Moraki One-Size AI2/Pocket Diaper Review

Moraki Review

I received this product free for review. All opinions remain my own.

The list of cloth diaper brands I haven’t tried is getting shorter and shorter… and Moraki has been at the top of the “must try” list for quite some time. Naturally, when Boutique Le Chaton Vert, the only Canadian online retailer to carry this California-made brand approached me for a review, my answer was YES YES YES!

It was not a difficult choice of print: I had to have Hippie!

Moraki 5

The Moraki AI2/Pocket system consists of a pocket shell which opens at about midway towards the back (similar to AppleCheeks) so that in many washers, the insert will agitate out of the pocket. The interior is stay-dry fleece, and the included insert is a “Fold to Fit” hemp/cotton blend. 

Moraki 6

When using as an AI2, the front of the shell has a PUL flap in which to tuck the insert. I love the PUL flap even when using as a pocket, since it’s extra protection against waist leaks. 

Moraki Features

Moraki 7

Moraki has basically married my two favourite cloth diapering features: the stay-dry pocket with a hemp/cotton insert. No other stay-dry pocket diaper in my collection has come with an insert that I’ve kept using! (My BumGenius 4.0s, for example, are all stuffed with an Öko Creations hemp insert and their native microfibre inserts tossed aside.) 

I absolutely adore the fit of our Moraki diaper on Cub: the rise is nice and high and the diaper is trim.

Moraki Review 1

We haven’t experienced any leaks or other performance issues.

Moraki 3

The hip snaps mean there’s no wing-droop, although we are on the absolute last waist snap. If he gets any wider at the waist before potty learning, we’ll have to leave the hip snap exposed.

Moraki 4

What we love about our Moraki Cloth Diaper:

  • Made in California;
  • Included hemp insert;
  • Stay-dry inner;
  • Tall rise;
  • Tummy flap;
  • Thick back-waist elastic;
  • Super trim, even under leggings!

Moraki 2

What we love less about our Moraki Cloth Diaper:

  • I’d love to see an included booster;
  • Does it count if I say I wish we had more than one?

We are easily able to use our Moraki with its hemp insert for two hours during the day. I’ve used it over night with the hemp insert on top of the pocket and two microfiber boosters inside the pocket (it’s what I was able to grab for an unplanned pre-bedtime change, and I was crossing my fingers that it would work). When we’re on an outing, just like with all my diapers, I add a single microfiber booster directly beneath the pocket.

Shop & Connect

Get to know proud Moraki retailer, Boutique Le Chaton Vert on their Facebook Page.

Shop for Moraki in Canada on Le Chaton Vert’s bilingual website.

Have you tried a Moraki yet?

21 responses to “Moraki One-Size AI2/Pocket Diaper Review”

  1. MarkandKeara Biller

    I’ve always wanted to try a Moraki diaper! LOVE the tie dye!! 🙂

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  3. meljc

    I love their geometric prints!

  4. Gladys Aguilar

    I’ve never tried hip snaps. This sounds like a nice diaper

  5. Jenna D

    I’ve been wanting to own Hippie for AGES! Are there Moraki hip snap covers for when you outgrow the hip snap option on the waistband?

  6. Chelsea Macnab

    That print is so cute! It looks nice and trim. I’ve never tried an AI2 before, this looks like it would be an awesome one to try!

  7. Andrée-Anne Côté

    Happy to see the fit! I’ve tried some diapers and some of them seem to be to large between the legs for my little 4 months old. This might be a “to try out” brand!

  8. Kristen

    I like a diaper with stay-dry fleece and hemp inside, so this looks like a good option. I also love that they’re made in California!

  9. Alishia Chamney

    I love the idea of the hemp insert – I find that I’m not a fan of the microfibre inserts that come with our pockets (e.g. BumGenius, Charlie Banana). This sounds like a diaper worth trying for sure!

  10. Barb

    That tie-dye print is so pretty! I don’t have any AI2 in my stash, but your reviews are starting to convince me to try them… I’ve got the covers, I just don’t have the inserts to go with them. I guess the main issue stopping me is that I want to have a stay-dry fabric next to baby’s skin…

  11. Cassandra Rae

    The fit looks great and I do like that you can customize the absorbency. I have never enjoyed the middle placed pocket opening, but that is just a personal preference 🙂

  12. Camille W

    I love the trim fit. Believe it or not, the bulk of CDs are a major turn off for me.

  13. I took YDD’s cake smash pics in a Hippie print Moraki – so cute! The waist does run smaller than other diapers in our stash. Thankfully, YDD is more petite than ODD was. I expect she’ll potty learn before she outgrows it, but just barely.

  14. jodi armstrong

    I love that it comes w a hemp cotton insert and not microfiber

  15. Amber Ludwig

    I love that they include a great insert! I also love that they have a slim fit!! We’ve had so many leaks with my son because he’s slender. They sound amazing!!

  16. cassie

    Fit looks great I’ve heard several people say they love moraki diapers, I may just have to try one out for myself plus the hippie print is just to cute!

  17. Gaile

    Of all the diaper brands that I have taken to Ethiopia for orphanages – I have never had any of this brand. I really like the look of the design, but wonder if a back PUL flap would be a good addition for tucking in an insert there as well.

  18. LillySong7

    Hmmm… this looks like a diaper that would solve my current fit issues with my 2.5 year old. !!

  19. Victoria Ess

    These look really great fitting! I love that they don’t look bulky

  20. Soozle

    These look like a great brand – I like the nice trim fit and that they dont look too bulky!

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