Wee Magee Pocket Diaper Review

Wee Magee Pocket Diaper Review

I received this product free for review. All opinions remain my own.

Cub’s worn a lot of diapers. He doesn’t really care what diaper I put on him… unless he spies his Wee Magee. Then, he wants the “Hulk” diaper. How he developed a fascination with Hulk is a bit of a mystery, knowing him only as a character on a ball I bought him last summer featuring a mishmash of Marvel characters. Regardless, he knows who Hulk is, and this is his Hulk diaper. And when he wears it, he tries to find Hulk. (And secondly, Spiderman.)

Wee Magee Pocket Diaper ReviewAmber at Wee Magee’s diaper design merges a lot of features I’ve seen on other WAHM and big-name brands in a combination that I have yet to see:

  • A tummy elastic;
  • Athletic wicking jersey interior;
  • Crossover snaps for tiny tummies;
  • Somewhat ruffly elastic casing at the legs;
  • Wrap around cotton print with matching PUL.

Wee Magee Pocket Diaper Review

Wee Magee’s diapers do not come with an insert, which is fine by me as I like to choose my own inserts anyway. I’ve really liked using my Thirsties size 2 hemp prefold in it, folded almost in four. We can rock that for a good long while (I think we did 5 hours, since he fell asleep for a nap before I could change him).

2014-12-02 11.49.50What I love about our Wee Magee:

  • The tummy elastic is great for tummy sleepers;
  • Athletic wicking jersey is my favourite stay-dry fabric, and I love how our diaper’s interior is Hulk green;
  • The pocket opening is at the back;
  • The cross-over snaps will allow for a nice fit around a tiny waist;
  • The fit is very roomy and comfortable on my very big Cub.

2014-12-25 20.40.55

What I love less about our Wee Magee:

  • The pocket is very narrow, so it can be awkward to stuff;
  • Some of the finishing is imperfect, though it’s purely aesthetic and doesn’t impact function;
  • The casing around the leg elastics is a bit bulky: it’s almost like ruffles, so good for keeping in big messes, but not quite my favourite “look;”
  • The rise snaps are curiously low on the diaper, and it seems like this makes the leg opening quite large even on the lowest rise: I am not confident this diaper would fit well on new baby chicken legs. Amber does make a newborn diaper that fits 4-12 lbs.

Although not related to the diaper itself, I wanted to give Amber a shoutout for what I think is really good branding for a newbie WAHM-diaper maker! I love her logo and the way the package arrived:

Wee Magee Pocket Diaper Review

A bit more about Wee Magee:

 If you’d like to get your hands on a Wee Magee creation, check out Amber’s Shopify website and Facebook page!

Amber strives to please people and believes in a quality product that functions well. She doesn’t make all  her diapers to fit one size and vows to keep her customers happy by customizing diapers to their liking. This means you can add, remove and change anything you like or dislike about the diaper: extra snaps, less snaps, looser elastic, wider crotch, etc.

Her diapers start at $18 CAD for a solid PUL design.


132 responses to “Wee Magee Pocket Diaper Review”

  1. kat

    It would be great to try a wahm diaper!

  2. Robin

    I haven’t tried a diaper with AWJ inner yet but I would love to.

  3. Emilie

    I own only one diaper with an AWJ inner – an EBB – and I would love to see how this one compares, as it is much cheaper.

  4. Steph MacDonald

    I love finding new wahm diaper-makers. I have a couple in my stash and always love how unique they are!

  5. Brandi Stevenson

    The features of this diaper sound awesome! AWJ is also my favourite inner material and I love that this has tummy elastics and waste snaps. I bet it would my slim little gem very well!

  6. Denise Eckert Beeman

    I wouldlove to try a diaper with AWJ. The factthat she will custimize thediaper to your liking is amazing! A huge selling point for sure.

  7. Stéphanie Paradis

    Beautiful! I wanna try it!

  8. Emily Smejkal

    Looks cute, I like that it’s jersey inside.

  9. Rebecca Enright

    I love how WAHMs can make each diaper as unique as the baby who wears it.

  10. Sharon

    Awj sounds awesome. Too bad it isn’t in my budget to try it.

  11. Megz G.

    I always love your reviews – you are very thorough, and cub is adorable!!

  12. Kim

    Thanks for these reviews! Gives me a chance to discover new diapers!!

