Blueberry Simplex AIO Review: Flexible Simplicity

Blueberry Simplex AIO Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

I received this product free for review. All opinions remain my own.

The Blueberry Simplex AIO combines what I love about pocket diapers while doing away with the things I hate about all-in-one diapers. I’ve gotta say, I’m sad to have discovered this diaper so late in the cloth diapering game!

Like a TotsBots, the Blueberry Simplex AIO has a tongue-style insert that is attached to the diaper, thus the “one-piece” moniker. Unlike TotsBots, you can stuff the Blueberry with boosters from the top or the bottom, and you can choose to have a stay dry layer next to baby’s skin simply by laying the tongue on top of the cotton pocket:

Blueberry Simplex AIO ReviewAlso unlike the TotsBots (even the V4s), the Blueberry has a tall enough rise to not give Cub a plumber’s crack, even though he’s a tall dude at over 30 lbs.

Blueberry Simplex AIO reviewWhat I love about the Blueberry Simplex AIO:

  • Flexibility of placing the stay-dry fleece against baby’s skin. Many AIOs I’ve reviewed require an added stay-dry liner if you want the stay-dry effect.
  • Super absorbency of the cotton inner, like a nice, thirsty prefold but without the folding and stuffing.
  • Large pocket to add inserts for added absorbency (we haven’t found it necessary).
  • Blueberry diapers are manufactured in North America. In Arkansas, in fact!
  • As a one-size diaper, it is still fitting well on Cub who’s on the upper edge of the weight maximum.
  • Quick to dry compared to many AIO designs.

Blueberry Simplex AIO Review

What I love less about our Blueberry Simplex AIO:

  • Similar to our SmartBottoms AIO, there’s no casing around the leg elastic, so the inner cotton can get turned out and cause whicking. A quick tuck in once the diaper is secured solves this problem.
  • The tongue-insert is stuffed into the front of the diaper, which means when I pull it out (it sadly doesn’t agitate out in my front loader), it’s always soaked with pee.
  • At $31.95, it’s definitely on the pricier end. However, I have to emphasize that it is worth the price because you do not need to buy added liners or boosters and it is North American-made.

Have you tried the Blueberry Simplex AIO? Do you love its flexible simplicity?

5 responses to “Blueberry Simplex AIO Review: Flexible Simplicity”

  1. Mylène Bélanger

    What’s different from the Blueberry One Size Basix All In One?

    1. Lindsay

      The Basix is all microfiber, the Simplex is cotton!

  2. Mimi

    I love Simplexes! The inserts mostly agitate out in my ancient top loader, although I usually have 1 out of my 9 that I have that doesn’t…there seems to be enough room to allow them to clean though. I’m on the fence about buying more because of their price point, but for daycare I think it will be nice and easy to put on and for the cloth opposed hubby.

  3. […] Like the TeenyFit, the Blueberry is an all-in-one where the insert tucks into a pocket which can also be used to add absorbency. The Simplex’s pocket opens at the front and the back, and the insert is tucked in at the front. (The TeenyFit’s pocket is at the back only.) This is the same design as the one-size Blueberry Simplex. […]

  4. […] diapers in our stash that are still not fitting well, there’s our EBB, Sweet Pea AIO, Blueberry Simplex (whose newborn cousin is still holding up amazingly well) and our SunBaby (we have the […]

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