Nuggles Soy Velvet Wipes & Multi-Use Wallet Review

Nuggles Soy Velvet Baby Wipes and Multi-Use Wallet Review

I received these products free for review. All opinions remain my own. 

I discovered Kamloops, BC’s Nuggles brand when I reviewed their Tuck-Wrap-Go cover for Sara at Itsy Bitsy Necessities. I was eager to try more of these Canadian-designed products, and when browsing their website, their Soy Velvet Wipes piqued my curiousity!

I’m still not totally clear on how one makes “soy velvet,” but the components of these wipes are “95% velvet from soy bean oil, 5% polyester.” Simplifi Fabric explains of soy textiles in general that “this eco friendly fabric is derived from food production waste as it is made from the hulls of soy beans. Sometimes called the ‘vegetable cashmere,’ soy is soft, easy to care for and absorbs dyes quickly, requiring less dye-stuffs.”

To say these wipes are soft is to say that Ryan Gosling is kind of good looking. Understatement of the century. When I received our dozen Nuggles Soy Velvet Wipes, I almost didn’t want to use them on Cub’s bum: I wanted to keep them for my face! 

Nuggles Soy Velvet WipesI’ve received wipes from other brands that lose shape or change texture after washing: not these ones! They came out of the wash as perfectly as they had arrived in the mail, and now being used in heavy rotation, they’re still as good as new. 

The size is just right for bum wipes. When I asked my Mom to sew me some, 8 in x 8 in was my request! They clean up the messiest bums easily using either bum spray, or my newly discovered (and soon-to-be-reviewed) bébé hibou liniment. The softness means I am definitely going to be packing them in my bag for the Birthing Centre so I can use them on the new baby in July!

The second Nuggles product I test drove was the Multi-Use Wallet. It’s a clutch-sized wetbag with three compartments, and, as the name states, it has multiple uses!

Nuggles Multi-Use Wallet

My primary use right now is as my purse when I’m out with the stroller: it holds my massive wallet, my massive phone (iPhone 6+, represent!), my keys and a pen. It would be equally useful as a cosmetic bag or diaper changing kit. Throw in your wipes, bum cream and bum spray and a wee change pad and you’re good ot go. (You wouldn’t really be able to fit an actual cloth diaper in, but you could fit in a ‘sposie or two if that’s your jam.) Another great use would be for your Mama Cloth!

Or, if you’re 2.5 years old, for carrying the six cars you want to bring with you on an outing since requests to choose just one go unheeded:

Nuggles Multi-Use Wallet is great for toting toys

While the only thing I would change about Nuggles’ Soy Velvet Wipes would be to go back in time and discover them before Cub was born, for the Multi-Use Wallet I would definitely suggest a heavier-weight zipper. Since it’s so multipurpose, the zippers could do with being a tad bit sturdier. Aside from that, it’s really a handy little pouch that you can use for diaper days and beyond!

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Which Nuggles products have you tried?

2 responses to “Nuggles Soy Velvet Wipes & Multi-Use Wallet Review”

  1. Keara Biller

    I love the idea of a diaper wallet. I use a larger wetbag in my purse right now and it’s just too big. This one looks perfect. 🙂

  2. […] variety of cloth wipes, from the ones I cut out of old pajamas to my most luxurious (and favourite) Nuggles Soy Velvet wipes. I haven’t used any disposable wipes on Little Miss, just the Bébé Hibou on a cloth […]

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