Pregnancy Weeks 9 & 10

Pregnancy Weeks 9 and 10

Full disclosure: I am not a fan of reading other people’s pregnancy journals nor birth stories. Therefore, I write these entries without any expectation that anyone wants to read them: they’re for me! That being said, I am the only non-Doula in my quartet of best buddies, so I know firsthand that there are many women who LOVE to hear about pregnancy and birth! If you are among them, then welcome, read on! If not, go check out a cloth diaper review or enter a giveaway.

Since starting Diclectin, my nausea and vomiting has improved significantly. The puking has only returned the few times I’ve forgotten to take a dose. I have my first ObGyn appointment tomorrow, so I presume she’ll continue the prescription I got while in BC. Please tell me I’m not the only pregnant person who pees a bit when puking? I know, TMI… but I can’t help it! Fact: Öko Creations liners have saved many a pair of pants.

I keep telling Cub that there’s a baby in my belly. He just kind of nods at me, but sometimes when he hops on my lap for a cuddle, he pulls up my shirt and starts squishing his ear against my belly. It’s pretty darn cute.

The whole “I’m starving but I don’t feel like eating anything” has thankfully faded, along with my aversion to sweets! The aversion to sweets went away right on time for Christmas! Best. Gift. Ever.

I finally received my Preggie Pops (affiliate link) from Well (it takes a lot longer for Well orders to reach BC than QC) and I confess, I like ’em. Would they stop me puking if I wasn’t on Diclectin? Probably not. However, after I eat if I feel a bit queasy, I really like sucking on one of these yummy drops. Being a bit picky about hard candy flavours, I’m happy to confirm that I like them all.

So, that’s the good news. The bad news? What is with all the PEE?!

Last night it took me over an hour to fall asleep, and during that time I got up to pee no less than six times. I absolutely cannot fall asleep if I feel the slightest inclination to pee, so I have to get up every time.

Anyone else out there joining me on the first trimester adventure?

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  1. Meaghan

    I’m right behind you… 9 weeks yesterday! I love reading pregnancy journals, so I’ll be following yours closely 🙂 So glad that you’re feeling better with the Diclectin. So far, I’ve been nauseous but have only thrown up a few times over the past couple of weeks *knock on wood* … with my daughter (who’s 2 now) I was a puking wreck until around 20 weeks… ugh! PS: love (and am kinda jealous of) your bump! Soooo cute! I only have a teeny tiny bloaty bump after meals… haha

  2. Corrie

    I’m 7+2 weeks! I thankfully don’t have a lot of nausea and only puked last pregnancy when I took my prenatal in the the morning. The peeing though… That is annoying. 🙂

  3. Stephanie

    I’m 5 weeks 5 days… a little farther behind. And this is my first so I’m not always sure what to expect! I have nausea on and off throughout the day and night (that’s the worst), but thankfully I’ve only thrown up once. I’m also at the stage where no food sounds good, but I try to have frequent small meals to stave off the nausea. Thanks for the post and I’ll continue to follow!

  4. I am so glad you are feeling better! Its hard to function properly when you are not feeling the best, especially when you have children already to take care of. I am looking forward to seeing lots of updates.

  5. Wendy T

    Congratulations! I remember counting down the weeks until #12, when I was told the crazy tiredness and nausea would pass…and thankfully it did. Although I likely had it easy compared to most and was only actually sick to my stomach twice. From the 2nd trimester on I felt amazing! Glad to hear you’re feeling better!

  6. Carlos Alvarez


    What a beautiful pregnancy. Good to see that you are dieting healthier for you and your baby!

    Sorry to hear about the bad news!

    As other’s have said, readying this kind of stuff is really cool, best of luck 🙂


  7. Jenn

    Haha yep. I’m at 6.5 almost 7 weeks. Oh the aversion to eating. Why can’t they just put us on IVs so we don’t have to eat if we don’t want to, but we’re still being nourished? And yes. I pee while I puke too… Almost crapped myself the other day =/

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