Vigilant Tea Matcha (Green Tea Powder): Green Up and Go!

Vigilant Tea Green Tea Powder Review

I received this product free for review. All opinions remain my own!

A terrible thing happened last month. I use terrible in the hyperbolic, Super Why-esque “Super Big Problem” sense, since there are clearly worse things in the world… so I guess I’m glad this is what I have to complain about:

I left me coffee grinder at my friend’s house.

My friend doesn’t live just down the street: it’s a decent hour-or-so trek to her house and not one that was on the agenda in the near future. Of course, I only had coffee beans.

Next time this happens (assuming I haven’t learned my lesson about travelling with my coffee grinder), it won’t be such a catastrophe  because I am partially-converted to matcha as my caffeinated beverage of choice!

I say partially converted because I don’t know that anything could replace my love of a fresh, creamy (it has to be cream) cup of coffee: the aroma, the taste, the giddiness. Ok, the giddiness I could do with out.

Well, that’s why I’m loving matcha: it’s coffee without the crazies! Drinking green tea as matcha, according to Canadian Living guest-writer Jamie Anderson, keeps you feeling spunky all day because,  “Unlike coffee, matcha slowly releases caffeine over a several hour period as opposed to all at once.” As someone who is prone to the coffee shakes, I can confirm that I do not go into overdrive and then burnout after a serving of matcha.

I’ve tried it hot, whisked into hot water, and also mixed into a smoothie! I like both ways, but I think I prefer it as a hot tea since I associate a morning drink with the feeling of wrapping my hands around a warm mug. For a mid-afternoon pick me up, in a smoothie is perfect! (I don’t make my smoothies following any kind of recipe: I added it to my usual “whatever’s in the fridge and freezer smoothie-of-the-day, and it was great.)

matcha at work

There are plenty of other benefits associated with drinking matcha, from increased antioxidants to weight loss. For me, it’s about the energy boost, and the antioxidants are an added bonus. More and more I am turning to organic products, so I’m happy that Vigilant Tea’s matcha is certified organic.

Get your matcha powder at Vigilant Tea!

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Updated: July 16, 2014 — 7:34 pm


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  1. I used to always get matcha in my green smoothies for energy :)

    1. Cassandra, nice to hear that you joined the green smoothie movement to replace your morning coffee! :)

  2. Glad you liked the tea Lindsay! We have a Christmas sale for any of your readers. They contact us as, they can take advantage of our discounted prices for the next week.

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