Cheeky Diaper Co. One-Size Diaper Review

Cheeky Cloth Diaper Co. Review

I received this product free for review. All opinions remain my own.

Freshly arrived in Alberta, I received my first made-in-Alberta cloth diaper to review! Cheeky Cloth Diaper Co. is run by sisters Jessamie and Abbey, based out of Edmonton. Their diapers are 100% North American-made, and they prioritize “an awareness of [their] carbon foot print, a focus on sweatshop free labor, and supporting labor and the economy here in North America.” Definitely a mission I can get behind!

The one-size diaper has a pocket, but generally you’ll want to snap your insert on top to avoid having to unstuff. The pocket is handy for adding an extra booster for longer stretches or heavy wetters.

Cheeky Cloth Diaper Co. 6

The interior and the insert is made of a hemp/cotton blend, which, if you are keeping track, happens to be my favourite absorbent material for cloth diapers and the most “stay dry” of the natural fibers I’ve tried. The insert snaps to the diaper underneath the top flap.

The top of the diaper waist is curved for a comfy tummy fit. The wing closures have a cross-over snap. The gusset is extremely narrow, and the rise is particularly low.

Cheeky Cloth Diaper Co. 5

As you can see, the Cheeky Cloth Diaper Co. design is at least an inch shorter than a Funky Fluff:

Cheeky Cloth Diaper Co. 3

Very petite babies will benefit from the Cheeky Cloth Diaper Co. design, especially if other one-size diapers are above their belly buttons and uncomfortable for them when sitting.

Cheeky Cloth Diaper Co. 1

Cub is probably about 35 lbs, which is the maximum suggested weight for this diaper. Our Cheeky Cloth Diaper Co. diaper is definitely the “bikini cut” of our stash!

Because hemp is so absorbent, the inserts can be much trimmer than micofiber with the same amount of absorbency.

Cheeky Cloth Diaper Co. 2

Things I love about our Cheeky Cloth Diaper Co. Diaper:

  • Trim fit;
  • North American made;
  • Nice and narrow between the legs;
  • Crossover snaps for a great fit on newbies;
  • Hemp/cotton blend inner and insert: the most absorbent, most stay-dry natural fiber option;
  • Double row of waist snaps to allow you to stagger the top and bottom snaps as needed (tighter at the thigh and looser at the waist, for example).

Things I love less about our Cheeky Cloth Diaper Co. Diaper:

  • While ideal for smaller babies, my son, who is in the 90th percentile, is really too big to fit well in this diaper due to the short rise;
  • Perhaps because he’s at the weight limit, the top of the diaper can at times fold over, causing moisture to wick onto pants;
  • A lack of back elastic has me a bit worried about blow outs during the newborn phase;
  • The price point is high for a diaper that, in our case, wouldn’t last until potty learning. However, the price of $32.50 does reflect the quality of the organic fibers and the fact that it is entirely made in Canada with North American materials. (As a point of comparison, a Rumparooz, which is made entirely in China with synthetic materials will cost you $26.95, and Bummis, which are also made in Canada with North American materials, sells their Dimple Diaper for $32.95 and it requires a cover.);
  • While I like that the shell has a pocket, I would prefer that the opening be at the back of the diaper, because if you want to pull out your added booster or insert, you have to touch a lot of pee.

Shop & Connect:

Get to know the Cheeky Cloth Diaper Co. on their Facebook page.

Purchase your Cheeky Cloth Diaper Co. bundles on their website, or shop for individual diapers on their Etsy shop.

32 responses to “Cheeky Diaper Co. One-Size Diaper Review”

  1. amanda jordan

    Love that it’s North American made! Definitely going on my list for baby number two.

  2. Jenna D

    love that it’s hemp/cotton lined! It would probably be a great fit for us with the narrow gusset and lower rise, since kiddo is so skinny

  3. Monica

    This looks like it would be great for small baby’s! I bet it gets super small. Love the natural fibers as well 😀

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  5. Chelsea Macnab

    Love that it is natural fibbers and made in Canada, thanks for the review 🙂

  6. Theresa Hover

    Thanks for bringing this diaper company to my attention! It’s so hard to find diapers that are lined with cotton or hemp/cotton. Even diapers with hemp/cotton inserts are often lined with microfleece. I also love that it’s made in Canada; it’s a win win for me! I only wish my local diaper store, Nicki’s carried these.

  7. Ray Ray Cartucci

    Looks like a very comfy fitting diaper. I like that it isn’t a bulky diaper.Really want to try this one.

  8. Claudia Joyal

    Love my hemp inserts with my AppleCheek covers, would love to try these too.

  9. Camille W

    I’m all about reducing bulk so my baby girl can still wear all the cute clothes her grandmothers buy for her. Would love to try this diaper!

    1. Lindsay Gallimore

      YES! This is definitely a “leggings” diaper!

  10. cassie

    This is one I actually hadn’t heard of before! I love finding new brands to follow and try out!

  11. Jamie Spray

    Good review, thanks for not being afraid to share the few drawbacks of the diaper as well! Really helps when deciding which points are important versus price, size range, etc,…

    1. Lindsay Gallimore

      Otherwise, the review is useless! The trimness and low rise might be drawbacks for me, but could easily be plusses for others, I figure!

  12. Kristen

    Sounds like a great company. I like keeping a mental inventory of diapers that are actually made in Canada. I love the trim look of these ones and the fact that they use a hemp/cotton blend. It does have a rather low rise compared to Funky Fluff though…

  13. LMarie Weeks

    I love thos diaper. The prinyts are adorable

  14. Sarah Poole

    This looks like a really nice diaper!!!

  15. I like all the plain colors. Although I would be worried about the low rise too. – Heather Johnson

  16. Krissie M

    It seems like I am hearing of new companies every day now that I am really getting into cloth diapers. Looks like a good one to follow and the diapers are cute, too. Thank you for the honest review. 🙂

  17. AC

    These are such cute prints! Cloth is so much better for the earth!

  18. Kara S

    I’m a big fan of the shade of green they used for that diaper.

  19. Nick N Jess

    Always excited to try a new brand!!

  20. Anne Sweden

    That’s a very trim fit, so I bet it would work well on my thin little 2 year old. Good things come from Canada!

  21. tiffinie

    Thanks for the review. My little lady is small so a smaller diaper would be ok. And trimmer between the legs is great for her. Love that it’s trim in general and made semi locally.

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  23. Stevawn Carroll

    Thanks for the review! I hope I win so that I can try them myself!

  24. Carissa Joslyn

    I love how you’re completely honest in your review. I also love that it’s from Canada opposed to China. I’d love to try this diaper.

    1. Lindsay Gallimore

      I guess the fact that I’m a terrible liar makes me a good review blogger!!

  25. Julia Hut

    Thank you for the review. It was interesting to see the difference in rise. I would also be concerned about newborn blowouts. I do think it may be a good size for my little guy! Hoping to try one!

  26. Keara Biller

    Great review! I find it funny that you call this a “bikini cut” diaper but it definitely helps me understand how it would fit. 🙂 I like that it has natural fibers and a booster- I have a heavy wetter!

  27. Gladys Aguilar

    I love the hemp blend but I have a big chubby baby which might nit benefit from the low risr

  28. Lucy Mills

    These diapers look fabulous! I love hemp blends! I would really like to try this diaper out and see if it fits on my chunky monkey.

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