Smart Bottoms “Born Smart” Newborn AIO Diaper #Review


My best friend Adrienne’s son (henceforth referred to by his oh-so-appropriate initials, EAT) was the lucky baby duckling I lined up to try out Smart Bottoms’ new “Born Smart” newborn AIO diaper. He was about 12 lbs or so by the time we received the diaper, which is designed to fit between 6-16 lbs.

When I received the diaper in the mail, besides oohing and aahing about how adorable, cute and squishy it was (like all newborn things!), I was also impressed with the construction, which marries many of the qualities I enjoyed using newborn prefolds and covers with the benefits of a one-piece design that will suit those looking for a diaper as similar to a disposable as possible:


My favourite aspects of the diaper’s design are:

  • The umbilical cut out: We tried putting a TotsBots Tiny Fit on little EAT when he still had his little umbilical stump, and it didn’t work at all. (By the time we received our “Born Smart,” however, his stump had fallen off.)
  • The happy merger of pocket diaper and all-in-one diaper: snap the extra insert in and tuck it in the pocket for an AIO that is easily boosted, like a pocket!
  • The natural fiber inner: I adored using our Bummis organic cotton prefolds on Cub, and found that having a natural fiber directly against his skin seemed to prevent compression leaks.
  • Super fast dry time: I prepped the diaper 6x for Adrienne, and it was always dry after one dryer cycle, unlike many AIO designs.

The diaper looked quite adorable on little EAT when I first got to put it on him:


The Review:

Since Adrienne was the one truly putting the diaper to the test, I can only report back on her findings until I have a newborn of my own to try it out on.

EAT is a super soaker, something evidenced by the forceful and abundant streams of pee Adrienne has had to catch in the midst of diaper changes. I remember that before he hit the weight maximum for his newborn prefolds, Cub was already peeing too much for them. Even with the included booster, this seemed to be the case for EAT at 12 lbs, as Adrienne experienced leaks. In my own stash I have a wide variety of boosters and inserts that I would’ve liked to try to see if we could improve upon the situation, but we didn’t get the chance by the time he had simply outgrown the diaper. From what Anne at Zephyr Hill and Celeste at Thinking About Cloth Diapers describe, the “Born Smart” diaper performs well with the addition of a more substantial booster.

Whether or not you opt for the Smart Bottoms newborn size over the “one size” version may simply depend on how big your baby is and/or how heavy of a wetter he is. I know that can be a bit hard to predict, but I can simply offer the assurance that it is fairly easy to resell unused or lightly used newborn diapers!

Here’s the “Born Smart” next to its big brother, the Smart Bottoms 3.1:


Like with the 3.1, the leg elastics on the “Born Smart” aren’t encased, which means the inner cotton can sometimes wind up exposed, which can lead to moisture wicking on to clothes. It’s easy to check for, and easily remedied. Adrienne also mentioned that she would have preferred a double row of closure snaps (as with the 3.1), and from my perspective, I’d love an aplix model as I preferred the ease of hook & loop closures in those early days!

Like the regular Smart Bottoms AIO which I reviewed, the “Born Smart” is manufactured in the United States which is a huge plus from my point of view.  I’m looking forward to being able to try it on a newborn right from birth, and I promise, I’m working hard on making that dream a reality!

78 responses to “Smart Bottoms “Born Smart” Newborn AIO Diaper #Review”

  1. Anel

    I am expecting my first and plan on using cloth diapers. I have not yet decided if I am going to invest in the newborn diapers, since they grow out of them so fast! As of right now, I plan on using prefold and covers for the newborn stage. Thanks!

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  3. Rachel

    I plan on using whatever I can get my hands on without spending much! I have a few one-size diapers that I think will fit pretty early, and I also have a handful of size ones. Other than that, I might just go with prefolds/flats.

  4. Amanda W

    Our newborn is due in January, and I have lots of prefolds and covers… I would love to try out this AIO!

  5. Erin B.

    Prefolds and covers worked best for us when my daughter was a newborn!

