Cloth Postpartum Pads: From Reluctant Mama to Postpartum Pad Pro

Turning a Reluctant Mama Cloth User into a Postpartum Pad Pro

See that gorgeous lady? That’s Adrienne. We met online in a cloth diapering forum of all places, and have been besties ever since. When Adrienne was pregnant with EAT (those are his initials, and it has become a suitable moniker for the little guy), I decided I was going to convert her to mama cloth via cloth postpartum pads.

Adrienne was generous enough to write about her experience using cloth postpartum pads after I subjected her to a grueling interview about the pads she tested; an interview that proved to what extent we are comfortable discussing bodily fluids with each other. A pad-by-pad review will be posted next week!

Here’s what Adrienne had to say about the Postpartum Pad Party in her pants:

I confess: the idea of mama cloth really grossed me out. I’m not a gal who has ever been comfortable with my period. I refuse to discuss bodily functions, and the topic of menstruation, even with my BFFs, has always made me blush. But after birthing three beautiful babies during some of the warmest months of the year, I was ready to try a pad that didn’t leave me feeling sweaty, itchy and dirty. I started cloth diapering with my third child, and had already been an avid user of the Diva Cup for years, so mama cloth wasn’t exactly a foreign concept to me. My BFF Lindsay introduced me to the idea of reusable menstrual products months ago, and from what she had to say about it, I decided it might be a good solution for my postpartum bleeding.

With her help, I purchased and was given for review what amounted to a full stash of PP pads, about 13 in total. I had a good mix of thicker/thinner, longer/shorter, natural fiber/PUL pads that would last me 2-3 days between washes. This was great, since I planned on washing my newborn’s cloth diapers with my pads (he’s EBF). While some people suggest rinsing the used pads before putting them in the wash, I found this to be an unnecessary step (ie: I got lazy).

As icky as I thought the whole process of using and washing the pads would be, it turned out to be no worse than cloth diapering. I tossed the pads in with the diapers, and never touched or even looked at the dirty ones. In terms of leak protection, I found all the pads pretty much comparable, and while I liked the natural fiber ones more, I loved the PUL backed ones for going out and not having to worry about changing them for longer.

If I was recommending postpartum pads to a friend (which I will), I would suggest having a few pads from several brands. I liked that I had choices in terms of size and thickness, and it allowed me to pick a pad that was appropriate for my outfit (no one likes a big padded bum with yoga pants), and activity. I am happy to report that I have made peace with my period. I didn’t expect to love the PP pads as much as I did, and I’m actually looking forward to trying out some regular cloth pads and panty liners when the time comes!

Thank you to everyone who helped Maman Loup convert me to cloth!

xoxo Adrienne


41 responses to “Cloth Postpartum Pads: From Reluctant Mama to Postpartum Pad Pro”

  1. Mylène Bélanger

    I’m a little afraid that it will smell more :/

  2. Stephanie

    I’m nervous about the clots that I’ve heard happen. I’m also worried because they’re so expensive and this will be our only child.

  3. jen mort

    the main consern is over flow!

  4. Catherine

    I am worry about starting on cloth pads for the first time PP, when I have never even seen/used a cloth pad before.

  5. Mary R

    I don’t really have any concerns. I’m looking forward to not having to use something made of scratchy paper.

  6. katie s

    I’m nervous in general of the clots that come afterwards. They were pretty moderately sized. But, I don’t want to use sposies again, so I’m going to use my cloth no matter what! I’d also worry about overfilling and leaking, but hey, I’m going to be home with the baby, I don’t have any excuse to not just change every 2 hours when I change the baby 😉

  7. Norma

    I have never used cloth I would be afraid that they would be really bulky.

  8. Melanie Cain

    I used to be afraid that they would either leak or that they wouldn’t absorb & it’s just kind of fall off… So not an issue. No matter what you may think beforehand, nothing beats the comfort. You don’t feel like you’re wearing a diaper or plastic bag. There’s no more irritation, pain or itching. I can breathe!!!!

  9. Melissa Ostrihon

    I’m worried about absorbency. I had some pretty embarrassing overflow accidents prior to having my DD. I’m afraid the flow will be even heavier now.

  10. Amanda Austin

    I’m glad that you gave them a try, and I recommend cloth to everyone. After my last child (by the time I had finally heard that cloth pads even existed) I finally tried cloth pads for the first time. I ordered mine from a WAHM from the US. I didn’t use cloth for the first day or two, because the bleeding was very heavy and my midwife recommended Kotex instead. But on day three, when I started with cloth I found that I much preferred it. So much more comfortable! I also recommend washing with other clothes or towels. I’m squeamish about mixing pads with diapers because my baby’s diapers stink and I don’t want that to transfer onto my pads (which don’t stink at all)

  11. Christina Swenson

    I am most concerned about using cloth for postpartum because according to the doctor at my last birth, my bleeding was heavy. I am not sure if cloth will hold up past more normal bleeding.

