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My favourite kind of review to read is an unsolicited review. In other words, a review where the blogger is receiving nothing in return for her post. Don’t get me wrong: I love to receive items for review, and I always do my best to write an unbiased and thorough critique, all the while helping to promote the company who graciously provided me with said product. Naturally, I always specify when a review I have written is in any way sponsored.

I happen to have a professional relationship with Québec-based Öko Créations:I translate and revise their material for the English market. However, I came to use their hemp diaper inserts because they came with a lot of second-hand diapers purchased on Kijiji! So, with that in mind, you can take my review at face value…. and my face is a very, very happy one!3

My diaper stash is a combination of  TotsBots EasyFit V.3s and BumGenius 4.0 pockets, AppleCheeks size 2s, Funky Fluff, plus a handful of different WAHM-made pocket diapers. I really, really don’t love microfiber, so all of my pocket diapers are now very happily stuffed with Öko Créations 2-ply hemp trifolds.


What’s so great about using hemp trifolds?

  • 6 layers of absorbency when folded in 3;
  • Fit in any pocket diaper because you can fold them as skinny or as wide as you want;
  • You can fold them wide enough to touch the very edges of the pocket: inserts that aren’t wide enough, especially microfiber inserts, seem to be the cause of leg leaks for many babies;
  • Hemp is shockingly absorbent;
  • Hemp is a natural fibre that is sustainably harvested and has antibacterial and fungicidal properties;
  • Trifolds are easier to get clean since they “open up” in the wash: water and detergent doesn’t have to penetrate many layers to get a deep clean;
  • Hemp can safely touch baby’s skin and has stay-dry properties: you can use your hemp inserts as you might use a prefold in any kind of cover!


Why do I love Öko Créations hemp trifolds especially?

  • They are made close to me in Laval, Québec;
  • They are the perfect size for all of my pocket diapers: they are ever so slightly larger than AMP hemp trifolds, and I find this actually makes a difference!

Potential drawbacks of hemp trifolds:

  • Hemp is an ever-so-slightly thicker, less flexible material than a bamboo cotton blend (think AppleCheeks trifolds), making these inserts potentially a bit too bulky for very small babies, including newborns. My Cub is 30 lbs, and wears all his diapers on the highest setting, and they are a perfect fit. However, I compared the thickness of an Oko insert trifolded with a fold down (to make is shorter) and a BG insert snapped to its smallest, and the hemp is trimmer!
  • When hung to dry, hemp gets very stiff. I generally machine dry all of my diapers, but if I line dry I soften up the hemp with a quick tumble in the dryer. I’ve also heard of some hemp users adding a cloth-safe softener, such as Ecover or Mrs. Meyers to their line-dried hemp.
  • For me, the biggest drawback was that once I swapped out one MF insert for an Öko hemp insert, I could never go back to MF again! (So, try these at your own risk!)

To find out even more about Öko’s hemp inserts and how they fit in various diaper brands, you can read my post over on the ÖkoBlog!

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  15. Brandi

    I know what you mean about MF not fitting the bill anymore once you tried hemp. I’m in the process of replacing all of my MF boosters with hemp. Think I will add these trifolds to my to-buy list too.

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