  6. I have purchased some covers as well as some all-in-ones to test out on #2 who is due this fall. I even have one Smart Bottoms newborn in my newborn stash 🙂

  7. Colleen Maurina

    My daughter just had a baby boy two weeks ago and is trying to find cloth diapers that work for newborns. Some of the one sized diapers are a little too big as yet. I like that this diaper has an umbilical cut out.

  8. mariko lafontaine

    We used a lot of different brands, but in the early days we loved our bumgenius AIO XS, our imagine baby newborn AIO and our tiny fit. We also loved our AMP AIO small, our applecheeks size 1 and our alva newborn.

  9. J’avais quelques Bumgenius xs et une Tiny fit pour mon Petit Poussin, qu’elle a porté à partir de 3 jours de vie. Par contre, avant même qu’elle ait 3 semaines, je suis passée à certains modèles os fait plus petits, comme la 1re génération de Omaïki et de Double maman. Si bébé 3 il y a, je crois que je vais plutôt opter pour des couvre-couche avec des langes, qui serviront éventuellement de booster dans des couches à poche.

  10. Katy Baird

    I used preemie/newborn size prefolds with size 1 thirsties covers until she could git into her one-size pocket diapers (7 weeks) and I loved them! I did have to buy bigger prefolds, but now we use the smaller ones as doublers for her pocket diapers. 🙂

  11. Jennifer Symonds

    So far I am a fan of ai2 and pockets, they’re easy!

  12. Sheena Christopher

    I am going to use whatever works…I have about 20 or so newborn cloth diapers…all different brands, just going to try and see what works out! Baby is due in a little over 3 weeks!!!

  13. Bianca Munoz

    prefolds and covers worked best for the newborn stage.
    but we use a little bit of everything.

  14. laura bernard

    We plan on using BG newborn.

  15. jodi Armstrong

    Prefolds & covers worked best. For cost reasons I’d probably continue down that path 🙂

  16. Sarah Hayes

    i used disposables with my LO but I wish I had used flats/covers or AIOs like from smartbottoms

  17. Penni

    Prefolds and covers worked best for me!

  18. Vicki Gary

    We didn’t get into cloth diapering until LO was just over 2 months when I did the math and realized with the cheap disposables it was going to cost us $60 a month to diaper our little one. We have recently decided to have another baby and have no idea what newborn diapers to choose. Smartbottoms and Rumparooz are on my list to try 🙂

  19. Hannah M

    We started with prefolds and Thirsties covers. Then a friend gave us some fitteds to help grow our stash. We loved fitteds when she was tiny! Now we use pockets.

  20. keri

    I plan on using a combo of prefolds and Applecheeks but would love to add this diaper to my tiny stash! 🙂

  21. diane king

    always bought cloth diapers for my children –the ones I fold myself –this would be great to try them out

  22. Melissa E

    I was planning on using flats and Thirsties/Bummis covers.

  23. With my son I used the few newborn diapers I had (BG xs, LilJoey, and a newborn fitted with cover) and some onesize diapers. Next time I’ll try some prefolds with covers.

  24. Melissa S

    I really liked my size 1 applecheeks for our newborn, but would like to try a few newborn diapers the next time(s) around!!

  25. Dawne

    I’ve got some tiny gpants and some prefolds and covers to use for the newborn stage. Had to use disposables on my last baby for the newborn stage since I got stuck away from home for almost 2 weeks (Thanks, Hurricane Irene :P)
    By the time I got home to my cloth, she didn’t really need newborn sizes any more …lol

  26. Due with #2 in January and this will be my first time using cloth diapers for a newborn (started with my first when she was 9 months). I plan to get a variety to try out, but mostly fitteds and AIOs.

  27. Christina H

    Little one isn’t here yet, but we plan on trying AIOs and fitteds. I’d also like to try newborn cloth diapering.

  28. Mesha C.

    We plan on using covers and pre-folds.

  29. Linda Bauer

    Building my newborn diaper stash for our baby boy arriving in Dec. Love to try this out.

  30. Nikki A

    We used flats and covers, but I would love to try some AIOs next time around.