  12. I’m not so concerned with anything to be honest. Just want to get some before we TTC our second when we decide to. Clots won’t be pleasant but I didn’t really care or notice with our first.

  13. Leela R.

    I really want to use cloth post partum pads with my next child but I’m afraid of the time and hassle of having to rinse the pads before washing them with the diapers. I know you didn’t rinse them, but from my experience with regular pads I need to rinse them well or they don’t get clean in my washer. It’s kind of a pain and when I’m in pain from after labor I’m not sure I’ll want to deal with it!

  14. Mel

    I’m worried that they will leak and leave me in an embarrassing situation in public. I’m also concerned about investing and not liking the ones I bought and having to sirens so much to get more of a different brand.

  15. victoria W

    I didn’t use them for our first would consider if we ever have a second but am worried about overflow especially due to PCOS which already makes that a concern at times

  16. Dominica H.

    I have to say I’m a little worried about making the switch postpartum. I had some funky odor that lasted, along with the bleeding, for like 8 weeks.

  17. Bonnie L

    I’m worried about whether I can catch up on the cleaning of the pads while I’m exhausted PP

  18. Hailey Hutchings

    I am worried about not having enough pads and enough absorbentcy

  19. Asleep12

    I was really concerned about how heavy the postpartum lochia would be. I wasn’t sure the cloth pads would be absorbant enough while being trim enough that they would not be uncomfortable.

  20. amanda townsend

    I really want to try this as I hate the feel of non cloth products.

  21. Genevieve White

    I worried my flow would be too heavy, but it wasn’t 🙂 Love cloth!

  22. Rose M.

    I was concerned that they wouldn’t be absorbent enough. I now know better, but I never used them during my PP phase. Now I’m just concerned that they might not feel cushy enough because I had a lot of stitches and stuff down there last time and all but one type of pad hurt me.

  23. Tatjana D

    I didnt have a lot of PP pads when i had my last baby so i was using mostly disposables for the first few days till i was able to use the shorter ones. i guess i didnt want to invest in so many because that was my last planned birth. i guess washing would have been a concern since i didnt have a lot i would have to wash more often

  24. Katy Emanuel

    I am very nervous about major leaks using cloth postpartum. I have not yet tried cloth, but hope to when my period returns at least when I am working at home until I see how absorbent they are and how I like them.

  25. Amanda W-B

    Im a bit worried about leaking/overflow especially on non-PUL backed cloths. Im already a cloth pad using momma, but my period is usually only light to moderate. Heavy postpartum worries me a bit, but I have to admit I do love the coverage of most postpartum pads.

  26. Chrissy B.

    Not really worried about anything. I was just not looking forward to it after a 9 month break.

  27. I’d been wanting to switch to mama cloth long before I even got pregnant and entertained the idea of making my own (except I’d have to drive an ungodly distance just to get some PUL) but I’ve been most worried about bulk and leaking.

  28. Anna W

    My concern with cloth is that it would not absorb as much fluids.

  29. Ashley F

    I already have used cloth pads for my cycle for about 2 years. I am now pregnant and my only concern about using post partum cloth is having enough and deciding if I am going to use cloth or disposables in the hospital.

  30. Christina H

    I’m really interested in trying cloth, but unsure how it all works. I worry about leaks even with disposable pads. But then do you rinse out the clots before throwing the cloth pads in a wet bag or the wash? So I’m not sure where to start.

  31. i have no concerns b/c i have often used cloth and it works great!

  32. Melinda W

    What were/are your concerns about using cloth during your postpartum phase?
    I have yet to try PP cloth…prior to becoming pregnant with my 3rd I used cloth pads on the regular. PP cloth is just the next step in RUMPS addiction. Pretty excited to get this baby out of me and into her new fluff, and me into my own fluff!!

  33. Devin M

    I have no concerns about using mama cloth postpartum. Contemplating the postpartum period and the way disposable maxi’s feel like giant diapers is what inspired me to begin looking at mama cloth. I think it would be so uncomfortable to use disposables during that time!!

  34. Paula Ball

    This would be for my granddaughter who is expecting her first baby. She is very committed to environmental responsibility so I think she will do just fine.

  35. manda


  36. Delacey

    My concern was using them in the hospital and coming home to a wet bag full of laundry (also why I didn’t use cloth diapers at the hospital). I should note I came home from the Hosp with my first very stressed so didn’t want to be stressed if possible the second time.

  37. Kathryn

    My concern is extra laundry and running out of pads if your stash isn’t big enough.. To do this I would want a huge stash; which means my other concerns would be cost!!

  38. Lynn B

    I would like to try them but I don’t have the money right now to invest in a full stash for PP especially since I know this is my last baby.

  39. Michelle Flaherty

    I was really worried about leaking because of the heavy flow.

  40. megan

    I’m most worried about coverage

  41. Mandy

    Looking forward to the review. I am definitely on the fence!

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