Cloth Diaper Drying Solutions from Ikea

Cloth Diaper Drying Solution
Confession: I don’t always air dry my diapers. They often go in the dryer, especially my inserts. That being said, I do like to hang them to dry some times, and in an apartment with limited space, this can be a challenge. I’ve got my clothes & cloth drying station installed above our bathtub. (We have a separate shower stall.)

We installed this Grundtal laundry rack that folds flat against the wall and I use it for cloth and for our regular clothes. The Pressa octopus hangers are perfect for cloth, but also for hanging ziploc baggies to drip dry over the tub. (Since, of course, I reuse my ziplocs!)

How do you dry your diapers? If you have an outdoor clothesline… I’m very jealous!

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  1. […] fabric softener and have never felt that our clothes, towels and sheets needed it. But sometimes I hang our cloth diapers to dry (mostly because I like the process more than for any other reason), and the hemp inserts are stiff […]

  2. […] These are great for packing snacks, both wet and dry. Apple slices, raisins, trail mix… the larger square pouches could even accommodate a sandwich. Just dump out any crumbs, rinse out the pouch and hang to dry for next time. (You can also throw them in the laundry if you really want to.) I hang ours to dry at the diaper drying station! […]

  3. […] like to use my Ikea octopus clothes drying hanger-thing-a-ma-gig to hang my Little Mashies (and Ziploc bags, for that matter) to dry. You can put Little Mashies in […]

  4. […] inserts, they get dried on high. If I am hanging to dry covers and all-in-ones, I use my Ikea drying rack in our bathroom. Lately, everything has been going in the dryer on low for 60 […]

  5. Kim Hoff Rimrodt

    We have an extra shower curtain bar installed in our combo bathtub/shower unit, and use that to hang clothes on hangers to dry. When it’s shower time, the clothes come out & get hung on the bathrobe hook on the back of the bathroom door, & get re-hung on the bar once we’re done.

  6. Annie Olcese

    We have an IKEA a-frame folding clothing dry rack that we put on our patio if its sunny or jn the tub during the rain/at night and an octopus claw dryer for delicates.

  7. I hang dry all my clothes so hang dry diapers too! I like this little rack system, except I hate going to Ikea so so much. I wonder if I could find something like that from WalMart?

    1. Lindsay Gallimore

      I haven’t seen the wall-mounted rack at Walmart, but the Octopus hangers they have similar at most dollar stores!

  8. Camille W

    We’re in a small apartment so the laundry rack could definitely come in handy. I love anything that folds!

    1. Lindsay Gallimore

      Same here: space is at a premium in our place!

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