  13. jodi armstrong

    I like the tummy elastic. Our applecheeks have that & love that it helps the fit around the waist.

  14. mariko

    This diaper sound awesome! You seem to like the same feature as me, I’m already looking at the website to buy one.. If my bf let me buy more diapers!

  15. Monica Miller

    Your cub’s wee magee is how I’m convincing my hubby to get on the cloth diaper train – yay Marvel!

  16. Amanda

    I love your honesty in your reviews! I always look for honest reviews when researching a product and you do just that.

  17. Soozle

    Great review, as always! There are some really cute prints in her line – the Curious George one is adorable 🙂

  18. Kat Kerley

    Thank you for the great review! As a newbie I am always looking for info on different brands!

  19. Melissa Hampton Salomons

    I love the print that she sent you, very cute. It’s nice to see a quality diaper from a WAHM being reviewed.

  20. Maeghyn Koehler

    This diaper is ridiculously cute!!!!

  21. Melanie Somnitz

    Thanks for the detailed review and for highlighting both the things you like and the ones you don’t. I was curious about the large elastic ruffles too. Looking forward to seeing more of this new WAHM’s diapers.

  22. Erica

    Love that print!

  23. Laura Ankrum

    I’ve never seen a diaper that uses athletic wicking jersey for a stay-dry material- genius!

  24. Cjusino83

    sounds like I have a new company to try out!

  25. Kayla

    So cute! We’re big Marvel fans!

  26. Shilo Wheatley

    Adorable diapers! I’d love to try one with athletic wicking jersey!

  27. Kisha Garthwait

    I love how she works to customize the diapers … that’s amazing customer service

  28. Tara Elias

    very cute! would love to try the athletic wicking fabric

  29. Judith

    Je ne sais pas si j’aimerais les ailes si longues, mais j’adore essayer plein de modèles de couches.

  30. Sarah Stewart

    This diaper is so cute! I love to try out the athletic wicking material. Thanks for sharing this review!

  31. Fatima Luna

    I love the tummy elastic. My daughter is a tummy sleeper and I have a hard time finding diapers that keep her dry through the night.

  32. Wendi

    Thanks for a great review and including what you love and what you love less. I like that Amber will customize diapers to customers liking. Soiunds great!

  33. Catherine Aders

    Thanks for reviewing this diaper! I have never heard of this WAHM before. Hoping to try one of her diapers soon! 🙂

  34. Monica

    This would be perfect for my son! He has a tiny waist and monster legs. I struggle to find a good fit on him all the time. And the print is one even my boyfriend would reach for haha. I really want to try one of these now!

  35. Amy Pulsipher

    I love that there’s a tummy elastic – my daughter is definitely a tummy sleeper.

  36. Shirley Stenabaugh

    Id love to try one of these, love the avengers theme!

  37. Larissa Visscher

    i love being able to support WAHM’s and if they make super cute diapers thats a huge bonus 🙂

  38. SheridanArd

    I just love the beautiful colors of these diapers! My WAHM diapers are some of my favorites in my stash!

  39. Katie Goff

    I really like the designs and the color combos

  40. Ooo this diaper is so cute! I am in love with the athletic wicking jersey inner, genius!

  41. D.H.

    I really love the print!!

  42. Amanda Stevenson Felton

    the print is so cute. I like the shape of them. Looks like they would fit my chubby legged boy better than most diapers

  43. Emily Ducatte

    I have a extremely large toddler and its hard to find wahm diapers that fit him well, the fact that she seems to do more customization than a lot of other wahm is awesome!

  44. Petra S

    Love the cute prints and vibrant colours!

    Petra Sartor

  45. Melissa Kalles

    I actually don’t have anything with athletic jersey as the stay dry fabric. I’d love to see how it performs comparatively with my other pockets. I love the spunky fabric!

  46. jessica z

    These are very stylish! I would love to try these diapers!

  47. Jen H

    the scrappy style diapers look so fun!

  48. Jaime Suitts

    I love that these diapers have tummy elastic and they are super cute. I always love to find a new diaper!

  49. Ashley Feit

    Very cute! I also like athletic wicking jersey, I wish more diapers had it!

  50. BoiseFamily

    I love the color coordinated fabric used on the inside.

