Don’t Get Duped By Group Buys: The Scoop on Cloth Diaper Zulily “Deals”

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One of my very first cloth diaper purchases came from a group buy site ( while I was pregnant. The deal was on GroVia diapers, and before going through with my purchase I read up a bit on the brand to make sure I was, in fact, getting a good price. GroVia shells remain one of my favourite cloth diaper covers, and in the case of this brand, I did save a bit of money by taking advantage of the limited-time/quantity group buy promo.

Group buy sites like Zulily and BabySteals really prey on our weaknesses: a good deal matched with a sense of urgency. If we don’t buy it right away, we’ll miss out on a great price and the item might sell out! There are most definitely deals to be had on these pages, though I have unsubscribed from their mailing lists because a bargain is only a truly a bargain if it’s on something you need (and can afford). This post is not about avoiding group buy promotions for cloth diapers.

This post is also not about dissing so-called “China Cheapies” or even “rebranded” cloth diapers. This post is about making sure none of you get screwed by an inflated “regular” price on a brand of diaper no one has heard of reduced to a “sale” price that is still higher than what you would pay from a regular retailer.

I recently saw a post on my local cloth diapering Facebook group asking about a brand called “Awesome Blossom & Little Monster” diapers listed on Zulily. This screen capture is from December 19th, 2013 on

Don't get duped by group buys!

The prints are adorable and when you look at the regular retail price listed, it seems like a very, very good deal:

Don't get duped by group buys!

The regular retail price of $26.22 slashed down to $12.47?! That’s more than 50% off!

Except that if you check the company’s website, this diaper sells for $19.99. I know the Canadian dollar is lagging… but not that much!

Boxing Day and Black Friday sales will get you major (top quality) brands such as BumGenius and TotsBots for less than $19.99, so I feel like this China-made pocket diaper is awfully expensive. It’s also kinda sketchy that on the Awesome Blossom/Little Monsters website, you see two very different models (check out the wing snaps) in the set of pictures for the same diaper… Notice the one on the left looks exactly like an Alva.

zulily pockets


I think the regular price listed for the wet bag is what I find the most offensive: nearly $30! My Mom sews custom wet bags and charges under $20 (including shipping) for this size!

Here’s another Zulily “deal,” this time from MG Baby Diapers: (Never heard of them? Me neither!)

Zulily rip offs

You can purchase cheap cloth diapers and accessories manufactured in China for $5 each if ordering directly from Alva (shipping from China) and about $8 each from Kawaii (shipping from Richmond, BC). You can also deal with WAHM retailers like Hunny Bunny Fluff ‘n’ Stuff and Hip Huggers Cloth Diapers who sell imported diapers at prices still lower than the Zulily “sale” price (and with exceptional customer service).

WAHM retailers like Joanna at HB and Angela at HH obviously charge more than if you are buying straight from the manufacturer, that’s how retail sales works. But drastically inflating the regular price of a diaper on Zulily to make the “sale” price seem more attractive seems very dishonest to me.

If you want to save on tried and tested brands, I recommend watching swap pages and Kijiji, and “liking” your favourite online retailers to keep on top of sales. Most major brands (BumGenius, TotsBots, AppleCheeks, etc.) only ever get 20% off unless it’s a store-closing sale or seconds sale. For so-called “China Cheapies,” you should be paying around $10 regular price if purchasing from a reseller (the Mama deserves to make a profit, after all) or less than $5 directly from the manufacturer. (Alva even has a $1 diaper promotion from time to time.)

How to tell if you’re getting a good deal on a group buy site:

  • Google the brand and check out its official site (if it has one) to see the suggested retail price;
  • Ask about the brand in your favourite forum/Facebook group;
  • Compare the price to established brands with proven track records such as BumGenius or TotsBots (around $25 CDN);
  • Factor in any shipping costs as many retailers offer free shipping for larger orders while many group buy sites do not.

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  1. Thanks for posting about these deals that aren’t really deals at all. There are plenty of great sales out there and true bargains to be had; we just have to do our homework!

