Mouse & Hatter Hybrid Fitted Review

Mouse & Hatter Hybrid Fitted Review

I received this product free for review. All opinions remain my own.

If you’re a long-time follower of my blog, first of all, THANKS! And, second of all, you know I’m not a particular fan of fitted diapers. That being said, I wanted to help WAHM Stefanie of Mouse & Hatter get her name out there, and I couldn’t resist her adorable fabric choices.

My main beef with fitteds is that you have to cover them up. They’re so cute, so squishy… but you have to put a cover on top. My Mouse & Hatter fitted is known as a “hybrid” fitted because it has water-resistant properties in the form of a hidden layer of microfleece:

Diaper construction: Outer shell is a combination of an Organic Interlock Cotton Knit and Spandex/ Cotton blend, hidden layer is Microfleece and the inner layer is Organic Bamboo Velour. (OBV) The 6 layer petal style insert has a top layer of OBV, 3 layers of Super Heavy Organic Bamboo Fleece (SHOBF) and 2 layers of Organic Bamboo Terry. A 3 layer SHOBF/ Organic Bamboo Terry booster is also included.

Why we’re loving it:

So far, Cub has been wearing his Mouse & Hatter diaper around the house, without a cover, including for a 4-hour nap (that was a good day), and no moisture has pushed through to the exterior of the diaper! The interior components are heavy duty and super absorbent, so we haven’t needed to cover up the cuteness.

Mouse & Hatter Hybrid Fitted ReviewWhen I receive a WAHM-made diaper, I always pay attention to the quality of the construction. WAHM-made diapers are (legitimately and necessarily) more expensive, so I want to make sure they are well-constructed. Our Mouse & Hatter diaper is gorgeously and meticulously finished with high-quality materials.

Mouse & Hatter Hybrid Fitted Review

The bamboo booster and inserts have curled ever so slightly at the edges after being washed and dried a few times, but nowhere near the curling I’ve had with inserts from major brands. The inner blue velour has faded somewhat, but that’s normal for the fabric. The exterior cotton is washing very nicely!


I really wish I had some kind of constructive criticism to offer to round out my review. All I can say is that this diaper has had me rethinking my stance on fitteds: I actually love using this one! Although we don’t own any wool covers, THIS is the kind of diaper I’d switch to wool for. Heck, this is a diaper I’d almost switch to fitteds for!

While I prefer pockets for daily use, I absolutely adore putting Cub in his Mouse & Hatter around the house. I would simply toss a cover on top if we were going to go out, but really, for us, this is a lounging-at-home-in-a-no-pants-party kinda diaper.


I would wholeheartedly recommend this hybrid fitted if you have a heavy wetter, especially paired with wool. If you have a moderate wetter like me, you can count on using this diaper without a cover when you’re hanging out at home!

Show Stefanie some love and shop via her Facebook page. She’s also on Etsy!

Do you own any WAHM-made hybrid fitteds?



8 responses to “Mouse & Hatter Hybrid Fitted Review”

  1. Sarah Donaldson

    We loved our Mouse&Hatter diaper so much we ordered a second before I even washed the first one!

  2. Amber Onufer

    I am looking at hybrids for night as I have a heavy wetter I love this design I may have to buy one thanks

  3. Marian F.

    I don’t own any fitteds yet but have been looking into a few brands. I really like the look of the one reviewed and her prices aren’t bad compare to a few other brands.

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