Geffen Baby Review: An Overnight Sensation

Geffen Baby Inserts ReviewI received this product free for review. All opinions remain my own.

Readers kept asking me: “What do you think of Geffen Baby inserts?” And I kept saying, “I’ve never tried them!” I decided to put an end to such nonsense and get my hands on a few of these super popular, USA-made inserts.

I am an ardent supporter of hemp as THE best and most eco-friendly cloth diapering option out there, so I knew the odds were pretty darn good that I would love what Geffen had to offer.

I was sent a Medium/Large Jersey Prefold Diaper: 4 layers of 60% hemp / 40% cotton jersey.

And a 3-pack of Super Absorbers Plus: 5 layers or 60% hemp / 40% organic cotton fleece. 

Geffen Baby Inserts ReviewI confess that I found it a bit overwhelming to choose which inserts would be most suitable for Cub on the Geffen website. In fact, the single point of constructive criticism I can offer about Geffen is to somehow facilitate the shopping of those uninitiated to the Geffen universe. I was a bit baffled by all of the names: Did I want Super, High, Ultra or Quick Absorbers (Plus)?! And what’s the difference between fleece and jersey?

While the qualifying adjectives remain a bit of a mystery to me, (my suggestion would be a chart of some kind, showing the difference between each type) I can at least observe that “jersey” inserts feel like t-shirt knit, while “fleece” inserts are a bit pilly and, well, fleecy! The texture of the fleece lends itself to a more “stay dry” effect than the jersey. My Super Absorbers are fleece, while the prefold (as per the name) is jersey.

Geffen Baby Jersey Prefold:

I think prefolds don’t get the credit they deserve in the cloth diapering world. I flippin’ adore prefolds! I haved  a stash of prefolds at my parents’ place to reduce baggage weight every time we come visit, and every time I use exclusively prefolds and covers for a couple of weeks, I remember how totally awesome it is!

Geffen Baby Inserts ReviewIf you’ve got a kiddo peeing through his diapers during the day (not a problem I have with Cub), I would be shocked if Geffen prefolds didn’t solve the problem.

Our Medium/Large Jersey Prefold fits great in our pocket diapers, and is a great option for times I know I won’t be able to change Cub as frequently as usual. However, my number one use for our prefold is overnight.

Geffen Baby Super Absorbers Plus:

Keep in mind that the Super Absorbers Plus shrink quite a bit with washing:

Geffen Baby Inserts Review

I find that they fit well inside all of my pocket diapers without being folded (since we are on the highest rise.) I can get away with using just this in Cub’s diapers for about 2 hours (keeping in mind that he’s not a heavy wetter), making for a very slim bum indeed. I plan to use them folded smaller when the new baby comes in July! My preferred use for them, however, is as a booster.

Geffen Baby Inserts Review

A Winning Combo:

As I alluded to in the title, the combination of an absorber and the prefold makes for a most effective and not-all-that-bulky overnight solution for Cub. I fold the Absorber over at the top to provide maximum absorbency in the wet zone. This combo fits in all my favourite covers: Rumparooz, Bluberry, Bummis and AppleCheeks size 2.

Geffen Baby Inserts ReviewThis is a combination I would strongly recommend for heavy wetters. Cub is a moderate wetter, and this combo is significantly more than he even really needs! We’ve gotten 14 hours out of this combo (He went to bed later and got up later than I had expected!). I like putting the Absorber on top as it has more of a stay-dry effect than the jersey prefold.

As far as overnight bulk is concerned, this Geffen combo is pretty reasonable!

Geffen Baby Inserts ReviewConclusion:

I’m totally sold on Geffen inserts as affordable, ecological and ethical products that will work well in almost all diaper covers and pockets on the market.

Connect & Shop:

Connect with Geffen on their homepage or on Facebook!

If you’re in the US, you can shop for Geffen products via my affiliate link to Nicki’s Diapers. In Canada? Check out Lagoon Baby!

Are you a Geffen Baby convert yet?!


11 responses to “Geffen Baby Review: An Overnight Sensation”

  1. Mylène Bélanger

    J’ADORE mes super absorber plus! Les miens n’ont pas tant rétrécit et je dois avoir 10 lavages de fait… 2 super absorber plus dans un cover fait toutes la nuit ici aussi et le tout est seulement à moitié saturé, je ne sais pas si je me risquerais avec un seul… la loi de Murphy voudrait qu’il demande le sein toute la nuit la fois où j’essayerais 😉

  2. Melissa S

    How does the super absorber plus compare in terms of thickness to the 3-layer AMP Hemp boosters? I know that I need more hemp in our stash, but I don’t know whether to go with Geffen or AMP. Help!!

    1. Lindsay

      Hey Melissa! The thickness is fairly similar… if you PM me on my Facebook page I can send you a picture! The Super Absorber is definitely longer.

  3. Destiny Wells-Arsenault

    Im going to give these a try

  4. Nikki A

    I’ve been considering the Super Absorbers for a while. Good to know they’re awesome!

  5. lisa fowler

    been definitely eyeing these up to use with my Ella Bella Bums, as well as a less bulky overnight solution.
    great review, can’t wait to give them a go

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  7. Beth R

    I haven’t tried geffen yet. I am anxious to try. Thanks for detailing them a little more. I think it is so confusing on their website

  8. Heather Dickens

    Hi there is actually a really great chart already on their website. If you click on product info it gives you everything in great detail.

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