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Post updated, Jan. 24, 2015.

To the uninitiated, AMP sized diaper covers and AppleCheeks (AC) sized diaper covers look pretty darn similar. They come in very similar colours, and are the only two brands with the distinctive ruffles at the waist and around the legs. Both are marketed as being usable as a pocket or an AI2, and both companies sell trifold inserts to use with their covers.

So, what are the differences, and which brand might work better for you?

I haven’t had the chance to try AMP size smalls or AppleCheeks size 1s on a tiny cub yet, so I will talk about the differences in general between each brand’s design, but more specifically compare a size L AMP and size 2 AC.

Comparison Chart - AppleCheeks and AMP ~ Maman Loup's Den

As you can see, they have certain differences that may or may not make one brand more suitable for your child. AppleCheeks are slightly larger than AMPs, which is one of the reasons I personally favour Size 2 ACs over Size Large AMPs on my son, who is in the 95th percentile. At 28 lbs, AMP Size Larges still fit, but not as nicely as AC Size 2s. If your baby is on the smaller side, you may prefer the fit of AMPs.

Price wise, AppleCheeks are more expensive. However, the resale value on used AppleCheeks diapers, even those that are not “retired” (Hard-to-find) colours and prints is excellent.

AMP prints are not brand exclusive, meaning you will see other diaper brands using the same prints. “Wee Trunks,” the elephant print, for example, is used by WAHM diaper makers as well as bigger brands, including Mini Kiwi. AppleCheeks prints are brand exclusive. AMP has recently released some new prints, and I am not sure if they are exclusive or not.

The snap placement and wing shape of both brands is almost identical, as are the ruffles. These features are great on both diapers: you can snap the bottom snap around the legs tighter, which is especially good for chicken legs. The elastics and ruffles at the waist and around the legs are great for containing the biggest poop-splosions.

If you really aren’t interested in buying two sizes of diapers, but you like the other features, your only option is AMP, since AppleCheeks doesn’t make a one-size cover. Again, with an above-average-sized Cub, I prefer the fit of Size 2 AppleCheeks, and found the one-size AMP to be particularly small on him.

Here are some pictures to show the size difference between a Size 2 and a Size Large:

AC AMP comparison - 1


AC AMP comparison - 2

As for the pocket opening, I don’t love it in the front or in the middle! I prefer a pocket opening in the back, like with BumGenius. In traditional top loaders with a central agitator, AppleCheeks inserts generally will agitate out, meaning you don’t have to unstuff them before throwing in the hamper. With my front loader, I always have to unstuff my inserts, so this is of little consequence to me.

Both brands can be used as an “AI2,” meaning you can lay your insert on top of the fleece and just change the insert rather than the whole cover.

user instructions

That being said, if you want a set of diapers that you can truly use as AI2s, I don’t recommend diapers with fleece inners. You can’t wipe or rinse the fleece in between changes, and I find that unless it’s a tiny, tiny pee, the fleece feels damp and I am compelled to change the whole diaper anyway. As an AI2, I might reuse the cover once, maybe twice if I have to. If you really want to have 24 inserts and a handful of covers (6-10 should be sufficient), I would recommend a brand that has a wipeable inner. (Best Bottoms, for example.)

I haven’t discussed the types of inserts available from each brand because I don’t use AMP or AppleCheeks brand inserts; I use Oko Creations hemp trifolds in all my diapers!

As you can see, it’s not as straight forward as one brand being better than the other. In fact, I know many Moms with a mix of both brands! Because I only tried these brands once Cub was the size of many kids who are already potty trained, I’m partial to AppleCheeks for the more generous fit. Okay… I’m kind of addicted to AppleCheeks… but that’s another story.

For more information, check out Regan’s post comparing a one-size AMP duo to AppleCheeks Size 2 at The Anti June Cleaver!

Are you Team AMP or Team AppleCheeks?

Check out for all your AppleCheeks-addiction needs. She also carries AMP one-size Duos!

9 responses to “Team AMP or Team AppleCheeks? Comparing AMP Sized Duos and AppleCheeks Envelope Covers”

  1. I am team “AppleCheeks” but since my guy grew out of size 1’s (which worked amazing for us until just over 5 months) I feel like an intoxicated person waking up sober. You can’t deny the hype applecheeks fans give these diapers. It’s definitely a fun bunch of mom’s driving your desire to “collect the all” and join in their fun which includes spending well over retail for two great sizes that work great! …excluding, of course that 6-12 month period where neither size fits. Bring in amp. A wide variety of readily available colours, options and sizes! If you think amp stops at their duo pockets, you’d be mistaken. They offer AI2’s that stand alone in sized and OS, two styles of AIO’s (aplix or snaps), three sizes of pockets that while I may have to take their inserts out, shake out without touching so easily. Their prints aren’t exclusive…yet. watch for a new line up of amp exclusive prints coming soon. The amp community, much like their store, involves and embraces MANY brands which is more than I can say for their ac counterparts; “if it’s not made by applecheeks it can’t work” it is (imo) that philosophy right there will be their undoing. I get sick and tired of people having problems with a brand who’s only solution is their own. Instead of adapting either there advice or their product. I’m choosing amps based solely on their helpful ever “listening ears” I love them so much I started an amp chat group and I welcome ANY applecheeks mom who’s having problems to come join us. We even have a size comparison album to help you because it’s our philosophy that cloth diapering should be put above everything else. I love both brands but I prefer amps as a product and especially as a business.


    1. I just realized the phone auto correct “team amplecheeks” to applecheeks oops team AMPlecheeks

      1. I love it, team AMPlecheeks!

  2. Siobhan

    Team AMP all the way. I feel good about supporting a Canadian business, and also feel good about supporting the original creators of this diaper style.

    We use their one size option, and we’ve never had any issues so far after nearly a year of cloth diapering.

    I also love that AMP mamas seem dedicated to keeping used diaper prices reasonable. The idea of paying more than retail for a used diaper just seems crazy to me. Hard to find prints or not, at the end of the day, a used diaper is still something that gets pooped in.

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  4. Trish

    LOVE my AMPs, I have both Large and One size. My AMP larges fit way better than my AC size 2. I only bought 2 AC’s to try them out to see what all the hype was about and I don’t like them nearly as much as my AMPs. that being said AC seems to use a thicker fleece so they dont look as worn down as some of my AMP’s

    1. All depends on the kid, eh!? For us, size L AMPs I wasn’t loving the fit… And size 2 ACs fit perfect. #AMPLEcheeks for the win!

  5. Team AMP all the way! love how the AMP BST group keeps prices fair… love that AMP is based only an hour from me… love the fit. With Applecheeks, my kids outgrew size 1 by a year old and then didn’t fit well into the size 2s until they were almost potty trained. Sizing did not work for us at all.

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