12 Weeks Pregnant and… POP!

12 weeks belly

Oh the joys of being twelve weeks pregnant. I have more energy, less nausea, and instead of looking bloated, I pretty much look pregnant.

On my way to my ultrasound last week during rush hour, a lovely lady even noticed said belly and offered me a seat on the metro. As someone who always offers her seat to those in need, I am happy when karma comes and gets me. And as my belly gets bigger and people ignore me on public transit, I hope karma comes and gets them, too!

Speaking of that ultrasound, guess how long I spent at the hospital to get my 12-week NT Ultrasound and my first blood tests? Oh, not long… just four and a half hours. Good grief. Luckily Cub wasn’t with me, and neither was Papa Wolf. Managing a bored toddler and an angry husband would’ve made the situation infinitely worse.

In the waiting room, there’s a sign forbidding cell phone usage. At first I tried to obey the sign, subtly checking my phone inside my purse. But I had brought nothing with me, and the magazine selection was meager. Plus, every other person in the room had their phone out… and I figured, doctors all have cell phones, it can’t be that big a deal! So away I went, killing time on my phone. (Mostly by texting about my impatience to anyone who would listen.)

When it was finally my turn, the tech spent quite a long time trying to get Cub 2.0 to turn the right way in my belly to get the right images. I got to watch him a lot: he was sleepy.

12 weeksI’m happy to report that according the the ultrasound, all is well with the wee one! Up next is my first midwife appointment.

I feel badly for my midwife, with whom I will be meeting on February 6th. I had a dream about meeting her, and in her office she had an all-you-can-eat fresh fruit and vegetable buffet, a friendly pet monkey and a fellow who dropped in on our appointment with his guitar and got us to join him in singing “Don’t Stop Believing.” How is my midwife going to live up to that?!

Did your pregnancy become more comfortable at the end of your first trimester?


8 responses to “12 Weeks Pregnant and… POP!”

  1. Haha, that’s a hilarious dream! I think around that point with each kid I had an incredibly vivid dream about having the baby and then leaving it somewhere and forgetting to feed it for a day. Those were AWFUL to wake up from! I think your dream sounds way better 😉

    1. Lindsay Gallimore

      I have dreams like this, but about hamsters. In the dream I realize I’ve forgotten than I have pet hamsters for MONTHS and then go looking for them hoping they aren’t dead.

      1. Yep, that’s pretty much how they go, except with HUMAN BABIES! They’re still fresh in my mind, over 4 years later : But dead hamsters are probably not the stuff of great dreams, either! 😉

        1. Lindsay Gallimore

          They were NEVER dead, that’s the weird part.

          1. Haha, well they CAN live a remarkably long time! One of mine escaped when I was a kid and burrowed through the carpet into a storage room and then down through the walls of the house to the closet on the outside of the house where the water heater was. My grandma opened the door to get the dog food and nearly had a heart attack when my presumed dead hamster came shuffling out 😉

  2. LillySong7

    Yes! Both my pregnancies were better after the first trimester was finished. I didn’t feel like a zombie anymore… but with #2 I was still tired a lot since #1 kept me busy 🙂

  3. I am so glad everything is progressing well and that your feeling better.

  4. Laura Chin

    I had morning (noon and night!) sickness the entirety of both my pregnancies. With my second I had it two weeks after I delivered! Thank GOD for antiemetics.

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