Nuggles Tuck-Wrap-Go All-in-Two Review

Nuggles Tuck-Wrap-Go All-in-Two ReviewI received this product free for review from Itsy Bitsy Necessities. All opinions remain my own. 

Even at three in the morning, I can’t say no to Cub asking me to “Nuggle.” Turns out I also can’t say no to the Nuggles Tuck-Wrap-Go cover!

The cover features a double gusset which I adore for a snug fit over bulky night-time inserts. And because the covers come sized, the Size 2 is super roomy on my big Cub who is getting a bit big for some one-sized covers (such as Best Bottom and Bummis Simply Lite). 

Nuggles Tuck-Wrap-Go All-in-Two Review

My preference for cloth diaper inserts is trifolds, so I love that Nuggles makes bamboo organic cotton inserts for their covers:

Nuggles Tuck-Wrap-Go All-in-Two ReviewThe inserts stay secure inside thanks to the inner flaps (similar to Flip, but with a snugger hold on the inserts. 

The front waist velcro is just like GroVia’s: it’s smooth, not rough like a lot of brands use.

Nuggles Tuck-Wrap-Go All-in-Two Review

The hook & loop closure tabs are a tiny bit flimsy, actually similar to BumGenius. The laundry tabs are the same as BumGenius 3.0s, so I’m a bit concerned they’ll lose their stickiness over time.

Nuggles Tuck-Wrap-Go All-in-Two ReviewWhile I love the fibre composition of the inserts, I find the dimensions a bit awkward. Here you can see it compared to a Bummis Infant prefold and a Flip Overnight insert:

Nuggles Tuck-Wrap-Go All-in-Two Review

This is how I fold it to get to right fit in our cover:

Nuggles Tuck-Wrap-Go All-in-Two ReviewWhat I love about our Nuggles Tuck-Wrap-Go:

  • Double gusset;
  • Soft hook & loop on the waist;
  • Size 2 fits perfectly on my big toddler;
  • Front and back flaps keep insert secure and snug;
  • The waist band doesn’t fold over to leave hook & loop exposed to rub against his belly (this happens with our Thirsties cover).
  • Trifold insert is made of bamboo and organic cotton.

What I love less about our Nuggles Tuck-Wrap-Go:

  • Laundry tabs may lose stickiness over time;
  • Hook & loop closure tabs seem a little bit flimsy;
  • I find the dimensions of the trifold insert a bit awkward.

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Note: Nuggles has discontinued their hook & loop closure covers. If you’d still like to get yours hands on them, just contact Sara at Itsy Bitsy and she can help you out. They’re on clearance!

 Have you had a chance to try any Nuggles products?


74 responses to “Nuggles Tuck-Wrap-Go All-in-Two Review”

  1. Kayla Carlson-Harreld

    I love the posting and trying new brands

  2. Shirley Yip

    I’ve always wanted to try out a double-gusset cover!

    1. Lindsay Gallimore

      To try it is to love it!

  3. Johanna

    I love their prints!

  4. Jessica

    I like trying new brands!

  5. Anel Winney

    I like the soft velcro and the double-gusset!

  6. Jenny Haynes

    Nuggles covers in aplix or snap are suberb quality. Designed by a Canadian momma who believes in ethical practices to produce her amazing quality products while maintaining a competivive price point. I use GMD Cloth-eez prefolds trifolded as an insert and prefer the Nuggles covers over the Thirsties Duo Wraps. Better fit for my babe, no blow outs, and cute prints!

  7. Amanda

    I haven’t tried any Nuggles diapers but I love their new changing mat!

  8. Beth R

    I love the double gusset and I love the prints

  9. julie lee

    I love the fun prints and that’s it’s got matching wet bags

  10. Mylène Bélanger

    just love this chevron print! and always in search for a better cover 😉

  11. Tandi Cortez-Rios

    I love that the front band Velcro is smooth and I love the fun patterns.

  12. Judith

    The chevron print is awsome!

  13. Samantha C

    I am so eager to try all of the things I’ve seen you demonstrate! The pictures and step by step you provide is so helpful to me! Thank you!!

  14. James Robert

    My cousin would like this bag and she is expecting her first baby next month. Thanks for the chance

  15. Robin

    I would love to try a cover since I love using covers and inserts. I have an AI2 diaper by Nuggles that is well made and is easy to use.

  16. Katie M

    I love that it has double gussets and it’s in sizes because I feel like we get a better fit with cloth diapers when they’re in sized diapers rather than one size diapers.

  17. Theresa Hover

    I like the front and back flaps to keep the prefold/inserts secure. I’ve never heard to Nuggles diapers, before, so I’m glad to learn of a new brand!

  18. Steph MacDonald

    Those flaps inside look really secure. That`s great! Some other covers have kind of flimsy flaps and it makes diaper changes a bit tricky with a squirmy baby.

  19. Ashley Morel

    I like the front and back flaps!

