Best Bottom Overnight Hemp Insert Review

Best Bottom Overnight Insert ReviewI received this product free for review. All opinions remain my own.

This Best Bottom insert is the very first Best Bottom insert I’ve ever tried, despite owning a handful of Best Bottom covers. One of the things I enjoy about my BB shells is that I can use them with so many different inserts! A lot of Mamas in my local group have been raving about using Best Bottom overnight inserts as a leakproof solution, so of course, I had to try them out.

Best Bottom Overnight Insert Review

Best Bottom Overnight Hemp Inserts come in small, medium and large, like their day-time inserts, which is a consideration you will have to make when pricing out your overnight solution. The advantage of sized inserts for overnight is getting a less-bulky fit no matter what your baby’s size. If you want a one-size option that fits in Best Bottom covers, check out my insert sandwich!

You generally use the Best Bottom overnight insert with a regular day-time insert (stay dry or hemp) snapped on top. Since I don’t actually own any other BB inserts, I discovered very conveniently that Funky Fluff small stay-dry inserts snap on perfectly!

Best Bottom Overnight Insert Review

Our overnight hemp inserts are the largest size, and they need to be washed many times before they shrink up and fit in the Best Bottom shell perfectly. Now ours is shrunk to 13 in. long and it’s a perfect fit.

The overnight hemp insert plus Funky Fluff stay-dry insert is super trim compared to most overnight fitteds and my overnight insert sandwich:

Best Bottom Overnight Insert Review

But does it work? Well I am happy to report it does, most of the time! On nights when he sleeps through without waking for some milk, it’s fine. But, I definitely recommend using a Best Bottom day time insert on top of the Best Bottom overnight insert for heavy wetters.

Another option which works for us on nights he has something to drink before morning, not owning other Best Bottom inserts, is using the regular Funky Fluff stay dry insert, snapped on with the front folded over for extra absorbency in the little-boy wet zone! 

regular FF on BB hemp


In case you’re curious, here’s what the Best Bottom Stay Dry insert looks like on top of the Hemp Overnight, courtesy of Judith at Notre Basse Cour:

Stay Dry on Hemp

Advantages of the Best Bottom Overnight Insert:

  • Natural fiber means super absorbent and easier to launder;
  • Using inserts rather than fitteds means you can easily rinse out the diaper in the morning (highly recommended to avoid ammonia build up);
  • Hour-glass shape makes for a slim and comfy fit;
  • Best Bottom products are made in the USA.
  • You do not have to use a Best Bottom cover with their inserts. If you’re not fussy about it snapping in (I’m not), use their awesome inserts in whichever cover gives you the best fit!

Disadvantages of the Best Bottom Overnight Insert:

  • The insert takes time to dry as it is quite thick. It isn’t fully dry after one dryer session;
  • The snaps meant to receive a Best Bottom insert may be annoying if you don’t use other Best Bottom inserts or inserts that require snaps;
  • The fact that they come in three sizes means the cost can add up as baby grows;
  • In terms of the fit of the Best Bottom cover, it is quite low-slung now that Cub has grown taller, and I prefer the fit of our Rumparooz cover.

Have you tried Best Bottom Overnight inserts?

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3 responses to “Best Bottom Overnight Hemp Insert Review”

  1. Marian F.

    BestBottoms is my favorite AI2 that I have tried so far. I like how you can wipe the inside of the cover after each use. I haven’t tried their Overnight inserts though. I only have one cover and a mixture of their stay dry and hemp/cotton inserts. Sadly it doesn’t get much use as an actual AI2 because it seems to be my son’s favorite poop diaper. I had won another cover over a month ago from another blogger but never received it 🙁 So it looks like I’m going to be ordering another cover and some of these overnight inserts to try.

  2. jeanette

    I just received my bestbottoms all-in-2 last week and my little guy is right at the upper range of the small inserts (12+lbs) so I went ahead and got the mediums. Now after wearing the diaper at night for about 4-5 hours we had leaks twice. I feel like I must be doing something wrong because I really want to love this type of system. I am currently on my third CD baby and have always just done the traditional flats with a cover but then I found these. I just ordered another brand with this type of snap in insert called buttons so we will see if those work a little better. I love my flats but I wanted something that I don’t have to think about when I am changing in the middle of the night.

    1. Lindsay

      Hi Jeanette! So a couple things could be coming into play here, including the hemp inserts not being prepped enough yet or not getting the perfect fit with the Best Bottom cover. I am sadly not an expert on Best Bottom, this is the only part of their system I reviewed. You might want to reach out to their customer service, or see if they have a fan group who can help you trouble shoot!

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