Move Over Poutine: Mini Kiwi Cloth Diapers Are Poised to Take Over Canada!

Mini Kiwi Cloth Diaper Review

I received this diaper free for review. All opinions remain my own.

If you’re not from Québec, chances are you might not have heard of Mini Kiwi cloth diapers. When I was pregnant and I first starting asking other Moms in Montreal which diapers they used, Mini Kiwi was at the top of the list from all my “Québecois de souche” friends. (Read: from my native-Quebecer, French-speaking friends.)

Following in the footsteps of poutine, it’s time for Mini Kiwi to take over the rest of Canada. What makes poutine awesome is that it takes something great (fries) and makes it better by adding gravy and cheese curds. What makes Mini Kiwi’s pocket diaper great is that it takes your basic pocket diaper and makes it even better by adding a double gusset and an adjustable bamboo/microfiber insert!

Whenever I consider a new cloth diaper, I like to compare it to other brands to help readers get a sense of where it sits on the rather wide spectrum of “one-size” diapers. Mini Kiwi has a fit that is very similar to BumGenius:


If you love the dependable fit of a BG, you’ll love the fit of a Mini Kiwi. My 95th percentile Cub gets a great fit in his Mini Kiwi:


So what’s that I was saying about gravy? Check out the inside of the Mini Kiwi:

Delicious double gussets to keep those (not-so-delicious) liquidy poops contained! Another thing I love about the inside of this diaper is the flap covering the pocket opening. On my BumGeniuses, the flap doesn’t stay down and the microfibre insert ends up exposed (bad for baby bums). The Mini Kiwi flap closure stays perfectly in place.

And now for the cheese curds… the Mini Kiwi adjustable insert that merges the speedy absorbency of microfibre with the massive capacity of bamboo:


When I buy a BumGenius pocket diaper, I replace the microfiber insert with my favourite hemp trifolds. But Mini Kiwi diapers already come with an insert that I love!

The insert length can be adjusted thanks to the different snap settings. Placing the microfibre on top (directly beneath the pocket) means heavy pee streams are quickly absorbed. Bamboo underneath keeps all the pee in.

Thanks to the bamboo component, you can also fold up the Mini Kiwi insert to use as an AI2 system, should you so desire. (Not the case if you have a diaper with a purely microfibre insert).  The newborn insert is bamboo and can be used as a booster for heavier wetters.


Mini Kiwi’s pocket diaper has 4 rise settings and is designed to fit from 8-35 lbs.

Meet Mini Kiwi

Amélie (left) and Véro

Founded in 2010, Mini Kiwi is the fruit of Véro and Amélie’s labours (pun intended). Friends since kindergarten, they went their separate ways after university only to reconnect when they both were on maternity leave. Now, Mini Kiwi is run by the two friends and their husbands. Both Véro and Amélie have three children, and both of their youngest sport fluffy butts!

Besides cloth diapers, Mini Kiwi also makes reusable menstrual pads, nursing pads and other accessories. All of their products except cloth diapers are manufactured in Quebec. Their diapers are made in Mexico in a factory run by a Momtrepreneur who is also a mother of three.

MiniKiwi diapers are sold in 40 retail locations across Quebec, and according to Amélie, the company strives to design funky diapers that will appeal to hip parents. (I love the “Loading” design and also the design with a skull and crossbones on the bum.) Owners of a cloth diaper boutique since 2007, their diaper designs have evolved over time to take into account customer feedback.

If you are outside of Québec, you can purchase Mini Kiwi diapers directly from their website or try Calins et Popotins if you want to sneak one into a larger fluffy order!

Stay tuned if you want to try a Mini Kiwi, because they will be one of my sponsors for my 3000 Likes Made in Québec giveaway, which is in the works for early spring.


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