  20. Monica Miller

    I’ve seen the Monkey Doodlez Tuck n Go system but it requires a special insert (or at least works best with their special insert) – I love that this system simply needs a pre-fold.

    1. Lindsay Gallimore

      Ya, this goes well with any insert or prefold!

  21. jessica z

    I like that the trifold insert is made of bamboo and organic cotton.

  22. Sam Camerer

    That chevron print is adorable!! Love that it has the flaps to keep the inserts in place.

  23. MarkandKeara Biller

    I really like that the inner back flap has elastic! I use prefolds and I hate when they slide around… these flaps look like they would help with that. 🙂

  24. Donna

    I like the front and back flaps. Also love the print!!!

  25. Mindy May Farmer

    I think the inner flaps look so helpful,plus elastic in the back for sure.

  26. Regan

    This diaper is adorable and I like the inner flaps. Why, oh why is my son PT now?? 🙂

  27. Anne Sweden

    That’s a cute diaper and the fit is great on your son! Wish the inserts didn’t curl up like that around the edges….I’m a little finicky that way. Will they offer a snap closure at some point?

  28. At this point in my son’s life, I prefer aplix, since he’s a baby who wants to MOVE. I also like the double gussets. The print is adorable, but then I like all things chevron related.

  29. Jessica H

    I would love to try this diaper with the aplix!

  30. eleryth

    I have yet to try any cloth diaper, so trying any would be exciting! I do love the chevron print and think it looks really easy to use.

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  33. Lisa Roberts

    Look at that print! Too cute!

  34. Jessica Haynes

    I’m trying to find lots of different brands with double gussets, so I’m excited this brand has them!

  35. Jen H

    i really like the deep flaps on the cover!

  36. Kristina Davis

    I haven’t tried them yet but I would love to! I love the prints!

  37. cassie

    Love that the back has elastic, wanting to try a variety of diapers out for our baby due in may to see what’s best fit for her!

  38. Kelly McGrew

    i love the idea of reusable diapers! it is a really eco friendly idea considering how many diapers one go thru!

  39. Sarah Hayes

    this brand has a great fit and I love the colors of the chevron

  40. April H

    We’re expecting our first this June, so haven’t tried Nuggles, but I love that they have double gussets!

  41. Donna Durie

    I love that it’s made of bamboo & organic cotton.

  42. Jennifer

    I love the two size system and double gussets!

  43. Melanie Lapierre

    I would like to try the All-in-two system. I love the chevron cover.

  44. Amanda Z

    I’m a big fan of covers with double gussets. I love the two size system and am excited to see how these compare to Thirsties. I also LOVE the pattern!

  45. Janyse

    We’ve just switched to CD so haven’t tried Nuggles but I love the double gussets and the back and front flaps to secure the insert.

  46. Love that the inserts stay where they’re supposed to.

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  47. Jenna D

    love the double gussets and that beautiful, colourful print!

  48. Alison Wiberg

    loving the chevron cover! Also like how smooth the velcro is

  49. Viv Sluys

    I love that they fit on good-sized toddlers. One size doesn’t quite cut it here with my big babies that turn into tall toddlers.

  50. Helen B

    Looks like it will hold prefolds nicely AND that it has fun chevron pattern 🙂

  51. Name

    I’m a new mom, just getting into CDing. I haven’t tried an all in two, so I’m interested to see how it compares to the other kinds I’ve used.

  52. Jan Derksen

    I love the pattern, and I’d love to try it on my chunky-monkey toddler grandson!!!

  53. Nikki Arsenault

    I love double gussets and that vibrant print!

  54. Hannah Avery

    The double gussets are definitely great! The wetbag is such a pretty print too for summer especially!

    -Hannah Avery

  55. Amber Collier

    I like Grovia’s so I think I would like this kind. I love that they have the double gussets and the pockets to keep the prefold in place.

  56. Julie A Beveridge

    I really like the print of this cover. What an adorable fit they have as well.

  57. Catherine Wilke

    I am in love with the chevron rainbow print!

  58. Stacy Renee

    I’m a big fan of double gussets!

  59. Kimert

    I really like that they have the double leg gusset. It’s actually something my husband loves in cloth diapers!

  60. Kate Edkin

    fan of double gussets.

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  62. DEADfairie

    I don’t own any yet so I don’t know what I love about them. I am interested in owning one as I like to try different brands and I am also interested in trying the velcro as I only own diapers with snaps.

    1. Lindsay Gallimore

      Act quickly! They’re clearing them out as they’ve been discontinued!

  63. Kristina Leezer

    the wet bag! it’s super cute

  64. Cjusino83

    Id love to try it out bc I like trying the different brands out to see how they fit on my baby. every once in awhile I find anew favorite!

  65. Amanda Dunville

    I love double gussets on our covers. Thinking this would be my favorite thing about them.

  66. Kayla

    Such cute patterns! And I love having double gussets to prevent leaks 🙂

  67. Rachel Cook

    I’m new to cloth diapering, but I love the patterns from this company!

  68. Alexandria

    Would love to try this cover!

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