Wonderful Bambino Fitted Diaper Review

Wonderful Bambino Fitted DiaperI received this item free for review. All opinions remain my own.

Wonderful Bambino has been on my radar since I wrote a guest blog post for their website last summer. Their fitted bamboo terry diapers looked buttery soft and absorbent, and I was eager to put one to the test.

As loyal followers know, I don’t regularly use fitted diapers. But when testing one I put aside my personal preferences and evaluate the performance of the diaper. Our Wonderful Bambino fitted was just as I expected: super soft, super thirsty and super effective!

I am particularly enthusiastic about trying the diaper on my newbie late this summer: I think the ruffles at the legs and waist will do a stellar job keeping in those poopsplosions.

On my big boy Cub, I tested the diaper for overnight use. The Wonderful Bambino diaper already has 5-layers of absorbent bamboo terry in its core (no detachable or flappy inserts to be found, making it very easy to use), so I just added a hemp booster, mostly because I find that hemp fleece is more “stay dry” than bamboo terry right against the skin. 

I always find it tricky getting fitteds to fit under my diaper covers. Unsnapped to its largest setting, I could only get good coverage with our size large Bummis Super Whisper Wrap (aff. link). However, I was surprised to discover that I can still get a good fit on big boy Cub when I go down one rise level! 

Wonderful Bambino 1

Since I usually use our Blueberry Coveralls snapped down a rise level, completely unsnapped, it gave great coverage over the Wonderful Bambino for overnight.

Wonderful Bambino 2

 Things I love about our Wonderful Bambino:

  • Super soft and absorbent bamboo terry;
  • Extra leak protection thanks to the back-waist and leg ruffles;
  • Simple construction without loose inserts to worry about;
  • Wing snaps and cross over snaps;
  • Great price point at $20 USD;
  • Super generous sizing that allows my 30 lb toddler to wear it snapped down one level, yet its stretch and ruffles should secure a snug fit on a newbie starting around 12 lbs!

Next to this size small AMP, you can see that snapped down and with the crossover snap, it gets quite small!

Wonderful Bambino 3

Things I love less:

  • I found it hard to fit under most of my one-size covers when completely unsnapped;
  • Overseas manufacturing (I always consider this, as you know, and it’s not a dealbreaker!);
  • I’d love if there was also a tummy elastic;
  • Not easily available in Canada, as shipping is $15;
  • Like most fitted diapers it doesn’t dry in one dryer cycle for me.

Shop & Connect:

You can get to know Wonderful Bambino by connecting with them on Facebook, and you can shop online at WonderfulBambino.com.

I’d like to extend a special thanks to Wonderful Bambino for sending me 2 extra diapers to donate to Cloth for a Cause.

2 responses to “Wonderful Bambino Fitted Diaper Review”

  1. These are such great fitted diapers and I love how buttery soft they are!! Thanks for the great review!

  2. Kari Frank Barone

    I’ve won 2 Wonderful Bambino fitteds and love them! My son is about 30lbs. and 34 1/2 inches tall.I have to add an AMP hemp and bamboo booster for overnight now that he is 2.I use my Rumparooz One Size covers over them. I also own Blueberry Coveralls, which I reserve for use over my Sloomb XL…. Rumparooz and Blueberry are definitely my favorite covers over fitteds.

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