Cotton Baby Onesies: Home to 3T onesies and more!

Cotton Baby Onesies: Onesies for big kids!

I received these products free for review. All opinions remain my own.

You don’t realize how much you love dressing your kid in onesies til he doesn’t fit in them any more! Onesies were a cold-weather staple for Cub until he was bursting out of the largest size we could find (24 months), which was well before he was actually 24 months old.

When it’s chilly out, I hate seeing his little bare back exposed as he climbs around on the playground, or as I pick him up under his armpits. I am always freezing when my lower back is exposed, which is why I’ll often be seen wearing a bathrobe… in the middle of the day. (And why I was very grateful that baby tees fell out of style.)

I searched in vain in stores for larger onesies but to no avail. I was so happy to stumble upon Cotton Babies Onesies: they specialize in onesies sizes 2T through 6T!

Cotton Baby Onesies: Sizes 2T to 6T!They come in a variety of styles and colours, including long sleeves, sleeveless and t-shirt.

Cotton Baby Onesies: Sizes 2T to 6T! Cotton Baby Onesies: Sizes 2T to 6T!I chose sizes 3T and 4T for Cub, curious to see the difference. He currently wears size 3T in all of his clothing.

Cotton Baby Onesies: Sizes 2T to 6T!Above you can see the size difference between the chevron-print 3T and the white 4T onesie.

While Cub won’t be wearing onesies all the way up to size 6T, I’m so happy that CBO has made the option available, especially for parents of special needs children. 

The 3T onesies are a perfect fit on Cub, even with his fattest cloth diaper on (here he is wearing a jumbo prefold, basically the thickest cloth diaper I ever put on him):

Cotton Baby Onesies: Sizes 2T to 6T!

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Having wasted so much time searching the racks of children’s clothing retailers big and small for size 3T onesies, I am really happy to be able to tell you that your search is over! 

They also carry regular-sized onesies and baby accessories, and you can also customize your onesies with cool designs and funny sayings.

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Do you have a big kid who still wears onesies?

6 responses to “Cotton Baby Onesies: Home to 3T onesies and more!”

  1. Steph MacDonald

    I find that with baby #3 I’m using onesies way less, which is weird. But with this really cold weather, she’s been wearing them. Lol, we don’t leave the house much anyway! But this is definitely worth checking out for next winter.

  2. Anne Sweden

    Onesies are so practical; I’m glad shops like this sell bigger sizes! Cute review!

  3. Katie @ Pick Any Two

    This is great! I’ve never been able to find onesies above 24 months…glad the search is over! Especially important in this cold weather!

  4. Mylène Bélanger

    My saviour! my 17 months old couldn’t fit 24 mo onesies since at least 3 months, thanks!

  5. […] Solution: Do not despair. Most Mamas find that the problem is 100% solved by only buttoning the middle button of the onesie’s crotch snaps. Another option is always ensuring the onesie is loose in the body, which may mean getting a few sets of onesie extenders, or some larger sized-onesies. […]

  6. Loretta

    Just ordered 3T for my disabled little guy.
    Anxious to see how it looks like.
    Very very happy to have found it !!

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