Buttons Cloth Diaper Review

Buttons Cloth Diaper Review ~ Maman Loup's DenDisclosure: I received this product free for review. All opinions remain my own! This post was originally published in March, 2014.

Buttons Cloth Diapers are an affordable AI2 diaper system for the cloth diapering minimalist. This system, designed by a Washington-based husband and wife team consists of a PUL one-size cover and snap-in inserts.

I’m a big fan of AI2 systems that have a wipeable inner (rather than fleece or other fabric) because they are truly reusable through multiple changes. The Buttons cover can be used as a cover with any type of insert, but the snap-in Buttons inserts make for the most user-friendly option, essentially allowing the diaper to function as an all-in-one if you so desire.

Buttons Inners

The inserts come in sizes small and large, day-time options and nighttime options. I tested the large insert on my big boy, and found absorption to be plenty. The insert is microfibre topped with stay-dry fleece.


  • Price point: There’s no denying it- Buttons covers and inserts are significantly cheaper than similar systems on the market.
  • Wipeable inner: Truly reusable for multiple diaper changes!
  • Double gusset: Leaks are unlikely around the legs with double gussets.
  • Versatile stay-dry insert: The insert works with lots of different covers in my collection.

Buttons Back View

Love less…

  • Made overseas: Part of the reason for the low price point is that the diapers are made overseas.
  • A bit small for my toddler: As I discussed in my post about reading cloth diaper reviews, just because the fit isn’t ideal on my boy doesn’t mean it’s not suitable for yours. He’s 28 lbs and I am just able to secure the diaper on the last waist snaps, but the rise is quite low. I need to pull hard on the wings to get the diaper up high enough on him before I snap it, but even so, he gets a bit of a plumber’s crack. If your child is more on the average-side of the growth chart, fear not, Buttons will fit!
  • No natural fibre insert option: If you know me, you know I love hemp. I like a system with a choice of insert-fibres!

Buttons Front View

Buttons Diapers are very similar in design to Best Bottoms. My Buttons inserts fit in my Best Bottoms shells, but Best Bottoms have a longer rise with an additional set of rise snaps, and a middle-sized insert option.

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    When my 4 year old son, who is very well spoken, decides to just scream instead of use his words. :p

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    What pushes my buttons is when my parents threaten to call DHS on me, just because they’re mad at me! nothing to do with my kids safety or anything (I’m a good mom, BTW!) D:

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  16. Both the boys are dry when we walk out the door to go somewhere, but the second we get to where we were headed they are soaked through their clothes.

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  43. Nikki Griesenauer

    I’m new to cloth diapers my baby isn’t born yet but I bought a bunch and am gonna try them. What pushes my buttons is when they say one size fits all. These diapers won’t work for a newborn now I have to wait Til she is big enough lol

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    1. LOL! Yikes… I’ve never been called that!

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  77. Nasya H

    This is weird when you said you were reviewing a buttons diaper on your facebook page, I thought you meant Butt-Ons who is a WAHM based out of Ontario. Weird lol

  78. […] in calling themselves All-in-Ones since, to get a good clean, you have to remove the insert. The Buttons diaper we tested was the only one so far that actually didn’t really fit: its rise was just […]

  79. Joliane

    I love cloth diapers 🙂

  80. Cara

    I like the fact that you only need a couple covers and a bunch of inserts for a whole day of diapering when using AI2’s. Especially great when you’re on vacation and don’t want to carry a ton of diapers to your destination.

  81. Brenda P

    I love that you can simply replace the insert and wipe out the cover if there’s no stinkiness in the diaper. I’m currently using mostly BestBottoms and a Buttons diaper for my daily rotation because it’s so easy!

  82. I like that you do not have to change them as frequently…less laundry = win!

  83. Brandi Strunk

    I love that they are cost effective and you don’t have to waste washer space using a ton of covers like you do with pockets!

  84. Leayra Germaine

    Love the versatility for my heavy wetter

  85. Melissa E

    I really like a lot of AI2’s because I can use it for flats or the snap-ins. I like flats for the cheapness of it, and inserts for times of convenience. With these shells I can use them for either situation.

  86. mellisa patterson

    When people drive with their headlights off when it’s dark outside. SAFETY!!!!

  87. Amy Hall

    I haven’t tried other AI2 systems,but I LOVE my Buttons dipes, they’re my favorites out of my small stash. I have 5 covers and 12 small day inserts, 3 night inserts. THe absorption is wonderful. I’m not fond of natural fibers in the diaper, leaves him feeling wet against his skin.

  88. Danielle Wojtusik

    I just have pockets but I would really love to try an AI2!

  89. Tannis W

    No stuffing into pockets!

  90. Jennifer

    I’ve actually never tried an AI2 system. I’m definitely intrigued. I like the idea of multiple ways to use the diaper.

  91. Sheridan

    I love that you can reuse the cover with multiple inserts throughout the day

  92. Hannah

    I have never tried All in 2 diapers as I am not yet a mommy. I hope to cloth diaper and I am new to all this but I love that there I are companies that offer great advice and help!