  2. Fantastic article! I really appreciated the insight and research here. Tweeted!

  3. This is great. We frequently point out to people that the “great deal” diaper on those daily sites are actually outrageously priced China Cheapies. Regardless of how you feel about China Cheapies, the price is definitely not a good one! (On the bright side, though, while 20% off of a premium diaper is rare, 15% can absolutely happen if you pay attention to sales.)

    1. BuyBuyBaby carries Bumkins, BumGenius and Charlie Banana and they allow you to use 20% off coupons to buy their diapers. : )

  4. Not specific to cloth diapers but whenever I see a deal on Zulily I ALWAYS check Amazon first and it’s usually about the same price or even cheaper when you consider that Amazon has free shipping. I also have prime so I can get it in 2 days instead of 3 weeks.

    I have gotten some deals on Zulily for sure but for the most part I have stopped checking it. For cloth diapers they do seem to usually have the rebranded diapers or ones that are discontinued prints from major brands that will be cheap everywhere soon enough.

  5. I have used these deal sites to many times and just recently realized that going directly to the sites or stores I can find them much cheaper. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I noticed that Zulily didn’t have an exclusive sale on Mellissa and Doug products back before December. They were the same price or cheaper at Toys R Us. I’m now very sceptical of their sales. I guess its like everything that you think you are getting a great price on. Check out a variety of sites to see what is the normal price.

    1. Absolutely! They suck people in with the “limited time SUPER SALE” aspect… I hope people do their research before snapping up their deals.

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  8. I bought my kiddo a dress on ebay for $9.99. Saw it later on zulily for $39.99!! And that was the deal price!!! Scandalous!

  9. I know that sometimes they aren’t the best deals but the above descriptions don’t mention that the MG Baby diaper website sells their diapers for $23. Also, Little Monster’s diapers are only available on Little Monster’s website for 23.99 and on Zulily for $9.99. Bumgenius sells for 17.99+. This makes Little Monster’s Diapers a steal at $9.99. I understand that maybe the Alva diapers aren’t a great deal but that doesn’t mean that all of their stuff is not a deal. I also bought a Chicco Cortina travel system for $230. The same set was everywhere else for over $300. It was what I had planned on buying therefore making ANOTHER great deal! It’s always wise to google and do your homework but don’t say that none of the stuff is a good deal because that simply isn’t true.

    1. I didn’t say that none of their stuff is a good deal! The issue is that Little Monster’s Diapers are a rip off at $23.99 regardless as they are China cheapies that you can buy for $5 each, not the same as BumGenius.

      1. I don’t think Little Monsters are china cheapies. Everything I’ve looked up suggests they are made in the US. And they’re not rebranded either. Their prints are unique (at least, I’ve yet to find them anywhere else).

  10. I would have to agree that the MG diapers are china cheapie a but the awesome blossom diapers are NOT and are the best diapers I have. I researched and have china cheapie a and other brands and have been to ALL the sites for cloth diapers that are offered on zulily and most of the diapers on Zulily minus the MG diapers are great quality and good prices. I have Royal Fluff, Lotus Bums, Awesome Blossoms, Incredibum etc… All from Zulily and ALL are better made and nicer quality thanAlvas or Kawaii etc… Beware if the MG CD but all the rest are fine and great diapers at great prices and the best wet bag I have was $9.99USD on zulily Incredibum reversible XL bag and was the cheapest in that size I’ve found and great quality! Don’t believe any gringo until you research yourself.

    1. I bought the MG baby off of Zulily :(.

  11. I saw some online reviews too Awesome Blossom about this too. They have now designed their own line of printed diapers with two rows of rise snaps and microfleece inside. I’m not sure how they were dealing in the past, but I believe they are traveling down a different path and revival. I have Alvas and they are definitely not the same as the sample diaper I have. They report they are fairly made in China, but I personally haven’t been inside any company’s factory, which is also one of the reasons I love WAHMs :)

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  13. I totally got duped before I knew what rebranded diapers were. :( :( :( I don’t want to use them now because I’m angry that I paid twice the price for them. I’ll be reminded of it everytime my son wears them. I dunno what to do with them!

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