  31. Brenda P

    Our little girl was a preemie, so unfortunately, nothing fit her until she was about a month old. At that point we started using Bummis newborn covers with prefolds, imagine newborn covers with prefolds, and some WAHM newborn covers with inserts. We weren’t prepared enough with a large enough newborn stash because we thought the OS would be small enough. Those didn’t fit her for at least another month. I washed daily until she was about 3 months old. At that point enough of the diapers finally fit her that I could go to every other day. If I had it to do over, I’d definitely have a larger newborn stash!

  32. Michelle D

    For my last baby I used mostly prefolds and covers. For this baby I will be doing the same thing.

  33. Shawna P

    We used newborn aios with both babes. They are super easy and fit well. With my son I also used fitteds and covers for overnight.

  34. hayley s

    We tried Flip covers and prefolds/flip inserts but they didn’t really fit well until he was at least 3 weeks, but even then they didn’t fit very well! Fuzzibunz didn’t fit until he was about a month old, so that was even worse than the prefolds and covers. We plan to use a mix newborn diapers with our next one though!

  35. Nicole U

    I love the AIO with the option to snap in an insert. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  36. Love a great Eco-Friendly giveaway! Thank you!

    Holistics by Morgan
    Holistic Wellness Site for Stay-at-Home Moms

  37. Karine

    I plan to use a bunch of diapers my friend gave me, but I also would like to make my own if I can 🙂

  38. Courtney Adair

    We plan on using mostly prefolds and diaper safari covers when our newborn arrives in January. I have a few funky fluffs, a few econobum, bumgenius, etc. So we will see what works best for us in less than 15 weeks!! 😀

  39. Cass

    We are expecting our 3rd child in March, but this will be out first time using newborn cloth. Right now we have 8 happy heiney pocket diapers in size small, but I really want to get some AIO especially for those late night changes.

  40. brenna

    Loved by Blueberry Simplex’s and the high quality WAHM hybrid fitteds

  41. petra coleslaw

    I’m due in November with my first. For when after the umbilical cord falls off, I bought a Bummis duo-brite in the smaller size with two newborn prefolds and two of the snap inserts, since I expect my baby to be pretty big when she arrives, and I already have a box of disposable diapers. I’m a bit hesitant about buying newborn cloth since they’re only tiny for a short time, and I have no more money in my budget though I wish I did! At least with the duo-brite we’ll be able to go around 1/3 of the day in cloth, and since the rest of my cloth diapers are one-size she’ll grow into them soon (hopefully!). Honestly I just plan on winging it!

  42. Kristina A.

    Newborn prefolds and covers worked best for our newborn

  43. Marlete Ledford

    We’re due with our 2nd in December and this will be our first time cloth diapering. I’m not quite sure where to start so we’re going with a couple newborn and one size and see what works best, since big babies tend to run in my family lol

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  45. Beki Lozano

    i have not yet used NB diapers but i cant wait too!!! i think covers and prefolds would be best money wise and AIO would be awesome easy wise!! lol

  46. Jessica M J

    I had a big newborn so surprisingly my favorites were Rumperooz one size. They were low enough before the cord fell off, they were bulky though, so when the cord fell of we loved the discontinued Bumgenius small aio.

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  48. Crissiek

    I never cloth diapered my newborn,, I decided at about 5 weeks to start cloth diapering. But I am willing to give it a try with the next baby! 🙂

  49. Karen W

    I used mostly prefolds with snappi & double gusset covers during the day time with our newborn, but loved having AIOs for easy over night changes and for my husband (who never got the hang of folding prefolds). Would love to add this AIO to my newborn stash for when we have a 2nd.

  50. Devon

    I tried using pre-folds and hated it. I would really like to get some AIO’s or AI2’s for this next one… and I truly hate that we resorted to disposable!

  51. Anna Kloch

    I’m trying newborn diapers with my second. So far I’ve bought a few AIO’s but will probably use mostly prefolds and covers since newborns grow so fast!