  93. Manisha M

    I love that this diaper has double gusset. I also love that you can reuse this diaper for multiple uses.

  94. Colleen Maurina

    I really like that this diaper has double gussets to prevent leaking!

  95. sharon b

    I love AI2 so that you can reuse the diaper with different inserts for a few changes which makes them super easy to pack for a day out. Your diaper bag isn’t packed with a bunch of individual diapers. The drawback is always if poo gets everywhere then you do need a new cover or diaper.

  96. kelly lee

    I love double gussets and that you can reuse the covers.

  97. Psychsarah

    I love that they are easy to store and pack in a diaper bag.

  98. Claudia

    I like that you can reuse the shell. I have pocket diapers but I use them as a shell and never stuff the pocket. Makes it faster for me.

  99. Amanda Austin

    AI2 systems are sometimes faster and create a bit less laundry, since the outer shell can be reused several times before washing.

  100. sherry blamer

    I love buttons diapers. I love their wipeable pul. you can use the diaper at least three times before having to wash it.

  101. Steph M

    I’ve only tried lil helpers. I love how fast the snap-in is.

  102. Megan Litchke

    I like that there is no stuffing or folding, and you can reuse the shell.

  103. Donna-Lynn Craig

    What I like about Ai2’s. You can wipe the cover if and reuse if it’s just number one. You don’t have to unstuff. I like using this system when shopping, it’s easier.

  104. Audrey B

    I love the option to reuse the cover between changes!

  105. Andrea Halliwell

    Less laundry 🙂

  106. beth rose

    I love the way they wash (especially that even if I forget to unsnap, they still get clean :))…and that there isn’t any stuffing…I’m not a good stuffer 🙂

  107. Soozle

    I like the fact they have a wipeable inner layer – that is really helpful for on the go!

  108. Miriam Matheny

    I like that they are easy to swap different inserts so you can tailor them to your needs and price range

  109. Vicki Gary

    I love how trim they are! I can easily fit pants over then without the struggle of putting my daughter in a larger size and rolling the paint legs. I also like that I can reuse them several times, makes it easier on my wallet.

  110. Melanie Lapierre

    Very easy to wash!!!

  111. Jewel

    I love AI2 because you have the comfort of a AIO but the shell can be reused! My little dude is a heavy wetter, so it saves me a ton of laundry to use AI2 and covers 🙂

  112. Katy Emanuel

    I like that I can boost it as much as needed depending on the child wearing it and for how long they will be wearing it.

  113. Ashley

    I love the AI2 diapers because you can add more to it if needed.

  114. Kadie

    Having less laundry to do because you can reuse the covers! They also tend to fit my string bean a little better!

  115. Rayna K

    I like knowing I can reuse the covers. It saves on laundry.

  116. Sarah Elyce

    I love the liner so they are reusable through many changes.

  117. Stephanie Andrews

    I like the different absorbency options and that i could reuse the cover several times before washing

  118. Lorraine Rowe

    I love going out and about with AI2’s because they take up less space in the diaper/wet bag.

  119. Rebekah W

    We have not yet started cloth diapering, though we have decided we are going to stock up on the ai2 system in different brands because that is what we **think** is going to work best for us. I like the idea of the ai2 because I feel like we will be saving time and money by reusing covers and purchasing/washing fewer covers. We will see what ends up actually working out best for our family though! 😉

  120. Rose

    What I like best about AI2 systems is that they’re simple to use like a pocket diaper but take up less space in a wet bag or wherever you store them because there are far fewer covers.

  121. Tara C

    Micromanagers, bad drivers, people that ate just thinking if the next thing they want Rio say rather than listening to what is being said.

  122. Tara C

    I don’t have much experience with ai2 diapers. I have one and it doesn’t have an insert so I use it as a cover and it doesn’t work the best.

  123. Anne

    I love only needing a few covers.

  124. Zoe Patterson

    I love the option to be able to reuse the cover!

  125. Kristina A.

    I love AI2 systems because thwy don’t need to be stuffed and the cover doesn’t have to be changed every time; less stuff to caery in diaper bag!

  126. Melissa S

    Reusing the cover so I save $$$

  127. Megan

    Love that I can just throw out the insert and reuse the shell

  128. Kelly Faber

    I love that you can reuse the AIOs,so you spend less money buying more diapers! (What pushes my buttons is when I constantly have to repeat myself because ahem…my husband… isn’t listening!)

  129. Chantal J

    No stuffing or not folding!

  130. Alexandra Mebane

    i love it that you can use the cover multiple times and that it works with several different inserts. You are not bound to a certain insert, you don’t have to stuff a diaper,…mostly the multiple use though which leads to less laundry 😉

  131. Lizi

    I love that you can reuse them. It means less laundry and all around more savings!

  132. I love my Buttons Diapers. I love that the insert snaps in, preventing the insert from moving around too much!

  133. Fiona N

    I love the Double gusset feature of AI2 system! Awesome!!

