of intense pregsomnia and a bizarre return of super pregnancy vomiting… all seems well now: sleeping again, cold seems to have passed, no pukeys today! After discussion with Papa Wolf, we agreed it would be good to find part-time care for Cub over the summer. Our reasoning is trifold: first,  for me to get some rest, second, for me to be able to get my work done before baby comes, and third because we’ve noticed Cub becoming very, very attached to his Mama now that we are together 24/7. He’s used to attending day care in Montreal 3-4 days a week, so it’s been a huge change for both of us to be together all the time. On Tuesday he’ll be starting at a part-time day home (that’s what home day care is called in Calgary!), and I think we are both going to benefit! He’ll go on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I think we’ll keep it up even when baby comes, since it’ll give him a chance to be with kids his own age and take a break from his sister. Plus, it will mean preschool isn’t his first time away from me in five months!

My second midwife visit was very positive, and I got my questions about extended cord clamping and how we can avoid an episiotomy out of the way! Cub spent the morning of the visit shouting, “Me no go midwife!” Luckily, the midwife’s office looks like a house and is full of toys. Guess who had to be dragged out?!

Did you keep your older children in their daily activities or care when you went on maternity leave?


3 responses to “Third Trimester: The End is in Sight!”

  1. Mary Chaisson

    So cool that you got a garden plot, and funny to think of you living in my old neighbourhood! It’s a great spot. All the best to you in your 3rd trimester.

  2. Megz G.

    So glad you are enjoying Calgary – wish you had chosen Ontario instead, but c’est la vie ;). Super neat about the garden plot, and I can’t wait to see pictures of your new house!!! 😀

  3. Mylène Bélanger

    My girl was/is attending daycare 2-3 days a week and i’d keep it that way even on daddy paternity leave so she could be as loud and play as she wanted and it was kind of a way to have alone time with the baby, like with my oldest, just me and baby. And that way, those days she was at home, because I’d nap all day when she was at daycare, I was able to go to the park and such (with baby in a wrap of course) and do whatever she wanted

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