Easy Peasies AIO and Pocket Diaper Review

Easy Peasies AIO & Pocket Diaper Review

I received these products free for review. All opinions remain my own.

I recently had the chance to try out both of Easy Peasies’ one-size cloth diaper options: their all-in-one and their pocket diaper. Similar in design and cut, both feature ruffles at the back waist and legs, and an inner double gusset. Both have a stay-dry fleece inner and rely on microfiber as their absorbent component.

Inside the AIO:

Easy Peasies AIO & Pocket Diaper ReviewNotice that the AIO also comes with a microfiber booster with a fleece topper.

Inside the pocket diaper:

Easy Peasies AIO & Pocket Diaper Review

Perhaps a nod to “Easy peasie, lemon squeezy,” the inserts are bright yellow. Definitely easy to match up your Easy Peasie with its inserts right out of the dryer!

Both designs feature cross-over snaps and four rise levels for a fit that matches (according to the company) sizes 1 through 5 in disposable diapers.

Easy Peasies AIO & Pocket Diaper Review

The most surprising thing for me about the fit of both these diapers is the stretchy wings. I’m used to him being on nearly the last waist snaps now that he’s over 30 lbs. This is not the case with Easy Peasies! 

Easy Peasies AIO & Pocket Diaper Review

The two rows of closure snaps mean you can stagger the fit, looser at the hips and tighter at the waist (or vice versa), as in the left picture, or even, as in the right picture. Regardless, you can see that we are definitely not on the last waist snaps!

Things I love about our Easy Peasies diapers:

  • Leg and back waist ruffles! I love the fit and look provided by ruffles!
  • The perfect fit at the waist: no complaints of “Diaper too tight!” coming from Cub with those stretchy wings.
  • Made in Canada: it’s really tricky to keep manufacturing here, so hats off to Easy Peasies for managing!
  • The fit is super duper trim on both models, even in leggings!

Easy Peasies AIO & Pocket Diaper Review

Things I love less about our Easy Peasies diapers:

  • Heavy on the microfiber: I really don’t love microfiber in my pockets or my all-in-ones. It’s prone to compression leaks and to stink. [Note: Customers CAN choose to order the pocket diaper separately and use their own inserts or buy hemp inserts from Easy Peasies.]
  • Lack of front ruffle: I love ruffles on our diapers, and would love to see the same ruffles found on the back and legs of Easy Peasies on the front waist as well. (Possibly they wanted too avoid too much similarity to AMP and AppleCheeks?) [Note: Easy Peasies is testing a model with front wait elastic.]

My preference between the pocket & AIO design:

As a general rule I tend to prefer pocket diapers because I can customize absorbency. In the case of Easy Peasies, I really do prefer their pocket design for a variety of reasons. The AIO design with sewn in and hidden microfiber insert is awkward to customize, aside from placing a booster on top of the diaper, which sort of takes away from the “one-piece” quality of an AIO. It’s also harder to make sure this style of diaper comes perfectly clean. I prefer an AIO design that has a “tongue” insert that tucks inside a pocket: easier to dry and easier to add more inserts. 

Easy Peasies also sent me their hemp booster, which I’ve been pairing with one microfiber insert in the pocket diaper with great results. Stay tuned this summer for my review of their newborn diaper!

Easy Peasies AIO & Pocket Diaper Review


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48 responses to “Easy Peasies AIO and Pocket Diaper Review”

  1. Karine Boivin Forcier

    Well, this is a brand I’d like to try… I’m also not to fond of microfiber, but you say they have hemp booster… Do you know if they also have hemp inserts? And what their newborn diaper is made of (I’m also expecting this summer and beginning my search for some newborn diapers to try)

    1. Jess Bellmac

      You can use the hemp booster as an insert or liner. It snaps together to itself so you can target double the absorbency of the hemp in the front for boys or belly sleepers etc.

      1. Karine Boivin Forcier

        Thanks! Now I’ll have to try this brand too 😉

  2. Jenna D

    Also not a fan of microfiber, but LOVE the yellow topped insert 😉 The fit looks great and love that there are cross-over snaps for tiny babes.

  3. Carlos Alvarez

    Looks like an excellent Giveaway!

  4. Theresa Hover

    Seems like the back ruffle would be great for containing EBF newborn explosions. I agree with you, the more ruffles/gussets the better.

  5. Jacqueline Wicks

    I love the idea of the different color inserts. I too am not a fan of microfibre, but love the fact that they have a hemp option. I also love the fact that there is so much stretch in the wings to fit larger, might work for my big guy too.

  6. Marian F.

    I’m not a fan of microfiber either, I tend to replace the microfiber inserts that come with diapers asap. This brand looks really neat, I’m always exited to discover new cloth diaper brands.