  51. Lauren H

    Thank you for the giveaway

  52. Stacy F.

    Oh my gosh, what a gorgeous diaper design! Love the materials used!

  53. Erin B.

    I love the unique designs!

  54. Sara

    Nice to see a diaper with front elastic!

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  56. Kim Moore

    The colors are fantastic!! This diaper is absolutely adorable and I am excited to hear it lasted 5 hours for you, sounds like a keeper!

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  58. Stacey Simpson

    I love trying new diapers by wahms 🙂
    The scrappy style is so pretty!

  59. Morgan Schwall

    These diapers are adorable! I love that her diapers have front elastic. Ours Best Bottoms covers has them as well & we love it!

  60. Katherine Gramlich

    I have never tried a diaper with the athletic material inside but I would love to try it as my little is sensitive to moisture. Love the bright colours and patterns!

  61. Marlete Ledford

    I love that it’s by a wahm! The “Hulk” diaper as your lil one puts it is absolutely adorable!

  62. Crunchy Con Mommy

    Oooh my sons would love it if we got a Hulk diaper! I think we are cool with almost ruffley elastic if we get superheroes 😉

  63. Katy Baird

    I have been hesitant to try the athletic wicking material- I have no idea why. So I guess I’d love to give it a go!

  64. Kimert

    I haven’t tried a diaper with the athletic wicking material and would be curious to see how it works. I do love diapers with tummy elastics though! I find it makes a big different to fit!

  65. Janice Pope

    I would love to give these diapers a try. They are so adorable!

  66. Jamie

    These diapers are adorable, I love the tummy elastic!

  67. vinci77

    So cute and colorful. Looks like a high quality product.

  68. Brandi Swanson

    These diapers look super cute and comfortable! Would love to win one for my daughter!

  69. Adrianne

    I love the look of the diaper. The cut is different from what I normally see!

  70. abedabun dawn

    I would love to win for my “cub”. I love the look of this diaper. The elastic at the tummy seems a good idea.

  71. Kate Edkin

    I love trying new diapers, and these look super cute!

  72. Barb Borntreger

    I would LOVE to try this diaper! So adorable.

  73. Mara Davenport

    I like the tummy elastic and the athletic wicking material. I have some diapers that use that material and they are currently my favorite so I would love to try other brands that use it!!!

  74. Lucy Smith

    I love that she will work with you to get the right fit (changing snaps, or wider) that’s so etching you don’t get with other companies.

  75. Marina Loredo

    Super heroes are a definite favorite in this geeky household. Athletic Jersey is great for rinse offs when poops happen!

  76. faith

    I would love to try this diaper, and i love the super hero print!

  77. Candace ʚïɞ Suarez

    Cute, I’d love to try!

  78. Steel Springs

    Cute print! I like the idea of the wicking material and stomach elastic. I do wonder how the leg elastic would fit on my child. We’ve had trouble with the fit of some other pocket diapers.

  79. Karen Waldorf

    Oh my what cute designs! I’ve never tried a diaper with the athletic wicking material, would love to see how that compares with the typical microfleece/suedecloth.

  80. Emily

    love that they are jersey, and cute prints!

  81. Kristen Varner

    I love all the different prints.

  82. Theresa Hover

    She uses such cute fabrics! I love when I can support a WAHM by buying cloth diapers 🙂

  83. Jen E

    Such a cute print, and thank you for your honest review. I love seeing pros and cons of different diapers.

  84. Claire Rheinheimer

    How awesome that she customizes the diapers for each person! My daughter is pretty little, sometimes one size just don’t fit her right.

  85. Rachel

    This is a new brand to me but the tummy elastic looks great!

  86. Cowgirl America

    I love the idea of tummy elastic! DS doesn’t usually sleep on hus rummy but when he does he always soaks through!

  87. Beth R

    I love the athletic wicking material. I am definitely interested in trying this one out. Love the prints

  88. Kelly Urban

    I like the athletic jersey fabric It’s different.

  89. I love that print. I think that this would be both my husband and my favorite print. I did not know that the athletic jersey fabric was good at wicking moisture, but it makes sense, I just learned something new.

  90. Tiffanie Nieves

    Loving these prints! The only diaper covers I’ve tried with elastic at the tummy ran too small for my little one. When they did fit I loved them. Would love to try this brand

  91. Cassandra Rae

    These look simialr to EBB which i have been wanting to try. I like that they are narrow since Hannahs so petite. Awesome review. Cub is such a sweetie! He rocks all the diapers !

