6 Tips for Successful Overnight Diapering

6 Tips for Overnight Cloth Diapering

It took me some trial and error to get night-time cloth diapering just right. Here are some of the tips that helped me find the right solution for dry nights and happy mornings!

1 – Choose a mix of natural fiber inserts to build your custom overnight sandwich.  I find natural fibers hold more and are not subject to compression leaks like microfiber. They also launder easier.

mix and match

2 – If rashes are an issue, try using a fleece liner both for stay-dry effect and for protection against a strong barrier cream. I have personally use Live Clean with a fleece liner and, though it leaves some colour on my inserts below if it gets past the liner, I’ve had no trouble with build up.


3- Fold up a booster to add extra protection in the wet zone. For my son, I fold his AMP booster in half at the front.


4- Choose a cover with a front wait elastics for tummy sleepers. I love my, Rumparooz, Best Bottom and AppleCheeks covers for this.


5 – Put fleece jammy pants on top, especially when testing out a new solution. The fleece adds an extra barrier and will repel light leaks, keeping sheets dry.

fleece pjs

6- Rinse out the overnight diaper or inserts in the morning. This really helps with stink (as does, in most cases, a stronger detergent). I just run the inserts under the bath tub faucet, wring them out, then put straight in our diaper pail. (I wash every 2.5 days)


15 responses to “6 Tips for Successful Overnight Diapering”

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  4. Brandi

    Thank you for this! I tried an Applecheeks cover for my tummy sleeper with your recommended insert sandwich and it’s bomb proof! Thank you!
    And now I’m hooked on AC and Amp 3ply Hemp boosters! 😉

  5. petra coleslaw

    Yay! This seems doable! I’m going to try this when my baby comes this November!

  6. Thank you for this! This seems doable!

  7. Gladys Aguilar

    Will need to try this withbaby #2

  8. Steph S

    How many hours do you typically leave an overnight diaper on? I’m experimenting with a mix of microfiber, hemp, and bamboo, but I inevitably get leaks (some pretty major leaks) by the time baby girl wakes up in the morning (some 10-13 hrs later).

    1. Lindsay

      Hi Steph! Our overnight diaper lasts up to 13 hours for sure, have you seen some of my combo tips? https://mamanloupsden.com/2015/10/09/overnight-cloth-diapering/

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