Ingrid & Isabel BellaBand Review

Ingrid & Isabel Bella Band Review

I received this item free for review. All opinions remain my own. 

We’re really lucky these days, us pregnant women. Maternity clothes are stylish, comfortable and flattering. There’s just one hiccup: no matter how stylish, comfortable and flattering your maternity wardrobe is, it’s only good for about nine months. If you’re lucky, everything will still fit and be in season for a subsequent pregnancy, or another Mama will buy your collection off you for some extra pocket money. But if you’re like me, you really can’t justify buying more than the bare necessities, especially since I plan on this being my last pregnancy.

Enter the BellaBand. One accessory that works from early pregnancy to postpartum to extend the life of your non-maternity and maternity wear.

I received my BellaBand well into my second trimester, but wish I’d had it sooner. When I was pregnant with Cub, I bought my maternity pants at about 7 weeks pregnant and they fit perfectly straight away. I started this pregnancy significantly thinner than when I got pregnant with Cub, so even now the pants I bought for my first pregnancy aren’t a good fit. There was, however, no way I was about to buy more maternity pants. The BellaBand would’ve allowed me to wear my regular jeans signficantly longer: this stretchy, seamless tube covers the top of your unbuttoned pants, keeping them up and keeping your growing belly comfy. 

BellaBand ReviewWhen I first received my BellaBand, I used it to get more wear out of my pre-pregnancy leggings. I was finding that my growing belly was causing them to ride down when I walked. Not comfy, and really, not a respectable look, especially since I was wearing them to work. Now almost into my third trimester, I’m finding that my belly is much lower than with Cub, so even my maternity shirts seem to ride up, so the BellaBand helps me not feel so breezy around the belly button!

bella band over bellyYou really can’t tell I’m wearing it, it just blends right into my outfits:

BellaBand Review

The silicone strip along the bottom prevents the band from riding up:

2015-04-22 15.17.14The top band that goes around the belly is thicker and soft, it doesn’t leave any marks or cause discomfort even wearing it for a full workday.

Postpartum, I will be able to wear the BellaBand to keep my belly covered when nursing!

I would most recommend the BellaBand to women who need to maintain a “Business” wardrobe throughout their pregnancy. I wish I’d had one for my first pregnancy when I was still teaching full time! Many pre-pregnancy pieces can see their life extended when paired with the BellaBand, and maternity clothes that might initially be a bit too loose can be worn sooner! Without a doubt, it can make any t-shirt in your wardrobe a suitable nursing top, once baby arrives.

The BellaBand comes in a variety of colours to suit your wardrobe, including black, beige, grey, white and even a classy lace version.


Find a Canadian BellaBand retailer via their distributor, Oyaco Products.

Buy Ingrid & Isabel products via my affiliate link at Well.ca.

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