Why I Care About Cloth Diaper New Release Parties.

Why I Care About Cloth Diaper New Release Parties

If you had told me before I had my son and joined the online cloth diapering community that I would one day count down the days to a cloth diaper brand’s new release party, then eagerly participate in said event… well I would’ve thought you were nuts.

Firstly: What? Cloth diaper brands have release parties? Secondly: Why would I care?

Well, let me tell you why I care about cloth diaper new release parties!

I will grant that on a professional level, I do have a vested interest in the latest cloth diaper news. It’s fodder for my own blog and Facebook page, and also important for my role as Content Curator at cloth diaper retailer, Lil’ Monkey Cheeks.

But let’s put aside the fact that I have managed to make my adoration for fluff part of my job description. I want to talk about the cloth diaper new release party as a social phenomenon.

Being a stay-at-home Mom can be very isolating. I am very lucky to have a tribe of three girlfriends and their children to whom I can turn for support and companionship, but since we are not neighbours, our tribal gatherings are infrequent. Furthermore, my entire family lives on the other side of the country. I am also very lucky to have a very healthy work/life balance: through the miracles of affordable, quality day care close to my home, I’ve been working part-time (by choice) and staying home with Cub the rest of the time. But it just so happens that we are presently half way through a 4-week stretch in which day care is closed for a well-deserved vacation, and I’ve been full-time stay-at-home-Mom-ing for two weeks.

Many, many, many of you out there are full-time-SAHMs year round. Some by choice, others by necessity (there’s no point working if your entire salary pays for day care). I always thought that I too would be a full-time SAHM, but soon discovered that being able to also pursue my business was important to my own well being. These two weeks spent back on the full-time SAHM train (I started slowly returning to work when Cub was a year old, and he is now almost two) have been lonelier than I expected. My husband works long hours, so I am often alone with Cub for more than 12 hours a day. I’ve felt an emotion I haven’t experienced in ages: boredom.

Don’t get me wrong: there are tons and tons of joys to spending the whole day with Cub. (And no, not just when he finally goes to bed!) But sometimes playing with a toddler is just plain boring. I can’t have an actual conversation with him (although that doesn’t stop me), he doesn’t like to do the things I would do if I could choose (like super girly arts and crafts) and as soon as I sit down to do something I really want to do, he is miraculously in need of my attention.

So as the 1:00 new release party start-time loomed, I was excited! Yes, excited! As I scrolled down the event page, Moms were sharing their 80s-inspired outfits or flashback photos, chatting about 80s trends (the theme of the new release was, well, the 1980s) and guessing what the new colour might be. Suddenly, rather than being alone on my bed with Cub playing stickers at my feet, I was at a giant hang out of Moms just like me!

Is AppleCheeks a genius when it comes to marketing to Moms? Yes. They’re a tough act to follow, but other brands should be (and probably are) taking notes. But for $20, I’m not just getting a diaper cover that replaces cases and cases of disposables and happens to be made right here in Montréal… I’m also getting a sense of community.

So no, the most exciting moment of my day today was not discovering the new colour of a cloth diaper. The most exciting moment of my day was realizing that there’s a tribe of women whose most exciting moment of the day was discovering the new colour of a cloth diaper all together!

Did you attend today’s new release party?

26 responses to “Why I Care About Cloth Diaper New Release Parties.”

  1. Well stated Lindsay! Your blog is always makes us smile! Keep up the great job!

  2. Cara D

    Beautifully written and completely relatable. It is lonely being a SAHM and connecting with other mamas (over cloth diapers) is fun and makes me feel like I belong to a fun club. Thanks Lindsay!

  3. But of course. 🙂 I need to be there for my own blog and for the store that I’m a Content Curator for. 😉

  4. I was there. 🙂 Totally agree with you – SAHM life is isolating. I had friends without kids message me this morning asking “soooo what is party to the max?” because they saw I was having such a good time with it. I LOVE the sense of community!