  92. RJ

    These diapers look really durable. (and of course cute)

  93. Candice Balser

    As soon as the page loaded, I was in love with the print on this diaper! And as I continued to scroll, while reading the review, I fell in love even more with the green interior. 🙂 I know there are some “cons” to this diaper that you listed, but I’d still love to give it a try. I’d be one super giddy mommy if I won this for my boy! 😀

  94. Lindsay Jackson

    Such adorable diapers! The colors are so bright! Love!!

  95. Samantha L.

    I love all the colors! I actually like that these come without inserts, since there are so many options available now.

  96. Delia Jones

    I like the look of the diaper. I am new to one sized diapers & I am curious as to how it would fit my babe. I make chunky long kids.

  97. Gladys Aguilar

    My husband would want to put this diaper on my son everyday lol

  98. dianna anderson

    I would love to try this brand out for myself

  99. katheirne d

    haha love your honesty about the “ruffle” butt

  100. Anna W

    These look really cute, I like how she will customize diapers for the customers.

  101. Jacquelyn Matties

    These look so cute.

  102. Brianne Archer

    I might be anxious to use these if the leg openings are a problem, my little one is only seven weeks and that’s where all her leaks have been so far with other diapers. But maybe she just needs to grow into them.

    1. Lindsay Gallimore

      I’ve seen some pictures of great fit on newborns, so who knows! Also, Samantha can customize her diapers to be smaller if necessary!

  103. Nicole U

    I like the tummy elastic feature.

  104. Randi S

    How fun!! I love the Frozen diaper!!

  105. Stephanie O’Day

    These are so adorable! I love the one in the review. Soon as I saw it, I pretty much yelled “CUTE!” My husband just stared at me like I was crazy. >.<

  106. Ashlee Merrett

    Great review! Very informational and this print is just adorable!!

  107. Andrea R

    I don’t think I’ve tried athletic wicking jersey diapers yet. It would be nice to see how my daughter likes it.

  108. Skye

    I looked at the Shopify website and there’s such a cute Curious George diaper! She has such beautiful diapers.

  109. Cornelia C

    Cutest prints

  110. Kayla Nix

    This diaper is so stinkin cute!

  111. Megan Drane

    Great review! I like that you’re completely honest and have a love less opinion as well!

  112. Joanna Sidon

    Awesome looking diaper!

  113. nikki

    I haven’t tried a diaper with tummy elastic yet, I imagine it creates a great fit.

  114. Katrina Phelan

    It looks like a beautifully made diaper and I really think I would like the wide elastic at the legs. I’ve never had a diaper with jersey interior but anxious to try it out. 🙂

  115. Sarah Hayes

    i love the prints and how well made they are

  116. Raina Hood

    The crossover snaps for the tiny tummy is a definite plus for us. I would love one of these for our little guy. Thanks:)

  117. Louise Casey

    Love the prints and the attention to detail!

  118. Erin Lehman

    I really like that it doesn’t come with inserts, because I prefer using prefolds/flats anyway! Looks like a great diaper to add to the stash we’re building!

  119. Hannah Givler

    I LOVE the super hero print on this diaper! As a family of nerds this would be the perfect addition to the stash we are starting for baby boy (due end of April)

  120. Itzel Ramos Santiago

    I just love the superhero diaper that one would look soo cute on my little guys bum.

  121. amo72

    I love how “custom” everything feels about it.

  122. Lisa M.

    I haven’t head of these til recently. But they are so darn cute.

  123. Amanda Dunville

    These diapers have so many features that I like all in one! Nice!

  124. BreanneT

    I love the Adventure Time print!

  125. Melissa Bottorff

    these are super cute and i love all of the features that were put into them

  126. barnolds barnes

    I like that the interior is wicking–my son had a lot of trouble with wetness touching his skin.

  127. Wendy Mastin

    I like the
    Custom Pocket- Polyester Knit .

  128. Catharine Morgan

    Love the print. Super cute

  129. Monique Eckert

    I love supporting WAHM diapers, these look pretty cute and unique.

  130. Akili Thomson

    Love the colours and the print is super cute!

  131. Tabby Osborne

    Love that its good for tummy sleepers 🙂

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