  134. Michaele h

    I love the doubt gussets! Easy clean up

  135. Lindsey Langerman

    The gussets are helpful at keeping in the heavy flows

  136. Jennifer Symonds

    I love my buttons diapers,I love that my best bottom inserts fit 🙂 I love that the inserts snap in so they don’t move around… And that you can just swap the liner and not the whole diaper!

  137. Christine

    buttons are cute! i am not sure what i like best as our babe isn’t born yet. 🙂 ill let you know come December.

  138. Cassy Johnson

    When people touch my children, because they are cute and have curly hair. Just Because my child is cute does not mean you can invade her space or person. I can’t stand people touching my child without permission from me or my child.

  139. Jennifer B.

    I love that you can reuse the shell. This is a useful feature when out and about.

  140. Lauren Bourgeois

    I love that you can use any insert depending on the situation but you still have the cost savings of covers over AIO/pockets.

  141. It’s great that you can wipe them out so easily, just wish they has one size diapers. I don’t particularly want some that I have to worry about replacing when baby grows.

  142. Tara

    I love being able to pack light when we are on the go. No need to pack entire diapers, just more inserts! 🙂

  143. Claire Rheinheimer

    I really like that it cuts down on laundry, as you can reuse the shell for several diaper changes. I’ve also found it’s a great option for a nighttime diaper for us, I have several Buttons shells and inserts and really like them!

  144. i love that they can be wiped out and can use again thats great for on the go!

  145. Cherie Lapointe

    I love ai2s because you can get more life out of the covers or diaper! I also find it easier to get stains out of the inserts and you are more likely to get stains on the inert in an ai2 all I find waking easier 🙂

  146. Mylène Bélanger

    I like the fact that you can get away with less cover than insert so saving money

  147. stefanie

    I love that you can wipe the cover clean and snap in the inserts in the ai2!

  148. Jennifer T

    I like that covers are reusable and that it’s possible to mix and match with different inserts! Would GroVia soaker pads be able to snap into a Buttons’ cover?

  149. Genevieve White

    I love that I can use other inserts and also that button on the back is too cute 🙂

  150. Rachel Grzela

    I love that the covers are reusable and my kids like to push my buttons lol

  151. Jennifer Nutter

    what i love most about a ai2 system is that when you match an outfit for it for the day, you can have the diaper last for more then a couple of hours 😉

  152. sarah f.

    I love that you are able to reuse the cover!

  153. Sara Strum

    Not having to stuff and unstuff. Also, not being as many covers. Also, being able to use inserts, prefolds, flats, or anything else I want as the absorbency.

  154. Rikka Korte

    I love that you can use the covers multiple times =less laundry

  155. Katy Baird

    I’ve not had the pleasure to use any Ai2s, but it looks like a combination of my favorite aspects of my pocket diapers and prefolds with covers. 🙂 Gimme & I’ll let you know. LOL.

  156. Jess

    I like that they are easy on the wallet and less bulky when travelling with cloth!

  157. Sarah Hayes

    i love the reusable covers! makes it so easy

  158. Angela

    I love all in twos! You don’t have a pocket to stuff and there is less laundry because you only have to change the insert if the cover isn’t soiled. Very easy to use!

  159. Nikki A

    I love that you can reuse the cover — fewer diapers to hang out to dry!

  160. Kim H

    Inserts stay in place without shifting you can use the cover with other inserts flats or prefolds and reusable cover for multiple changes.

  161. Cassandra Rae

    I love that you can just change out the insert and reuse the cover 🙂

  162. Amanda

    I love that you can reuse cover by laying inserts ontop instead of stuffing.

  163. Norma

    I love that I can just swap out inserts. Quick changes!

  164. AshleyDawn

    They’re more convenient than pockets.

  165. Lindsay Hamilton

    I like having the wipe able cover

  166. Mackenzie Finley

    Truely reusable and wallet friendly!

  167. Felicia Cohron

    I’m only using pocket diapers and feel that its timbre to try something new.

  168. Charla S

    I really like a lot of AI2′s for the cheapness of the being able to change out the flats, and inserts for times of convenience.

  169. Andrea R

    Less laundry with AI2s. That’s awesome. And it’s easy to ad absorbancy…no stuffing two inserts and trying to make sure they’re flat.

  170. jodi Armstrong

    I love that you can reuse the covers multiple.times

  171. Leela R

    I love that you can reuse the covers; less diaper laundry!

  172. Alison Milne

    I love that I can use a cover for multiple changes, less to carry, and less to wash 🙂

  173. Keri

    being able to reuse the covers!

  174. […] The Trial Pack from Buttons Diapers includes one (1) one-size diaper cover and three (3) daytime inserts. Buttons Diapers is an all-in-two diaper with two sizes of snap-in inserts. For more information, check out the Buttons Diapers Review from The Parenting Patch. One lucky winner will receive two (2) Buttons Diapers Trial Packs. (Retail value $42) You can read Maman Loup’s Buttons Diapers Review here. […]

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