10 Things WAHMs Can Do with Cloth Diapers

10 Things WAHMs Can Do with Cloth Diapers

Have you supported a WAHM lately? Here’s a list of 10 amazing things WAHMs do with cloth diapers… (each image links to a Maman-Loup-Approved Canadian WAHM!)

10 – Put ruffles on them.


9 – Make woollies for them.


8 – Make doll-sized versions of them.


7 – Upcycle t-shirts into them.


6 – Support great causes with them.


5 – Hybridize them.


4 – Make special pants to accommodate them.

3 – Support the home team with them.

mc sewing

2- Make pool-friendly versions of them.


1- Super, duper customize them.



Who’s your favourite WAHM?!


3 responses to “10 Things WAHMs Can Do with Cloth Diapers”

  1. I love WAHM diapers! They’re fun and creative. My favorites are Ella Bella Bum (Canadian) and Diapers by Chris (American).

    1. Oh, I know ALL about you and EBBs!

  2. Hahaha. How cool to scroll to MC Sewing’s photo, and see mine, and my sister’s HABS diapers!!

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