  5. Twitter parties, release events, Facebook groups – they are so so much fun! If it’s about cloth, I’m IN!

  6. Katie Jurisch

    I missed the release by an hour, forgetting about the time difference, but I totally get it! Being a sahm is fun when you’re a part of a bigger community. It’s a huge blessing to be a part of this group of moms!

  7. Colleen Maurina

    Wonderful thoughts! Being in touch with other moms is a huge support system as well as a social outlet with others who are having similar experiences as you. Camaraderie is a wonderful thing!

  8. Sheridan

    I love being part of the cloth diaper community!

  9. Melissa E

    It’s really nice to get excited about something with a bunch of like minded people. =)

  10. Sarah Habersberger

    I really love this. It is nice to get involved with other moms. I’m a SAHM because my salary would basically just go to daycare for two kids. It just made sense to stay home (plus, I wanted to spend as much time with my little ones as possible). But it can be very isolating. These release parties are a great way to mingle with like minded people. 🙂

  11. Sarah

    I was at the release party, and I was really excited to see the new colour! I was somewhat disappointed in the colour for my little man’s sake, but if I had a girl, I would be all over that Jem! I agree, having something to look forward to and get excited about is super fun and gives me time to interact with other mommies, a break from baby talk, lol!

  12. Sarah

    Annndddd AMP just released their new colour, and I am in love, I guessed some fall colour, and my wish was granted, tangerine. Can’t wait to get my hands on that colour!

  13. Marian F.

    I love new releases! While I don’t buy into the hype of limited editions it’s still fun to guess what the new color or print is. Its also nice to see what other mommas think.

  14. I attended. I love the AC community of women. So kind and supportive.

  15. Jessica B

    I haven’t attended a release and always thought them silly. People would wait around just to see a new colour or print? After reading this, I can definitely see the appeal! It’s more about like-minded individuals gathering and a release party gives them an excuse to do so.
    Thanks for enlightening me!

  16. Donna-Lynn Craig

    You said it perfectly!!! This party was so fun!!! I enjoy cloth diapering and the communities of cloth diapering groups on facebook. Majority of people i know had their babies younger than me in my community, so this gives me something and someone to relate to.

  17. Chantal J

    “As soon as I sit down to do something I really want to do, he is miraculously in need of my attention.” <<That is so true! My poor sewing business has been on the side of the road for awhile. I really miss it, but I can't afford to put my two breastfeeders in daycare, nor would they let me pump for bottles! They just don't like when momma isn't paying attention to them!

  18. April E

    Very Smart Marketing indeed, nothing beats the power of word of mouth

  19. Yes! I love the support and camaraderie that I get from the cloth diapering community.

  20. Claire Rheinheimer

    I haven’t been in on a release party yet, but I totally get how that would be a blast! I’m a full time sahm by choice, and while I do love it, I crave female adult conversation sometimes! I’m lucky to have a mom’s group on facebook that I really enjoy otherwise some days I might go nuts!

  21. Rayna K

    It’s so nice to see someone else (SAHM) who is excited over new releases. I know it’s partly your job but I get excited because I have a desire to try out new diapers. I’m not a “one style only” kind of gal 🙂

  22. Jennifer

    Very true. Being alone all day with a little one is enjoyable but very isolating. Your whole day revolves around their schedule.

  23. Brittany P

    Totally agree. I’m new to cloth diapering and don’t know many moms that do it, so it’s nice to see others like me out there. 🙂

  24. […] out of their reveal.  It’s always a party with prizes and games.  It can provide a great sense of community.  And there’s always a fun video to go along with it!  This time, the new cloth diaper […]

  25. I love the cloth diapers. They have really changed from using the safety pins when I had my daughter 30 years ago. I love the Velcro and cloth is so much better and cheaper too use.

  26. […] of your pajamas to participate! I love planning release parties for Funky Fluff, and I even wrote a post about why I think release parties […]

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