4 Alternatives to Plastic Wrap

4 alternatives

The first step in reducing your use of plastic wrap is the hardest: once your last box is gone, don’t buy more.

When you have no plastic wrap on hand, you are forced to find alternatives, which then become new habits. Let’s face it, people survived with plastic wrap (even Dexter would’ve found another solution…).

Here are the 4 products we use in place of plastic wrap and baggies:

1- Reusable baggies

colibri snack bag

These are great for packing snacks, both wet and dry. Apple slices, raisins, trail mix… the larger square pouches could even accommodate a sandwich. Just dump out any crumbs, rinse out the pouch and hang to dry for next time. (You can also throw them in the laundry if you really want to.) I hang ours to dry at the diaper drying station!

Where to buy: Maman Loup sponsors Lil’ Monkey Cheeks and Gentle Nest carry Colibri snack bags. Also available via my affiliate link to Well.ca.

2- Silicone bowl covers

silicone bowl covers

When I got rid of plastic wrap, my husband had trouble getting his pizza dough to rise with just a towel placed over the mixing bowl. These silicone bowl covers give the tight seal he needed. I also cover bowls of salad with them, and the smallest size goes on top of an undrunken (not a word, but I’m still saying it) smoothie.

Where to buy: I can’t remember where mine came from, but they have them at Amazon.ca

3. Abeego Food Wraps


These are the newest tool in my no-plastic-wrap arsenal. Made of beeswax these rectangular sheets wrap around foods like cheese and the edges self-stick like plastic wrap! Seriously, they work! They are totally food-safe and fully reusable. I mainly use Abeego to wrap up blocks of cheese.

Where to buy: My aunt helps make these, and she gave me ours as a Christmas gift. You can find them via my affiliate link to Well.ca.

4 – Stainless Steel Containers

stainless container

I like to make my salads in my stainless steel bowl with a clip-on lid. That way, I can easily store the leftovers! Stainless steel will last forever, and never, ever impart a weird taste on your food from the previously contained meal. (Nor will it turn a light shade of red after storing tomato sauce!)

Where to buy: You can find a wide variety of stainless steel containers via my affiliate link to Well.ca.

How do you cut back on plastic wrap?

13 responses to “4 Alternatives to Plastic Wrap”

  1. Snack bags, mason jars in lunches instead of juice boxes…we use plastic freezer bags, but wash and reuse them.

    1. How to avoid freezer bags is a great question that I am now pondering, just for you! (Ok, and for me!)

  2. Paula

    Totally interested in finding out how to replace freezer bags 🙂 We reuse ours as long as they weren’t used for chicken. Chicken scares me.

    1. I fully support not re-using ones that were for meat products!

  3. Thanks for sharing Abeego! I’m gald they fit into your life! We love having your aunt around the Abeego studio.
    Toni Desrosiers
    Abeego Designs

    1. I was so excited to get them for Christmas, I KNEW they’d be featured on my blog!

  4. Becky Marie

    Thanks for sharing! We use the snack bags and sandwich wraps already, but I’ve been stuck figuring out how to get rid of plastic wrap altogether. I’ll definitely look more into the covers you suggested!

  5. Lindsay

    My MIL uses hotel shower caps to stretch over bowls, watermelon, etc. She just rinses and reuses them. Its a great idea!
    I’ll have to try out the beeswax sheets, they look neat!

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  7. […] attempts at banishing one-time use plastic from our home. We’re not completed cured of our plastic addiction, but one of the easiest things to ditch has been Ziploc bags for snacks and […]

  8. Sylvie

    We wash our milk bags and re-use them. The small bags are perfect for snacks or sandwiches and the outer bag is perfect to fit à pie in the freezer.

  9. Wow! You are a girl after my own heart 🙂

    1) I have those same re-usable snack bags and absolutely LOVE them! I even have two in my purse to keep other things! LOVE.

    2) Up until this week, I honestly hadn’t found silicone reusable bowl covers that I really liked, but now I have some that work like a charm and fully seal my bowls and wash up beautifully!

    3) I first found Abeego wraps at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto last year. I was really tempted to try them out, but decided to pass. MAN that was the one purchase that I regretted because I have been thinking about them ever since, every single time I put my cheese in a ziplock bag, it makes me cringe. SO, after making contact with the owner just after the show and after a VERY long year, I’m so excited to share that I will be receiving some of these shortly and I cannot wait!

    4) If only my kids ate sandwiches LOL! I pack lunches that are more “finger food/snack items” like in nature, so I have never had a use for these, but they are so practical and make so much more sense than wrapping sandwiches with other things!

    Another amazing post! I can’t believe this is my first time visiting…..I’ve subscribed to your newsletter so I don’t miss a beat now!

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