  52. We’re planning on using mostly prefolds and RAR covers. I’d love to have one of these though!

  53. Jen

    I love prefolds and covers for during the day and aio’s at night during the newborn stage. Prefolds for ease of washing and they’re cheap. Aio’s at night because who wants to fumble with a prefold in a sleep deprived stupor!

  54. Katherine Kirkpatrick

    I used hybrid gDiapers with my son as a newborn, and with my second, I plan on doing a xomvination of that and prefolds and covers.

  55. Jaime S

    I’m planning for baby #1 and am building a stash with variety to see what I will like best.

  56. Mindy K

    I’m expecting my first in February. I plan to use the prefolds I’ve begun collecting, but also plan to have a handful of newborn AIOs. I’m thinking lil joeys and bumgenius, but I’m open to any recommended brands!

  57. My fav newbie combination was prefolds and covers (either PUL or wool). We had some fitteds, as well as some pockets, but they weren’t as easy.

  58. Sabrina D’Arcy

    I will probably use prefolds and covers during the newborn stage and a mix of fitted and covers and all-in-one after.

    1. Sabrina D’Arcy

      Oh and pocket diapers, I forgot to mention those.

  59. Susanne

    First time around we were confused and overwhelmed by all the choices and instructions available wrt cloth diapering so it took me a while to figure it all out. Unfortunately I couldn’t figure it all out before baby was born, so he was several months old before we started cloth diapering. I’m excited to start as early as possible this time around!

  60. We used disposables with our first until she fit our one size diapers, with our second we used fitteds or prefolds with covers. I haven’t entirely decided what we’re doing this time!

  61. Jennifer

    I plan on using prefolds and covers mostly. Maybe a few fitteds and AIO.

  62. Ashley D

    I didn’t CD with DD number 1 but would
    Like to with DD number 2. I was thinking AI2 would be easiest or
    Covers and prefolds.

  63. Kris

    Trying to gather a mix of brands to see what works best! No experience with this one yet.

  64. Sarah Elyce

    Our first is due 10/14 and I am waiting a crash course in CDing from a friend that does it. 🙂

  65. Fatima luna

    I’m still new to cloth diapering so I’m thinking of using the all in ones to make life easier. I have read really good reviews about prefolds but I might give them a try once my daughter is older just to avoid a headache.

  66. Elly Lisda

    New to Cloth Diaper! Thrilled to try and Win this giveaway

  67. Stacy Renee

    I’m expecting with my first in two months! We are going to use prefolds and covers. We can’t afford to buy newborn diapers but I’ve read that Thirsties fit newborns well (unless the baby is really small) so we are just going to see how things go and hope it all works out!

  68. barnolds barnes

    We just used disposables because the hospital gave us 3 months worth for free. I think if I did cloth it would probably be prefolds/flats because those are the cheapest for the shortest amount of time.

  69. Our first baby will be born in January so I don’t have an answer but I was glad to be able to read the others’ thoughts!

  70. Isabelle

    With my son, I had to use disposable diapers as he had a really bad Candida erythema, so he needed to be treated with a cream prescribed by his dr. and I didn’t want to ruin my diapers. We started cloth diapering as soon as the erythema was gone, around 2mo and 1/2.
    Hopefully, I will be able to start cloth diapering sooner with my daughter (expected at the beginning of November). I’ll use my BG 4.0, BG Freetime, P’tit Bedon and Bic et Biquette.

  71. Jutta P.

    Natural fibers are awesome! They are so soft and absorbent. And AIOs make my life so much easier with all the frequent changes in the beginning.

  72. Rachel Webb

    I’m due in December. Once our baby is born we plan on using prefolds and covers.

  73. Aimee H

    Our twin boys are arriving in mid-November. A friend has gifted us with Blueberry Simplex newborn diapers. We’ve also registered for BumGenius, Bummis and Apple Cheeks diapers to see which ones we like the best!

  74. Chandal

    I plan to use prefolds and covers for my newborn due next month!

  75. Katie

    My baby girl is almost 3 weeks old. I have been using mostly 1 size diapers on her but they seem too big. I would really like to try a newborn size diaper. 🙂

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