Zoku Mini Pop Mold Review

Zoku Mini Pops Review

Disclosure: I received this product free for review from Zoku. All opinions and poorly shot iPhone videos remain my own.

When I went on the hunt for new homemade popsicle molds, I had three things in mind:

  1. I wanted to make healthy frozen treats for Cub, who is resistant to fruit when he is with me (but apparently crazy about it at Day Care.);
  2. I wanted molds that would be sturdy. I’ve thrown away countless popsicle molds made of cheap plastic because they’ve simply cracked or the sticks have broken;
  3. I wanted molds that were easy to use, since the main reason for the broken sticks in point #2 was because of how impossible it was to liberate frozen treats from my previous molds, causing sticks to break as I attempted to use warm-water-wrestling to release them.

If you share any or all of the aforementioned concerns, then Zoku molds are definitely for you. I received the Mini Pops mold free to facilitate this review, but have since purchased their regular-sized molds since I liked them so much! (And since I have a larger frozen-treat appetite than can be appeased by the Mini Pop mold.)

Observe the following high-production-value clip, showing exactly how easy it is to get a Mini Pop out of the mold, straight out of the freezer:

No broken sticks, no running the mold under hot water… just push the bottom of the mold and pop out your frozen treat!

So far I’ve kept my frozen-treat making fairly simple, using just vanilla Greek yogurt to make frozen yogurt, or swirling in some strawberry jam with the yogurt for a fruitier option. I also pour the last drops of whatever smoothie I’ve made into any of the empty spots in the mold! (Tip: my best smoothie concoction so far, which is delicious frozen, is Liberté White Chocolate Greek Yogurt with strawberries and a banana.)

The Mini Pop mold makes a treat that is like a generous lollipop: the perfect size for a toddler.

Cub Pop



The only design improvement I would make for the Mini Pops mold is the inclusion of extra sticks. They’re quite small, and I have a feeling that it won’t be long before we’ve lost one or two…


You can buy Zoku products in Canada at Well.ca. (affiliate link)


What’s your favourite frozen treat recipe?


5 responses to “Zoku Mini Pop Mold Review”

  1. I agree that extra sticks would be nice. We often lose the small parts to our kitchen gadgets. Otherwise, these look like awesome molds.

  2. so cool! the first time we used one of ours we got from somewhere, it slid right out of the freezer and broke all over the floor. 2 spots aren’t broken and we’ve used them since, but we have 3 kids now! we’ll need more than 2 pops!

  3. Carolyn

    They are so cute too! Yogurt and strawberry jam sounds delicious!

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