Naty by Nature Care “Green” Disposable Diaper Review

Naty by Nature Care Review

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When you have to use ‘sposies, what are you ‘sposed to use?

A while back I posted about some “Eco” disposable diapering options. When I updated that post, it had actually been a long time since we’d used disposables at all. When I needed a pack of ‘sposies for a weekend away at my brother’s wedding, it was a no-brainer for me to choose Naty.

Naty diapers are “completely unbleached, contain no latex, fragrance, or TBT (tributyltin), and are hypo-allergenic.” In terms of ingredients and business model, Naty fits the bill for me.


Do Naty diapers do the job?

Absolutely. I was particularly nervous about using Naty overnight, but we used them four times, with nighttime nursing, and had no leaks. In fact, our only leak was when, in my hurry to get back to the wedding reception and after a glass of wine, I slapped a fresh diaper on him while he was standing up and did not do so very effectively. #MommyFail

The size 5s we got are listed for 24-55 lbs, but I found the waist pretty narrow. They fit on Cub, but I don’t think they’d fit on a child with a much wider waistline. The diaper goes very high up his back, and he’s pretty tall. Shorter kids will be rocking the disposable diaper equivalent of mom jeans!


Am I converted to ‘sposies?

Nope. For one thing, I hate the noise they make when he moves! I was also surprised to observe that they stink. Since we were bed-sharing while staying at my parents’ place, I really noticed the odor in the morning. When he wakes up in cloth, I don’t smell anything until I remove the diaper. (Note that if your overnight cloth diapers are overwhelmingly stinky, you have a problem, your diapers aren’t getting properly cleaned.) I don’t like how high the diaper goes up his back: a ‘sposie isn’t cute peeking out of pants!

That said, for the times that I just need a disposable diaper or two, I would definitely choose Naty again.

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