Maman Loup’s Guide to One-Size Diaper Covers

One-size cloth diaper cover comparison

One size fits all? We all know that this is rarely true. Cloth diaper manufacturers do their best to create diaper covers that will fit most babies from birth to potty learning, and that’s a pretty hefty task. Based on your child’s physiognomy, hopefully this post will help you choose the brand(s) that will give you the best fit for the longest time.

Firstly, an overview of the features offered by the six brands I’m comparing:

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Points of Comparison:

Double Gusset: A double gusset is a prized feature for diaper covers in my books. It allows for a snug fit at the leg even with bulky inserts. For newborns, who release poops with gale force, a double gusset can help contain the mess.

Doublet Gusset: Cloth Diaper Cover Comparison

Blueberry, Best Bottom and Rumparooz all feature a double gusset.

Closure snap rows: You will either find a single row of closure snaps or a double row. I personally prefer the double row of snaps because you can accommodate a chubby belly by snapping looser on the top row without compromising the fit at the hips. Two rows of closure snaps simply allow for a more customized fit.

Best Bottom, GroVia and the Bummis Simply Lite all offer a single row of closure snaps.

Closure Rows: Cloth Diaper Cover Comparison

All brands have two closure snaps on the wings. In the case of a single row of closure snaps, the wing snaps are horizontal.

snap placement

Rise Adjustment: To account for baby’s growth in height from birth to potty learning, one-size covers have 3-4 rows of snaps that allow you to “snap down” the rise to make the diaper shorter.

Rises adjustment: Cloth Diaper Cover Comparison

The more rise levels, the more “precise” the adjustment may be. That said, although it only has 3 rise levels, the Bluberry Coverall has by far the tallest rise of the six covers being compared:

Cloth Diaper Cover Rise ComparisonOur Blueberry Coveralls cover is the only one in our collection that is still snapped down one rise level. At about 90 cm tall, the Bummis Simply Lite and Best Bottom are just too low slung on Cub, leading to leaks at the waist.

Presence of inner flaps or snaps:

Don’t be fooled: you CAN mix and match inserts from different brands with different covers. GroVia and Best Bottom have a line up of inserts that can be snapped directly into their covers. However, you can also just lay these same inserts inside another brand’s cover. Flip covers have flaps to keep their inserts in place, but you can use any brand of inserts: not just Flip brand. Rumparooz, Bummis and Blueberry have no special system for keeping inserts in place, but I have never had any issue with my inserts moving too much. 

Cloth Diaper Cover Comparison: Inners

Crossover Snaps: Crossover snaps allow you to secure the waist as small as possible for teeny tiny newborns. Only Best Bottom and GroVia feature crossover snaps.

Cloth Diaper Cover Comparison: Crossover Snaps

Tummy Elastic: Particularly since I use diaper covers mostly at night, tummy elastics are a huge plus. They tend to help a lot with leaks experienced from tummy sleeping, for example.

Cloth Diaper Cover Comparison: Tummy Elastic

General Observations:

The only one of these covers that we are able to use over an average nighttime fitted is the Blueberry Coverall. Smaller overnight fitteds, such as the Bummis Dimple Diaper fit under our Rumparooz. If your baby isn’t particularly tall, you’ll have no problem with the Bummis or Best Bottom covers. We can still use them, but we have to be very careful not to have any insert poking out at the waist. 

The least versatile (in terms of pairing with fitted diapers and with other brands of inserts) is the GroVia cover. However, if your baby is sensitive to PUL, it is the only cover that is lined with athletic jersey, meaning no PUL comes in contact with your baby’s skin.

For particularly small babies and toddlers, I’d definitely go with the Bummis Simply Lite or Best Bottom. The best bang for your buck on an “average” baby, in my opinion, would be the Flip.

To find out how I use diaper covers overnight, read this post.

To troubleshoot diaper leaks, go here.

What are you must-have features in a diaper cover?


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