Stonz Mittz Review: Helping us survive winter!

Stonz Mittz Review

I received this item free for review. All opinions remain my own.

Oh, Winter. I did not know what winter was until I moved from Vancouver to Montreal. And since arriving here in Quebec, this winter has been the absolute worst in terms of cold and snow fall. Of course, this is also the first winter where Cub is actively playing outside. Getting him dressed to go outside is the bane to both of our existences. Our one-piece snowsuit helps the process somewhat, and now he can put his boots on more or less by himself. But mitts: oh, the mitts.

Never having wrangled a toddler into winter gear full time, the mitts I chose at the end-of-the-season sale last year were long and had a Velcro-closure around the cuffs. They aren’t very wide, so it’s impossible to tightly secure them on top of the arms of his snowsuit. They come detached easily. It’s really hard, at -30 C, to take my own hands out of my mitts to try and cram Cub’s hands back into his. The cuffs of his snowsuit are too narrow to feed the mittens through the sleeve, so that was never an option. 

We loved our Stonz Booties last winter, so I never doubted for an instant that we wouldn’t love Stonz Mittz. 

Stonz Mittz Review

The super wide cuffs slide easily over his coat sleeves, and the toggle closures at the wrist and elbow can be tightened with one hand. Outside playing in the snow, his mitts don’t fall off, and his hands stay toasty warm and dry. Snow doesn’t sneak in, either!Stonz Mittz ReviewThe inside of the thumbs are topped with soft fleece for nose wiping, and the palm of the gloves have a slip-resistant fabric that help him keep playing.

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7 responses to “Stonz Mittz Review: Helping us survive winter!”

  1. Keara Biller

    We’re teaching my daughter to ski this year, and it’s become nearly impossible to keep her mittens on. We’ve tried putting them on under her coat, cinching them tight, velcro… you name it. I seriously wish I had the Stonz Mitt right about now!

    1. Lindsay Gallimore

      They would be AWESOME for skiing!!

  2. Olivia @ This West Coast Mommy

    You’re right, we don’t get that kind of winter out here, but we do have mountains and lots of snow up there to play in! These would be great for trips up Seymour!

    1. Lindsay Gallimore

      I would’ve loved this in February- which was our annual week up at Whistler as kids!

  3. Anne Sweden

    I was surprised by the harshness of winters here in the Midwest; being a Southern gal I never had to bundle up the way our children do. These gloves look fantastic and solve pretty much all the problems that we run into with other styles for children.

  4. Oh boy do these look great! We had a problem with our youngest who kept getting red wrists as his gloves were so short on him and there was a gap between his coat and his glove! These look perfect to solve this problem

  5. […] loved our Stonz Mittz last year. Stonz Wear products are clearly designed by parents like me: parents who have zero […]

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