Rumparooz G2 One-Size Pocket Diaper Review

Rumparooz G2 Pocket Diaper ReviewI received this product free for review. All opinions remain my own.

I know, I know, it’s hard to believe I’m only just now getting around to trying a Rumparooz! In terms of the “big” cloth diaper brands, Rumparooz is pretty darn big: so big they’ve got a patent on their double gusset! (Whether or not such a patent is a good or bad thing is up for debate.)

I’ve been ogling RARZ patterns for a long time, and when Clyde was released I could resist no longer: it was time to test drive this well-known pocket diaper.

Rumparooz G2 Pocket Diapers come with two microfiber inserts. The smaller one is contoured, and can be snapped to the larger one which, similar to BumGenius, has snaps to reduce its size.

Rumparooz G2 Pocket Diaper Review

Different from some of the other major pocket diaper brands is of course the inner double gusset and the elastic pocket opening:

Rumparooz G2 Pocket Diaper Review

The inner is thick, stay-dry fleece. The double-row of closure snaps is parallel across the front of the diaper, with two snaps on the tabs. This lay out is similar to BumGenius, but without the elastic tabs. (This happens to be my personal favourite “snap” configuration, by the way!) The diaper adjusts to four different rise levels to grow with baby.

Rumparooz G2 Pocket Diaper Review

What we love about our Rumparooz G2 Pocket Diaper:

  • Double row of parallel snaps;
  • Stay-dry inner;
  • Contoured newborn insert for a more comfortable fit on tiny ones;
  • Scrumptious prints;
  • Pocket opening at the back of the diaper;
  • Elasticized pocket opening.

Rumparooz G2 Pocket Diaper Review

What we love less about our Rumparooz G2 Pocket Diaper:

  • Microfiber inserts: if you know me, you know I prefer natural fiber (hemp/cotton blend) inserts. I love when brands offer the possibility of buying their diaper shell without inserts in case you’ve got inserts at home that you prefer.
  • Low rise for a one-size diaper: our RARZ is second only to our TotsBots in terms of being quite low rise. Our TotsBots is so low it gives Cub plumber’s crack: RARZ is not quite so low, but definitely lower than the other brands in our stash.
  • I’m honestly not crazy about inner double gussets: I find they make the inside harder to clean, especially in the case of big messes.

Rumparooz G2 Pocket Diaper Review


Have you tried a Rumparooz? What do you think?


You can score your Rumparooz and Kanga Care products from Renee at Lil’ Monkey Cheeks!

7 responses to “Rumparooz G2 One-Size Pocket Diaper Review”

  1. Keara Biller

    I love Rumparooz diapers. I received 12 of them at my baby shower 4 years ago and they’re still going strong on kid #2. And I LOVE the prints! The new ones are amazing! I agree about the inserts… I have heavy wetters so I’d prefer not to buy more microfiber if I don’t need to.

  2. Beth R

    I only have one but I love their bamboo inserts. Seriously one of my favorite things every. I am loving their new prints as well.

    1. Lindsay Gallimore

      I didn’t know they made bamboo inserts!

  3. Nicole Feldmann

    Just got my first RAR. Excited to try. We will see if I like them soon!

  4. Kari Frank Barone

    Rumparooz are my favorite pockets.I find them to be easy to clean and love the double
    gussets. Rumparooz have to be put on differently than any other cloth diaper I own.They have a stretch to them and have to be pulled up as you fasten the diaper, without grabbing the inserts as you pull up through baby’s legs.Think of them as you would a stretchy pair of workout tights.I own many brands and types of diapers.I can get the rise higher than funky fluff, BG, etc. on my 26 month old, 30 lb. and over 35″ toddler. I thought he had outgrown them at 10 months because I tried to put them on like other brands I own.

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  6. […] Rumparooz is an awesome fit (better than BumGenius at this point) right now, and I use the full-size insert […]

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