  7. MarkandKeara Biller

    Great review. I agree with you- I really prefer hemp or bamboo over microfiber, so it’s good that they at least offer that option. The design is really cute and I like the double gussets!

  8. Ashley Morel

    Great review, I had never heard of easy peasies. It’s wonderful that they are made in Canada. I’ll have to check them out.

  9. Anna W

    These look so nice and soft, so comfortable. I need to buy some hemp boosters I hear great things about them.

  10. Beth R

    I love the fleece topper. I love that they are made in Canada

  11. Mara

    I’ve never tried a diaper with ruffles, but these are really cute! I love that they are so trim.

  12. Steph MacDonald

    They look really cozy! I love soft diapers.

  13. Kristina Davis

    This is the first I’ve seen this brand (I’m new to cloth though) but I will definitely consider it 🙂

  14. Rachael Seibert- VanDyke

    Love that you can stager the fit

  15. Jan Derksen

    I really like the idea of having ruffles!!!

  16. SueSueper

    I love these, love the vibrant colors too.

    The crossover snaps are great. Very adjustable.

  17. Lori Pomeroy

    I would love to try one!

  18. Amy Martin

    ♥ Would realy love to try!!!

  19. Nikki A

    I’ve been wondering about Easy Peasies for a while. I’ve been eyeing up their hemp inserts. Thanks for the review! This certainly helps!

  20. Hannah Avery

    Pretty vibrant colors! I like the poop fence on the inside! The fleece looks nice and soft too! I like that it is trim!

    -Hannah Avery

  21. Kimert

    These look like great diapers and yeah for made in Canada! I love how many size options you can get from one diaper!

  22. Melanie Lapierre

    Je ne connaissais pas cette marque de couche avant et en plus c’est un produit canadien. C’est intéressant que la taille soit faire grande, j’ai une fille assez dodue du ventre!!! 🙂

  23. Amanda Z

    Love the colours, and that they are made in Canada. How do you find the ruffles are under cloths. Do they leave marks on babies skin? I have never owned a ruffled diaper before, very neat.

    1. Lindsay Gallimore

      I have no issue with ruffles under clothes! I love how it sticks out at the waist when he bends over! We wear them under leggings too, no prob.

  24. DEADfairie

    Great review! Now I have another CD brand that I HAVE to try. I absolutely love the ruffles as well! I’m still new to cloth diapers so I haven’t decided if I like pockets or AIO’s better. I own more pockets that AIO’s though.

  25. cassie

    Hadn’t heard of this brand before but it sounds like it’s worth a try! I agree with the dislike on the microfiber though.

  26. I had heard of these brand but didn’t realize they were Canadian! That’s cool! Thanks for the info!

  27. Mylène Bélanger

    Love the option of hemp insert, I don’t smoke but I’m high for my hemp insert!

  28. Stacey Blain-Ruiz

    I agree with you on the sewn in liner, it makes the diaper less versatile, great review.

  29. MartineD86

    We’re planning on having a baby, and I’m researching all I can on cloth diapers, and slowly building my stash. I’m glad these are from a canadian company! I’ll have to add these to my list to try too! 🙂 The ruffles are so cute!

  30. Dusty

    very trim looking diaper

  31. Sam Camerer

    The leg and back ruffles are so cute!

  32. Kristina Leezer

    I like how trim these diapers are. Fluffy butts are cute but it’s nice to have something trim for pants too.

  33. Jessica H

    I like that the inserts are a bright color! All of mine are all white

  34. Danielle Jones

    I prefer pockets as well which makes the bright yellow easy to match. I just LOVE the ruffles! I haven’t bought to many diapers recently, but with a baby girl on the way, I have been interested in up-ing my stash!!!

  35. Lindsay Jackson

    Love the bright colors!

  36. J James

    LOVE those colors!

  37. Bethany Homan

    I am starting to expand my stash and would love to add some of these aio’s!

  38. valerie

    I love the ruffle and bright colours!

  39. Wendy Morrow-Ivey

    I would love to try one of the pocket style, I have been looking to add some less bulky options to my stash. Oh and the ruffles…too cute, I want some for my baby girl. 🙂

  40. Nicole

    I haven’t heard of this type before but looks great!

  41. Jessica Sharp

    Looks like a good diaper. Great thorough review.

  42. Amy Hall

    I agree, it’s a shallow point, but the ruffles are cute.

  43. Danielle Gephart

    I like how the inserts are yellow-great touch. Not a huge fan of microfiber though.

  44. Gladys Aguilar

    Ive never tried these but I also love diapers with 2 row snaps

  45. […] I first reviewed Easy Peasies diapers in March of last year, the only thing I disliked about both the […]

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