AppleCheeks Size 3 Envelope Cover Review

Size 3 AppleCheeks Cover Review

I received this product free for review.

I’m already a huge AppleCheeks fan, so I was hoping, hoping and hoping that for some reason I would need to try a Size 3 envelope cover. While AppleCheeks Mamas must collect them all, a Size 3 “rainbow” isn’t exactly a necessity (and there are only three colours in that rainbow, anyway) for every AppleCheeks fan. You see, the Size 3 is designed to fit from around 30 lbs to 65 lbs, so naturally not all cloth diapered children will required it! The Size 3 is perfect for special needs children and for bigger toddlers. In our case, it has become a must for overnight because it provides the coverage we need to prevent waist leaks. 

Here’s how the Size 3 compares to a Size 2:

AppleCheeks Size 3 - 3

Cub weighs somewhere around 35 lbs and is quite long and lean. For regular daytime use, Size 2s are a perfect fit. For overnight, we’ve been finding more and more of our covers are not tall enough in the rise to prevent leaks at the waist. Snapped to its tightest, it’s not even that bulky!

AppleCheeks Size 3 Review

To make it through the night, we are stuffing with a Bummis Baby-size prefold (this is their largest size, 15-40 lbs) or a GroVia Size 3 (listed as 15-25 lbs but pretty much the same dimensions and absorbency as the Bummis Baby.) We top with a GroVia cotton booster and AMP 3-ply hemp against the skin.

AppleCheeks Size 3 Overnight Solution

If your child requires a diaper during the day and needs a Size 3 cover, stuffing with a Bummis Baby prefold or a Size 3 GroVia may be enough, but you can easily add boosters, of course. 

AppleCheeks Size 3 - 4

Every time we use our Size 3 cover overnight, Cub wakes up with dry pajamas. Even my favourite, larger one-size covers (Rumparooz and Blueberry) have started causing us leaks because his pajama pants push down the cover and cause wicking. 

AppleCheeks Size 3 - 2


If your child is getting too big for his overnight diaper covers and you’re getting waist leaks or you’re having trouble fitting the required amount of inserts inside, you should try a Size 3 AppleCheeks cover. For your larger child who needs diapers, these are one of the only options on the market, and they are, conveniently, awesome!

You can shop for AppleCheeks Size 3 covers at Lil’ Monkey Cheeks

5 responses to “AppleCheeks Size 3 Envelope Cover Review”

  1. Meaghan

    Maybe not super relevant… but isn’t Bummis’ largest size called Baby, not Infant? Otherwise, great review … love seeing the size 2-3 comparison!

    1. Lindsay

      Meaghan: SUPER relevant. Those names are the bane to my cloth diaper reviewing existence and I ALWAYS mix them up. Fixed it!

    2. Lindsay Gallimore

      Extremely relevant! I am always reversing those names. All fixed!

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